Washington Republican Wants to Let Facebook Off the Hook



So shines a good deed in a weary world...



Shelton- the meth capital of Washington state.


One of the founding principles of free speech is anonymous speech. There are view points that certain people have that, because of their position in life, they can only express anonymously.

Remember our founding fathers used anonymous speech in their pamphleteering. Rarely if ever did they use their own name when submitting opinions. If they had they would have been cancelled by woke community of the day, the loyalists.

People should have the right to express an opinion without the need to disclose their identity.


Excellent article, as usual, Eli.

To my knowledge, I've never read an actual explanation from Facebook or Google as to why these reporting requirements are so burdensome. I mean, they literally have the sponsor's billing information stored and even business or association accounts have an actual designated signer. Are they worried about some legal slippery-slope threatening their whole business model?


@3 That opinion is contrary what the courts have upheld is the obligation of print, radio, and television political ad spaces.


“One of the founding principles of free speech is anonymous speech.”

No. No it’s not. It’s not enshrined or codified in any statute, law or constitutional amendment in the US.


The First Amendment only restricts the federal government, and entities receiving funding from the federal government, from infringing upon the exercise of free speech. It does not restrict the Stranger, Facebook, or any other privately owned medium from restricting your speech.

Nor is anonymity protected in any body of law. The Stranger allows you to be anonymous, and for that you owe your thanks to Tim Keck. ShouldMr Keck change his mind and revoke this privilege he has bestowed upon you, that would be perfectly legal, and the Founding Fathers can kiss his pamphlet’s ass.


I love how if you just say shit with enough confidence most people will believe you and when someone points out that you are full of shit you can just say "fake news" and you win because there is no comeback. Its awesome.


To expect a third party to do what the Government is not legally allowed to do, is the height of bizarreness.


Google and Facebook can shift the burden onto the advertisers by requiring that political advertisers identify themselves. Then they can report on all those ads to the PDC. If the PDC finds some advertisers who aren't complying it could address them directly.


Are there ANY male RepublliKKKans who aren't white, fat, and balding?

@8: I wouldn't gloat of I were you. At this point, the only way to remove the shit stinking up the Oval Outhouse is to kill it. The Iranian government has placed an $80 million bounty on Trumpty Dumpty's ugly head.


Look at the cute liberals trying to censor free speech. Awww so cute.
Facebook shouldn't be Policing truth. Let people figure it out on their own. This entire thing is ridiculous.


Drew MacEwan not only defends Mark Zuckerberg but wants a statewide online ad archive, too? Let me guess: he's into online porn and the only way he can sex is by paying for it? Talk about a gaping asshole.