"Is this the weed store?"


I understand the $20 for a used record being a shock to some. I remember when you couldn't get rid of LPs. I bought a lot of classic, mint condition records for 2 or 3 bucks back in the early aughts, when CDs were still king and vinyl had yet to stage its comeback. There was a period where I refused to buy used records over 10 bucks, and indeed, the asking price for used records in some record stores ($30 to $40 for commonplace, non-rare used LPs) is absolutely outrageous. $20 for a near perfect condition, non-rare used record is not bad, but it's definitely a lot more than I paid 20 years ago for the same fucking thing. If some dude stopped buying used records in the 90s entered a record store now they'd probably have some sticker shock, even with inflation.


3: And yes, I totally understand that prices go up due to inflation as well as increased demand. It just sucked to see the deals I used to get go up in smoke.


here’s 2
1. “ i don’t understand your alphabetical system”
2 “ ‘can’ , yeah, they were influenced by stereolab “


this is some real good Old Stranger flavor right here. A++.


5: That Can comment is a serious lol.


I have for decades longed to live in an era where nobody had any idea who the hell Tom Petty is or was.

Thank ye gods. I have arrived.


Oh you elitists! See this is why people vote for Trump!


Yeah, this is a four sided LP!!



You're damn right! And I've no doubt once Mike Pence wins office in 2024 we'll thankfully welcome back 8-track tapes and rotary dial phones with the reverence these snotty-ass hipsters can't appreciate!!!


@9 you need to warn others before being saying something so edgy; somebody might cut themselves!


To be fair to the Deep Purple guy, 1984's Perfect Strangers was one of their biggest records in the US. If you've never given it a listen, it sounds exactly what you think it sounds like.


@9 How can you hate Tom Petty? I mean I'm an indie rock girl through and through (high school in the late '80s/college in the early '90s), but I was raised on the radio and Tom Petty is awesome.
; )


@9 Oh wait, I didn't realize who I was talking to, nevermind.


As an uncool guy I am taking great pleasure in the cool hip and groovy writer’s pain. Is that a bad thing?


CUSTOMER: Oh, look, Spinal Tap! Do you guys have "Shark Sandwich"?
CLERK: Um, no. That is not a real album. Spinal Tap was a parody band; a joke.
CUSTOMER: Ah... like the Flying Burrito Brothers!

[as experienced by my coworker Clay, at the Peaches Records & Video once located across from the Blue Moon]


Sips wine

"Do I detect a hint of grape?"


If you consider working in a record shop “toil” I’m guessing you have bigger problems than clueless hipsters buying vinyl.


I'm sorry, but "frisson" does not go with this topic.


I don't see anything wrong with someone going into a record store (or anywhere for that matter) and asking questions. I'm so glad I moved out of Seattle. I didn't realize it while living in the city, but the non-stop intellectual and aesthetic one-upmanship was debilitating; one feels progressively more inhuman. Ask all the questions you want. I'm so glad I can do small things now like have conversations with strangers and build healthy relationships.


"Look at all these frisbees!"


This is why i prefer MP3/MP4. Just saying.


My dad had a record shop in Wenatchee for 30 years some of his best stories were about some of the shoplifters. One of his best was when one of his buddies was visiting in the shop he said to his buddy, “See that guy over there looking at cassettes he’s one of the worst shoplifters I’ve ever seen!” My dad said this loud enough for the guy to hear and sure enough he put the cassette back and sheepishly walked out the store.


I thought Petty was too cliche, never really listened much; till I saw him in Kevin Costner's 'Postman' movie -- then I began to listen and appreciate -- so, yeah he had some good songs -- and Tons of peeps Loved him, so Hall of Famer? Yep.

Plus Traveling fucking Wilburys.

Petty's Cameo:


@14 -- their Extended Cuts was pretty sweet too
and I'm not much of a D.Purple fan.


Somewhere, somehow, somebody must have kicked you around some
Who knows maybe you were kidnapped, tied up,
Taken away and held for ransom


This article makes you seem like an uptight jerk. Typical Seattle pointless put downs


Wow, what a pretentious douche this writer sounds like.
This article can be listed as “dumb shit I read online”. Lame.
Some of the comments are actually legit questions by customers asking for help, and the employees sound like condescending dicks.
50 seconds of my life I’ll never get back.
Try taking up something other than “writing”, Dave Segal. It’s not your calling.


@33 many of us take great pride in being uptight jerks.


@35 you should try sex sometime. It helps with the needless grumpy shit.


The T section is huge because of all the band names that start with “The”.

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