Slog AM: Marshawn Lynch Returns, Lime Bikes Depart, and Impeachment Part 2?



Yes, the argument against free college for billionaires' kids is infuriating.


@2 You, of all people, should know that billionaires are Americans too.


Love Marshawn Lynch, but wasn't he kinda butt for Oakland during his recent tenure there? Also, thought the Seahawks had a pretty respectable backfield already.


@4 -- "Also, thought the Seahawks had a pretty respectable backfield already."

Well, the Seahawks DID have a pretty respectable backfield, but, this being the NFL, they've all been Injured, out for the rest of the season. Our Gladiators's shelf-life is (typically) not long. Here's to Marshawn NOT geting injured (to hell with the odds), and the Seattle Seahawks getting to The Big One.

Speaking of coming back, where's Spike (and his Patented NFL critiques) when we need him most?


@5 -- nor are we (as yet) emulating Isreal
and shooting the Others from behind a Wall.


Thanks for for not trashing the move to bring the beast back. Hope springs eternal.


"Anyway, for anyone who is about to say something like 'fuck free college, we need vocational schools,' I'd happily point out that we can and should do both and implore you to cool it with the knee-jerk contrarianism."



Nothing more than trolling than "anyway, for anyone who is about to say something..."


It's a little hard to get excited about the return of Beast Mode. He hasn't played for a year and he's a lot older now. This furor reminds me of when Ken Griffey, Jr. returned to the Mariners. Lots of hype and great expectations, but he did squat in his second go-around. But what the hell. Desperate Seahawks fans need to hold onto some of their illusions.


Lime better effing not try bringing "scooters" to Seattle.
If they can't even manage a bikeshare operation --(major strategic error switching entirely to e-bikes, over a mix of elec. & std. pedal bikes)-- there's no way they'll stay solvent with the inevitable blizzard of scooter-injury lawsuits in this here hilliest city in the land.
"Homeless bashing in Longview, WA"
That's Proud America right there! The privileged abusing the disadvantaged! Classic strategy.
Good job raising your sons, Longview!


@12: Why bash Longview? Could have happened in Seattle.


@12 -- the Brutal minions have been very well-schooled
(and they've learned their lessons very well)
to NEVER ever look UP the fawking Food Chain.

@13 -- then, we'll bash Seattle.


I'm against free college. Education gets better by offering more, not by cutting costs.


Where Lime and Car2go failed, not restricting pick up and drop off to designated, dedicated areas, and if someone abandoned a bike or car out of one, they would forfeit the privilege of renting one again.

But the companies didn't want to invest in dedicated real estate so instead had their products dumped helter skelter all over the metro area and then had to hire and pay more staff to find them or retrieve them from a no man's land. It likely cost the companies more in the end to not have dedicated lots, and it pissed off everyone who had a bike or vehicle abandoned in front of their property.

The concept likely can be made workable but the execution by both companies was poorly done.


Uh-oh, @17 -- looks like Your Good
Doctor turned you into a Frenchman.

Good luck!