White Settlement Shooting Is an NRA Success Story





Pretty awesome shooting;
Good Guy with a Gun dropped the perp cold with one shot.

As opposed to the Leftist view of America where hundreds of unarmed victims cower for hours in toilets waiting for a lone gunman to pick them off.
Heroic stuff, that.
Poor Chuck, just can't help being a pathetic asshole.
We won't be missing you when you are gone.


Think those screaming little kids are ever going to go back to church again?


I don't see this as a success story for anyone. Do people now need to carry weapons when they go to church?! How is that a success?


First of all, “White Settlement, Texas”? Really?

Secondly, there’s a kid screaming wildly after the third shot is fired and the gunman drops. Anyone care to guess how they’re gonna address that? Whether it’s PTSD or just a vague sense that the adults in this town are definitely uninterested in protecting that kid from harm and therefore can never be trusted, or perhaps a lesson learnt that the only way to solve a complicated problem is extreme violence up to and including murder, that kid is pretty much fucked.

Lastly, it should be noted: while the common narrative is that random gun violence is a Black and urban problem, these folks are white (it’s even called White Settlement, for fuck’s sake) and this is small town Bible Belt conservative Texas, not Baltimore’s East Side. See that dead gunman? Skin’s like a napkin, I mean, he’s so white (and so dead), he looks like a paper cutout crumpled up on the floor. That kinda challenges the narrative, huh? So does every mass shooting since Columbine. While I definitely advise watching your ass in any part of Baltimore where there’s a blue light mounted on the side of a building about a meter off the ground, I feel much more terrified of white Texas rednecks than I do of Black people in the inner city.

“White Settlement”? Holy fucking shit.


@3 -- "Good guy with a gun?"

Dude, it was a security guard. A man specifically trained for that situation, the way that police officers are. Sure, he is good (and a guy) but that misses the point. None of the other armed members of the public did shit. The assailant was not taken out by a random parishioner (or a bunch of them). He was taken out by a professional. It is quite likely that if there was no security guard, a lot more people would have been killed. The lesson is that we need to reduce the number of guns to reduce the number of "bad people with guns", and until then hire more professional security guards (at least in Texas).

Of course the NRA will try and spin this -- you don't have to believe such bullshit when the facts are obvious.


It's the insecure male fantasy come true ...I'll be a 'hero' by whipping out my weapon & killing the bad guy. Kinda like John Wayne, who played the same character every time.

Only problem is that more often, innocent people get caught in the crossfire. I'm proud of Gov. Inslee for leading the way on common-sense gun control. Screw the NRA traitors & the 2nd Amendment idiots — who think they have the right to own any weapon.


@3, @7
That security guard may have even been, you know, "well regulated"...


This is beyond sick.


"Hoo boy, a lot of people are gonna be confused by the name 'white settlement, Texas' Let me clarify; the name does NOT refer to excluding blacks. The town was named that because native Americans and Mexicans weren’t allowed to live there." --luis gay flores

Hoy boy, that's a relief!
At first, I thought it was just a bunch of
gun-totin' Racists.

But you're right, Charles -- Weapons makers, thru the good ol' NRA (not to mention the GOP) [aka Guns Over People] has got this country flooded deep with weapons of mass destruction. And blood.

When they wanna make a Killing, they really go all out.


"[Charles,] We won't be missing you when you are gone."
--Mourning in America

In 2050, we're a non-White Majority here in the good ol' USofA. Are you referencing the Race War you Neocons are always praying for, Mourning Star?


One wonders how primal Charles's screams would sound in a similar situation.


"These were volunteer security people at the church, not paid, or professional guards. That said, the video clearly shows the church folks brandishing their firearms responsibly." --FAX2

The first guy shot looked like he was attempting to pull his gun out from his back waistband when he was murdered by the Terrorist.

In 'The Irishman,' Al Pacino tells us, "with a knife, you run. With a gun you charge." Okay. But who has the presence of mind to do that? I spose as we get "used to" this sort of Tragedy cum Terrorism, we'll get 'better' at it.

They guy with the Training was better at it, and quickly drew his handgun when he saw the shotgun, waited till he got a decent bead on the guy and didn't hesitate. An extraordinary shot, given the Circumstances.

Seems like the other guys coming down the aisle (when the shooting was over) should have had their guns pointed up, and not aimed directly over the ducked-down heads of the parishioners, who, if they'd lifted their heads to see what the fuck was going on, would've been right squarely in the line of fire...

Apparently, we just need more Practice.

And, the good ol' NRA is here to insure we get just that.

Even if it Kills us.
Thanks, Republicans!


Too bad the Jews in Monsey didn’t have guns.


@3 Morning Sickness: Awwwwwww,,,,,,your MAGA cap shriveled up your mush brain and is leaving a puddle in the hall! But cheer up, lil buckaroo--there's always SuperFriends on Channel 4. Maybe if you behave yourself and stop senselessly blubbering, your mom will make you a nice hot cup of cocoa with imitation marshmallows.
@13 kristofarian: I'll safely guesstimate that @3 mistakes hikers for bears, too.





Not unlike an untold number of “Indian Villages”.

My guess was that an official happened upon a bunch of white folks and christened it.

Looked it up. Sure enough.

I did happen upon the Cracker Homestead, once.

Nothing you’ve ever thought was generational, and I’m not sorry for you.


This is the moment the NRA has been hoping for, the moment when people accept guns as a necessary instrument of everyday life, like a toaster or a dishwasher. It is being touted as a success for Texas’s lax gun laws. A success! That just goes to show that the retrogrades of our society also suck at math: before the titular “good guy with a gun” dropped the “bad guy with a gun,” the bad guy killed two good guys.

Fewer guns = fewer deaths. That is a fact, but the apparent truth of the opposite is now too strong. What are a few dead bodies when a righteous white man got to play hero and show who’s in charge? That is worth any price.

That is the way things work in the NRA’s dystopian fantasy cum reality. Fuck us all.


lol hundreds of mass shootings every year but exactly one time the shooter is stopped by an armed guard and of course the gun freaks are creaming their panties over it


I for one, am glad that the killer was killed and lives were saved. This is being grateful, not creaming in panties.


Probably because you are a normal person and not a gun freak. I put those words there for a reason.


Charles. I don't complement your posts enough. This one connected a lot of strange dots.

Anyone else surprised that this church had (at least) three armed security guards? Yet the shooter still tried something? It feels like there's more going on than reported. My wild guess: rival White Settlement church gangs in a feud over meth sales boundaries.


Why does everyone forget that Maurice Clemmons walked into a donut shop and shot 4 cops dead, then walked out without anyone doing anything? Maybe if there had been a goodguy with a gun?


What a shithole country.


@28: That's a pretty contorted attempt at an equivalency.