Slog AM: Boeing Cans CEO, Mitch Is Mad, Trump the Astronomer



What's baffling about trump? He has dementia. I know someone in a nursing home for dementia who exhibits many of the same symptoms and it could not be clearer. Hitler was mentally unstable too, and his insanity led to many deaths thanks to his enablers.


Somebody tell Tommy Pico that Twitter now allows 280 characters per post. Thanks!


If Marshawn comes back, that means I'm gonna
(gladly!) pay Full Price for a Marshawn Lynch/Seahawks shirt.

If he's willing to destroy his singular body for the NFL
joyfully, Hell, I'll proudly advertise for them.

Perhaps CorpsMediaInc. will ask him about
his Foundation (unlike herr Furor, his is Real)
this go-round.


Impeachment Purgatory is where el trumpfy belongs
let Moscow McMitch have that shit hanging over
the WH and hisself till the Cows come Home.

It's (obviously!) too Close to a damn Election to hand that
shit over to the (already-been-decided) Repub Senate now.


Nancy can't ride that clutch for too long. She better send over the articles by mid January.


Rich, there's no need to report on every single fart that issues from Hair Furor's pursed lips.

File them all under "Distraction, Deflection, Dissembling, and Dementia".

It's really what the media should have been doing all along, but it's never too late to start!


"'Natural gas,'which is itself a PR term for methane gas, used to be seen as a 'bridge fuel' to help the U.S. transition to a green economy. But then we found out that it gives off tons of greenhouse gases during extraction, which is the opposite of good!"

Plus the horrific slew/stew of Unknowable Poisons injected into Mother
Earth to help squeeze out every last drop of long-dead dinosaurs.

MORE Poisons, everyone?
Let's keep that Cancer Rate at ALL-Time Highs!
Anyone care for a little Chemo?


Can we stop covering Trump incessantly for shit that doesn't matter and we already know? Trump is an idiot, check. I was reading up on training my cat last night, and it says "reward behavior your want, ignore behavior you don't", and this describes Trump to a t: we're rewarding him for behavior we dislike much more than for what we like. He's got a few micro wins under his belt, like sentence reform or something, and even if it's thanks to Kanye West's wife, if we'd stroked his ego for that maybe he'd be trying to get us to stroke his ego even more by doing other shit we like. Instead we're shoving his nose in his own urine puddles and wondering why he doesn't behave properly.


@11 men of course are immune to subtle fear tactics, there merely "fragile" when threatened.


Everyone enjoy the holidays? No Merry Christmas? The Deep State has gotten to McConnell.





@11: No respite from Trump till he's out of office. Just kick back and enjoy it at it as a fascinating study into mental illness and power.


Renewables are already cheaper than natural gas in many cases as cost of renewables decrease all the time while Natural gas prices are already unsustainably low (industry is $200 billion in the tank). Destroying the planet via fracking and carbon emissions isn't enough for the Natural Gas sector, they also want you to pay more to power your house.


@19 - I guess there needs to be a competing infrastructure to get renewable energy to the average homeowner/renter.

Fracking is evil.


Fixing Ballard Bridge would simply encourage and finance white supremacy.


@20 the only infrastructure needed for renewable energy consumers is to be hooked to the electrical grid, especially for new housing energy efficient units.


thanks for mansplaining, Rich. you kinda suck.


8: Pelosi should send the articles of impeachment asap, huh? You mean how the Repubs should have approved Obama's SCOTUS pick and decided to ignore it? Sorry, but dumb fucking Republican threats are meaningless in the political context they've created. You don't play softball with a bunch of baseball-bat-armed thugs. I would think the "centrists" would have learned this by now.


That's MBS, covering his tracks with a backhoe.


@26: I didn't say asap. Nancy will probably get something, maybe witnesses, or at least playing for time for more shoes to drop, but at some point you have to admit that a prolonged stalemate in the impeachment process will give the Rs in Congress more ammo as as the Constitution clearly states that the articles SHALL BE DELIVERED. It must a timely process.

Besides, it really doesn't matter. An acquittal in the Senate still shows that the impeachment process took place for future presidencies to take note of.

Also, if the D's don't nominate a centrist, we'll have that thug for another four years. You can take that to the bank.


Centrist/Corporatist Hillary already took that shit to
the Bank[sters] handing us this hair Furor Disaster.

Nah -- Impeachment Purgatory is thee best place for Repubs, for now.
Let 'em stew for a bit in the shit they've given us.


If Moscow McMitch was right about Merrick Garland's vote being 'too close to an Election,' then Impeachment mustn't be decided by a Senate that's already -- OPENLY -- made up its 'mind.'

Sorry, but 'Now' is just Not The Time.
Precedent, baby. Reap what ye sows.


Why would you call Sir Ian McKellen "a washed-up actor"? Old, yes, but eminently employable, which would seem to be the opposite if washed-up.


I slept through most of the Cats musical, but at least it wasn't creepy like the trailer the movie version released! Hollywood really needs to rethink how they use CGI. We already have enough nightmares with Trump and his Senate cabal


*the opposite of washed-up


@29: Keep singing that tune as long as you want. Polling shows Biden beating Trump by wider margins than other candidates. But that may change for the general. You still have a chance to prove me wrong.


You rocked the column, today. Good on ya Rich.


You can tell nancy has them by the balls because now we’re being told he hasn’t actually been impeached, as though they can twist reality by the sheer force of mindless repetition. After 4 years under trump’s spell, his drones think anybody will believe the sky is green if they say it often enough.


I'm sorry, Rich, just read the NYT review and realized your comment was about Gus the former theater cat and not Sir Ian. I didn't know about Gus since I slept through everything after the first 5 minutes until woken up by Memory's high notes.

Also, poor Idris Elba!


34 sanders polls on par with biden

The thing about sanders is that he is untested nationally so it’s hard to predict how well he would weather a general campaign, but he polls really high with younger voters so he could potentially alter the makeup of the entire electorate in ways that are difficult to predict. He could out-perform the polls because the likely voter models aren’t accounting for a surge of young voters.


@28: The Constitution also clearly states that Congress "must a timely process" for SCOTUS nominees, and it says that Congress will provide oversight over the Executive. There's plenty in the Constitution that Republicans blithely ignore with no consequences. But somehow it's only outrageous when Democrats do remotely the same thing after the head juror has already announced collusion with the defendant.


@40 - Ok, but so what? Dissolve into a more polarized government? Two wrongs make a right? Reputation, legacy, and good governance are paramount to the foolish quests by democrats to take their turn at drinking the refreshing nectar of blithe ignorance.

@38: Indeed, that is interesting.


@39 I thought it was Bell Curves that told us all of that.


Everybody shut up. If we want to impeach the president we need to start listening to trump voters. Because they are making some extremely good-faithed arguments. Like, crime is not always illegal.



But you see the dilemma the Dems (and the American public) are in when the Repubs get to violate all the rules, play smash mouth/scorched earth politics, and put up far right candidates while the Dems are supposed to follow the rules, be nice/play fair, and only nominate centrists?

We have no progressive party or candidates at all under this system. Everything constantly moves further and further to the right.


@46 -- Can your 'doctor' Usemen cure Spammers?

'Cause we got us a real Bad Case here.


43 you seem a little upset, probably because you know your favorite president will be noted in the history books as having been impeached because he was afraid to face his opponent in a fair election, even if he has to twist in the wind for a couple more weeks while you guys lose your shit.

Meanwhile more incriminating documents are coming out that will make it harder for republicans to resist public support for a fair trial, something they insisted they wanted until they decided they didn’t lol. Either way you’re in serious denial if you think trump hasn’t been impeached.

As for young voters, they turned out in record numbers to support obama, who ran much further left than he governed.

But of course you know this, because you voted for him twice, right? Really weird how far to the right you’ve moved since 2012 but I guess we all have the capacity for profound, inexplicable change, like enthusiastically supporting a deranged con artist who ran on undoing all the achievements of the last president you voted for, twice.


"2 1/2 years, 500 search warrants and tens of millions
of dollars couldn't find any collusion with Russia."
--Shorline Dave

Funny; that's just what Illegitimate lying Liar "prez" keeps saying...

And yet, the Investigation left a rather large trail of far right co-conspirators either in prison or on their way. Oh, and Mueller said while he wasn't allowed to charge trumpfy with High Crimes, Misdemeanors and Malfeasances, he DID say there was more than enough there to keep defense attorneys busy defending the indefensible for the Duration.

So, there's that....


@45: The noble path is always the hardest.


@43 " Also I would think you would have chosen a word other than collusion. 2 1/2 years, 500 search warrants and tens of millions of dollars couldn't find any collusion with Russia. That word should embarrass the hell out of the leftists for the foreseeable future."

Jesus, what a dumbass. First of all, it was Trump, not the Democrats, who kept using the word "collusion" during the Russian investigation. They somehow thought it was key. Obstruction of justice (a real crime) didn't seem to matter to Trump, and Trump supporters. But if there was no collusion, then that somehow meant Trump was innocent.

Then came Ukraine. Now we have a clear case of collusion -- an act that Trump said was a very big deal -- and he has changed his tune. It is as if he beat the shit out of someone, but since they didn't die, it was no big deal. Then, a couple months later, he killed someone. Now he is saying he didn't really kill him, he just shot him, then he died of natural causes. After all, people die all the time -- the fact that he shot him was just a coincidence. That is essentially his defense. It is bullshit, from a man who is known for telling lies. Thousands and thousands of lies. Yet most Republicans still defend him, because they are more concerned about the unborn than the already born and want policies that favor the wealthy.


If you're nice to Hitler, he'll stop being Hitler! 😮😮😮


@53 you and GermanWeiner have something in common


@55 you both love Reagan


This, just in:
Marshawn. Lynch. is. back.