Someone Is Impersonating a Stranger Reporter and We Don’t Know Who It Is



What's up with DSA and Antifa people always thinking that they're being targeted for assassination?


These clowns need to go back to the circus. Please out all the Proud Boys and make them feel the consequences of their hateful and ignorant circle jerks.


It's probably a ruble-paid MAGA.


It's Ari Hoffman lol


Pretty f'ed up.

But, that last paragraph. 🌿



Agreed. Anyone know what the potential legal ramifications/consequences would like if they caught him? Seems like it should be serious, I'd hope and assume a felony.


Weird that Katie Herzog is mentioned. And the notion that anybody doesn't like her? Why on Earth could that be? And why would far right loony tunes who are totally not Safe Seattle be so interested in her?


Whoever did this is almost definitely not a teenager considering the research they did. No offense to the Lester Black, but I highly doubt they're know who the writers at the Stranger are.


Twitter, Facebook, SLOG. Its kind of the same sewer.


The Frisky boys are at it again.


Ironic, considering that the Stranger's reporters have been impersonating journalists for years.


Wait... I thought Lester Black was, himself, impersonating a reporter.
And two... If they are impersonating Lester Black, they are not impersonating a reporter...
And also... "Stranger Reporter" LOL.

But more importantly, is anyone impersonating Lester's man bun?


@13 coming in hot with the zinger!


Gosh Rich. Given the investigation The Stranger is probably undertaking to determine who is impersonating Lester, would publishing this post be a prudent thing to do?


@13 for the win!


@14 for the lose!


Ask about Lone Star


No, I'm Lester Black!


Ph'nglui is the imposter.


You would have to have really low self esteem to impersonate a man with that haircut.

@1: Imagined victimhood is their bread and butter, their only reason they live. They fetishize fake oppression.


14 yeah but you call it “reporting” when someone posts a link to an article someone else wrote


When did The Stranger start hiring reporters, Now, this is News.


Actually, no. The quote I pulled: "However, there are no signs that the plane was shot down." Was written by Nathalie Graham in a paragraph under her byline that included links to other articles. It was not taken from an article she linked to. It was an assertion of fact made by her.

I assumed she was a reporter and that things she wrote under her byline would be reporting. You were kind enough to correct me and I now know what she writes under her byline is not reporting.


What's the big deal? Stranger reporters are always impersonating actual reporters.


@22 Agreed and seconded!


26 the person who researched and wrote it is reporting. The person who links to it with a 1-sentence summary of the reporting is not reporting. A reporter can perform other functions besides reporting — such as sharing and summarizing reporting that was performed by another reporter — and still hold the job title of reporter.

This is all pretty straightforward stuff so it’s kind of sad that your singular joke about the stranger relies on a complete misunderstanding of something most people learned in grade school.


We've given this guy too much attention already. Not the type of person who merits more than a fleeting glance.