Bamboozled is like a modern The Producers but with American racism instead of Hitler. It’s not Spike’s best but it’s definitely good, and after you get used to Damon Wayans’ strange manner of speaking (there’s a reason for it), you see that the guy could have done well with meatier dramatic roles during his career. Bamboozled also introduced me to Paul Mooney, for which I am grateful.


"Pierre and his assistant Sloane (Jada Pinkett Smith) cook up an extremely racist and offensive pitch, which their white boss, to their horror, eats up. As does the audience and the world, turning the racist minstrel show into a smash hit, making the Black creators and actors morally diverge on making a profit off of the dehumanization of their own people."

Who knew Kkkapitalism could be so fucking funny?
(It's GOOD to be White)!


Saw Jungle Fever back in the day, but even was struck that "the myths and realities of a Black/white relationship are antiquated and lean more into stereotype rather than an interesting, nuanced reflection on desiring someone of a different racial background."

And Samuel Jackson as Gator was the most striking actor and character.

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