No surprise about Gonzales. She is by far the most popular city council member. I expect her to run for mayor, and win.

In other news, Warren picked up the endorsement of Castro. This means that the most electable candidate endorsed the smartest one. It also increases the odds of a great Democratic ticket I've considered for quite some time: Warren/Castro. Castro balances her with youth, masculinity, and executive experience within the federal government. What remains to be seen is whether having a Latino on the ticket means as much as having a Latino being at the top of the ticket. We never had an African American Vice Presidential nominee -- would the turnout have been as large? Still, if you get only a tiny increase in Latino voter turnout in Florida it is game over. Might as well start measuring the drapes.


love, Love LOVE the Walker, Harv!
Did you wear it when you played Tennis yesterday?

(Why didn't OJ think of that?!)


"Someone released bedbugs at a Walmart in Pennsylvania"

'Someone' thought assassinating the number Three guy in Iran might not be quite enough (is that Impeachment thingy/WitchHunt STILL going on?), so he had  a few of his Illegals herd up a few billion Bugs (not a tough chore -- it was Mal-a-Rag-o, for chripesakes), bottle them bitches up, and dump 'em where his Core Base'd notice most.

Now if he can just convince them it's all a Liberal Plot.... 

Unless: I'm 'mistaken' and it was WallyWorld's chief competitor -- Thee World's Richest Man who done it. Let's call in SVU, and get this shit straightened out, pronto -- there's Elections to steal.


"Australia fires may have killed half a billion animals in New South Wales alone: Words don't really capture how tragic this situation is…"

This is an apocalyptic event, a horror on a massive scale, and there is a deep and wide evil at its root. These fires are an indictment of our value system. These fires are a sign that our modern human civilization has failed the most basic moral test. If there were an Old Testament God delivering justice, I shudder to ponder the wrath He would deliver. No, this is not what I'm wishing upon anyone.

And for those of you who think I'm being hyperbolic, you try suffering the fate that those millions upon millions of sentient beings in one small corner of the world needlessly suffered.

Of course, this is a Slog comment thread; the people running the site don't give a fuck about it; and so in no time some climate-change-denying coward will use a drive-by burner account to make their snarkiest stab at making me look foolish. But hey, this is a Slog comment thread, so aren't we all kinda foolish?


Why is it when rich old rapists get caught they suddenly all have afflictions?


@5 Yeah, how much do you care about this event? Enough to change your behavior? Inconvenience yourself? Or just complain that "Someone" should do something?
And even if you are willing to inconvenience yourself, there's millions of fucking morons who aren't. So give up. It's over. Roast a marshmallow. Watch the world burn.


@6 right? And it's not just rapists. Anytime a wealthy (usually white) man is forced to face accountability for his actions he shows up in a wheelchair or he kills himself in his prison cell. Paul Manafort, Ariel Castro, Jeffrey Epstein, Reinhold Hannin (granted he was 97 and one of, if not THE last Nazi tried for his crimes), Robert Gregory Bowers, any number of east coast mobsters, the list is endless, really.


@6/@8 - Strange that physical impairments and suffering of people, even the accused and imprisoned, would be annoying to you. I suggest seeking a more elevated sense of morality.


@7, I appreciate your serious response. I've long since changed my behavior. And I realize that individuals changing their behavior really doesn't change anything.

You write: "And even if you are willing to inconvenience yourself, there's millions of fucking morons who aren't." Are you one of those people?

Rather making a meta argument that you believe taking political action against climate change is a lost cause, let me ask you directly--are you yourself against taking political action against climate change?


It's going to be difficult to get testimony from Bolton, talking around the priapism he'll still be sporting from the US finally attacking Iran.

@9: Like concern trolling on the Internet in defense of society's worst monsters? I think you got that job all locked up, raindrop.

Yeah, Weinstein had some sort of back surgery, but don't for a minute think that the timing wasn't planned for the sake of making him look infirm and pitiable. Personally, I think it makes him look even more like Larry Flynt (and while Flynt is the one that should be offended by the comparison, I'm sure you'll find a way to be offended for the both of them).


There's Major fucking Difference
between sickness and Acting sick, Rainy.

Did you ever skip school because you were 'sick'?

Well, ole Harv wants to skip out on Justice
and, being an Extremely-well-Established member of the Just US! Club. he may just get Away with it.


@5,7,10 I've seen things you people wouldn't believe, Wallabies hopping in a rainstorm off the shoulder of the highway to the Hunter Valley jazz festival. I watched Wombats glitter by the side of the road near the Launceston Gate. (more of a snuffle than a glitter)

And when I got back Sydney-side I rode my bike to work, thinking: today's the day I meet my maker.


With that walker, Harvey kind of reminds me of the old pedophile neighbor on Family Guy.


@9 Please. Lecturing commenters on slog about elevating their sense of morality? I think you might want to revisit all of your comments here.

Faking disability to elicit sympathy as a strategy to keep yourself out of prison is pretty low and it is hardly a new strategy (as mentioned in my original comment). It is a total affront to truly disabled and injured people.

And say he isn't faking it, he's still a privileged white male who used his power to rape and abuse women and he's angry and has been painting himself as a victim since he was indicted.

Perhaps Karma paid him a visit.


@9 Oh and what about all of the times Harvey's damaged and attempted to disable his ankle monitor since his indictment? Maybe he hurt himself working so hard to get that ankle monitor off.
His shuffling into court with a walker does not elicit anything but contempt from me.


@9 He's been spotted walking around just fine without it. Only seems to need it when entering a court room. Not shopping. Not going to clubs. Not hobnobbing with his peeps wherever he may be (perhaps all those places he was when he disabled his ankle bracelet).

If only there were as much empathy, sympathy, and what did you call it? elevated sense of morality for each and every one of his rape victims.


@2 kristofarian: I'm surprised ol' Harvey Whitestain didn't just swipe a chair from Office Depot, like Tim Eyesore.
@16 xina: @9 can't help himself--he O.D'd on sugar over the holidays, and his glycemic index is off the scale again. Agreed on Hervey Weinstein and Donald Jackass Trump being among the lowest of the low.

I wish we could ship all our excess rainfall and snow to Australia. The poor helpless animals and people of Australia! That video of the poor koala being fed bottled water was heartbreaking. The magpie had the emergency vehicle siren spot on. Short of my going to Australia to try to help extinguish the fires, what besides conscientiously doing what I can to leave as small a carbon foot print behind as possible?


@9: Quit while you're hopelessly behind, sugarlips. Concern-trolling earns you no points here.


@6 Catalina Vel-DuRay: I keep enthusiastically waiting for rich old rapists to get their dicks irretrievably caught in a zipper, and that the incident goes viral.


@6 Catalina Vel-DuRay: Wouldn't you love to be an RN on duty in the ER when that happened? I wouldn't be able to stop laughing.



"If only there were as much empathy, sympathy, and what did you call it? elevated sense of morality for each and every one of his rape victims."

There is. Why do you think he's facing justice? That's reality.

Morality is simply doing what is right. It does not depend on whether the actions of our adversaries, detractors, abusers, are moral nor does it give us credence to lower our standards of morality just because theirs is deficient.


With that walker, Harvey kind of reminds me of the old pedophile neighbor on Family Guy.


Hahahaha, look at that walker. He's one of the richest guys in Hollywood, and could probably ride around on a gold-plated motorized scooter if he wanted to. But no. He shows up with a walker for crippled hobos: slightly bent wheel, mismatched tennis balls. Leave it to a long-time director to find the perfect sympathy prop.


Australia Wildfire Coverage Is Long on Koalas, Short on Causes:
"The Australian coal industry greeted Morrison’s re-election by calling for the construction of new coal-fired electric plants (Guardian, 5/20/19); the Daily Beast (1/2/20) noted that if current policies continue, “by 2030 Australia, with 0.3% of the global population, will be responsible for 13% of the globally generated greenhouse gases.”


Harvey Weinstein SUV ...a much-anticipated episode! Harvey & his heavily-modified Cadillac Escalade are magnets to lure young women to their doom...


@23 He's facing "justice" because his victims reported his crimes and a grand jury indicted him and DAs chose to prosecute him. Empathy and sympathy play no part. Nice try though. And women being told by men to take the higher moral road when it comes to rapists is just more rape culture, misogynist bullshit. Go lecture some rapists about why men shouldn't rape.


@19- As horrific as things are in Australia, we desperately needed the rain here. The snowpack in the mountains was (still is, probably) well below normal, and we're gonna need that water next summer.
And yup, the tennis balls on the walker were a brilliant touch.


@23. Lol, facing justice, perhaps, but not enduring it. The rich have the ability to choose their own justice merely by duping a jury of prescreened peers.

Real justice would be an eye for an eye, or in this case a rape for a rape, maybe like Girl with the Dragon Tattoo style, or they could call up Marsellus Wallace for a referral. The poor are too busy working to have recourse to the law while the wealthy buy get out of jail free cards and hung juries with smoke and mirrors and astroturfed claque sympathy.

"Justice." Pah!


Look at that slimy disgusting fucker and his cheap tricks.

Hollywood is full to the brim with rapists and pedophiles, and always has been.


Raindrop dear, I did not say that Weinstein's affliction "annoyed" me. Like all conservatives, you project your motives and feelings onto others, and try to hide your damaged psyche behind a veneer of "morality".


“ Hollywood is full to the brim with rapists and pedophiles ...”

Tell me. What is “Hollywood?” The place in Los Angeles? The movie business? The entertainment industry that spans cities and even countries? What the fuck do you mean? I don’t think you even know. I assume you think you mean the entertainment industry. But probably there’s something in there that is really some dog whistle for Jews and liberals. You want to believe that this one place has a special or unique kind of corruption or vice? You want to believe “Hollywood” is different than any other big money industry?

You honestly think there are more pedophiles in that industry than say, finance? Jeffry Epstein was in finance. His biggest “customers” were in tech. Remember that dude that did IT for The Stranger that got busted raping girls he convinced were trying out for porn?

Sexual exploitation isn’t some special economic center or place or industry we just purge and everything is fine. Rape culture is our entire society.

You just want there to be Bad People so you can be a Good Person. As you dipshits like to say “virtue signaling.” But that isn’t the reality.

You look at the actual statistics for sexual exploitation and there is no one background. (Although Youth ministers are heavily over represented).

Pedos even work shitty IT jobs at insurance companies where they waste their employees time by squealing on social media and blogs all day.


I nearly spit out my coffee when I saw that photo of Weinstein. He's trying so hard to look like he's using it for support. And the contrast between the $10 walker and the thousand dollar suit is priceless. I almost wonder if his lawyers have decided to make him abase himself because they know he's a true slimeball though their legal tactics will likely get him off.


The topic is Weinstein, and Weinstein worked in Hollywood for the entertainment industry. You really should try to focus on the topic at hand. Although with how incoherent and angry your rambling is, that seems to be too hard a task. You sure are good at projection though.

But isn't it funny how angry some people get when you point out pedophilia?

What a weird thing to be irrationally angry about. I mean, what kind of decent person gets mad when people point out pedophilia? Weird.


@33 - So noted.

I just like to evaluate how things are, not always looking for an angle. Obese men are prone to poor health, mobility, and quickly deteriorate under stress. I really doubt it is staged, because it is totally plausible that it is not.


Its me, the guy who defends Weinstein even though I don't have to. Love to lick boots!


"Rape culture is our entire society."

No, rape is a crime and perpetrators are prosecuted. That is not "a culture" that you can extrapolate to all of society.


Contrapoints is great!


"I really doubt it is staged, because
it is totally plausible that it is not."

Harv's dying (probably!) to
get you seated on his Jury.


Realty is not defined by how perceive the optics to be, kristo.




Good old Harv -- Oh!
the Careers he'd Carve...
Once chock-full of Verve now
(reduced to) Number One Perv.

His great Wealth, always, Demanding, MORE!
phoney walker abandoned on courtroom floor
(he was always gonna get off scot-free)
but, at Least, he sparked #MeToo.


Optics IS Reality, Rainy.

see: "Reality" teevee 'star' fake,
illegitimate so-called Prez.

see also: FOX


Well, if the "illegitimate so-called Prez" hadn't won 304 electoral votes....


"In the biggest blow to the president personally, federal prosecutors in Manhattan effectively characterized Mr. Trump as an unindicted co-conspirator in a criminal case against Mr. Cohen involving hush money payments to a pornographic film actress. Mr. Cohen, and evidence gathered by prosecutors, implicated the president."

... to purchase the Silence (for about $130,000.00 per) of two 'presidential' flings -- three weeks before the Election. Purchased to FIX the Election. NOT giving the Electorate legitimate information that may (or may not) have determined the (close; disputed) outcome.

They call it "Rigging" an Election.
Making him ill-fucking-legitimate.
As in Adios.

"How Michael Cohen Turned Against President Trump"


I've now watched that ContraPoints video twice -- almost got through it again tonight with my 83-year-old mother (will go back another day to finish it). We love braaaaaaaaains.

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