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Four Cher films you can't find online.



I have always found Sam Elliott creepy. His wearing a "Mustache Rides" t-shirt confirms it.


For a while there, I thought Cher had great taste in movies. It seemed like every movie she was in was great (regardless of her performance). Thank you for showing me that my assumptions were wrong -- it looks like she has been in a lot of stinkers. Mask was good, though -- definitely worth seeing.


Yes, I recall viewing "Mask". Also saw Cher in "Silkwood" which was very good BTW and probably now streaming. But, if you want to view a fine film that doesn't feature Cher acting but singing, check out the original "Alfie" (1966) by Lewis Gilbert and starring Michael Caine. She croons the title song by Burt Bacharach in the end credits. The film also features music by Sonny Rollins.


It's not surprising that he was shocked when confronted with the actual item: Sonny only adopted the superficial trappings of the late 60's. Essentially he was a product of the earlier part of the decade along with Phil Spector and Dick Clark: sharpies who saw rock as nothing more than a solid business model. Both Ronnie and Cher were exploited as little better than the ponies that Emile Zola saw in the coal mines (sans gowns by Bob Mackie). No wonder he became an inept politician and, lacking the unfortunate encounter with a tree, might well have died on the golf course like his Republican jazz age coeval Bing Crosby

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