On nos, SJWs are upset about Oscar nominations?

Seems no one gives a shit about their intersectional politics. Not film goers, not awards folks.

Crawl back to your safe spaces.


3: Normally I'd agree that a lot of wokes are big babies, but we all know you and your ilk are the biggest, whiniest babies of all. Enjoy your incel comic book epic.


Thanks for embedding the link to the Lynch post-game interview. That's probably more than he has said to the media in at least 5 years. Marshawn has meant a tremendous amount to Seattle Seahawks fans.


The knife attack is a national tragedy. They all survived?!?? If only he had had a gun, he could have killed a few people before someone else gunned him down. What a shitty excuse for an american Mr. Knife Guy is. More guns are always the answer, people. We demand a higher body count. Thoughts and prayers to all the gun nuts out there whose bloodlust will go unsatisfied (until tomorrow, probably).


Not sure if I overlooked a reference, or if it's just THAT irrelevant, but my man Cory Booker dropped out. Bummer.

Not sure it could win the general, but I think I'd very much appreciate a Warren/Booker administration.


The funny part about the knee-jerk reaction to the Joker movie is that the movie itself is extremely left wing and mostly about how society fails those who are marginalized, mostly for economic reasons. Had it come out ten years ago, no one would have had a problem with it.

But it did not come out ten years ago. So now since the marginalized lead does not have enough melanin in his skin, it is for no real reason some kind of "incel" white supremacist movie and must be hated for blind, dogmatic reasons.

It also did NOT cause a white male to shoot up a theater, and certain depraved people are still extremely mad that they would not have another mass shooting to celebrate.


@10 Remember, these are people who think homeless white people have "white privilege".


@8 - Funny how you sing the praises of corporate bigots with a link to The Wall Street Journal.


If someone wanted to mock people for being mad about Joker on grounds of wokeness, wouldn't it make more sense to go find a place where people are actually being mad?

Seems like some people are so rarin' to go with these boilerplate redpill comments that they just can't keep them contained. So the comments come leaking out at random.


@11 Tell that to John Williams. Maybe he'd be alive if he was white? Nah, I'm sure the cops would have killed him if he was white. But for some reason they didn't kill Chris when he held off the SWAT team with a samurai sword though, wonder why?


@13: I suggest a game of Woke Mad Libs provided by Stranger staffers. Charles should lead the team on nouns.


When will the critical bike lanes be salted?

Just asking, they carry more Seattle voters than those car roads.



I simply did a google search and pasted in one of the top hits. Was going to (and really would've preferred) link to the NYT, but I know they've got that restrictive paywall up. Not sure where/how I'm "singing the praises of corporate bigots?"(?!?) You mean simply by virtue of pasting in a random link? I guess I could've been more discerning in my selection there, but yikes... You frequently admonish people for unnecessarily knee jerk and accusatory reactions. Seems like a pretty textbook case of pot/kettle there.


10: The Joker is sort of left-wing, definitely, but it's also sub-Scorsese mediocrity. I don't give a fuck about the melanin content or whatever culture war bullshit you're on about. But it's totally an incel movie, which is why you're on here defending it.


11: I know you're a troll and I'm not big on the whole academic race privilege theory trip, but you can at least attempt to understand the concepts you're whining about.


@18: Explain why it is an "incel" movie, and what an "incel" movie is.

Also, please point out where I "defended" the movie. Unless explaining the basic theme is "defending" to you.

It kind of sounds like you are just a hysterical rube who has no idea why they are even seething about a movie.


@17: No worries. I simply milked a little irony out of your random fluke.


"The funny part about the knee-jerk reaction to the Joker movie is..."

Knee jerk reactions!? HAHAHA!

Buh... buh... buh... You went to a HOLLYWOOD movie?... Buh... HOLLYWOOD!? PEDO'S!

Um. Something... something... something... they're all pedo's!... your money supports pedo's... something.


@ 2
“Has the Senate GOP ever liked or trusted Trump and his ilk? I think they only put up with him because he keeps delivering Federalist Society approved judicial nominees.”

Ever since the Reagan days “the base” will put up with anything provided candidates come up with strong anti-abortion rhetoric and appoint judges who are likely to support that view.
As for current senate leaders towing the line with prez, I’m afraid it goes beyond judges nowadays. Their suspicious loyalty to the big leader makes me think the Russians have some damning information on them as well. Who knows, maybe that what really made Paul Ryan quit congress.


"Iranian leaders have apologized for accidentally shooting down a passenger airplane last week and killing all 176 people on board."

But wait... Just last Wednesday you reported that " there are no signs that the plane was shot down."

That's quite a flip flop to make without explanation of just how you got it soooo wrong (especially when other sources were reporting that it WAS shot down).


No Seattle news? Funny, I heard there was a bunch of reporting on the Seattle Public Library's decision not to cancel the WOLF event. Where's the Stranger's story?


“President Donald Trump and Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu have voiced their support for the protesters [in Iran].”
Two leaders subjected to corruption and treason trials who will do whatever they can to water down the judicial system and squash criticism in their own countries.
Keep on rockin’ in the free world!


@17 Raindrop says that WSJ is Murdoch media like fox. atta boy.


@22: I am pretty sure it is just "pedos," typically an apostrophe there would imply some kind of ownership or contraction rather than simple plurality.

But yes, Hollywood and the entertainment industry is full of rapists and pedophiles, thank you for bringing it up, most people just ignore it.

I illegally pirate almost all of my media, unless it is coming from a small or independant creator. This way I do not have to support rapists and pedophile actors/producers/studio execs like Harvey Weinstein, Woody Allen, Oliver Stone, Jeffrey Tambor, Brett Ratner, John Lassetter, James Toback, Roman Polanski, John Sizemore, etc.

Those are all the ones I can remember from the past year or so. Way too many to keep track of anymore.


Expect to see a bunch of Bernie/Warren schism big news and attempts to create divides along gender. Trolls and fake news peddles thrive on division, and given that we are under loco cyberattacks these will be peddled and picked up by media outlets, claiming that stances endorsed by rogue campaign actors speak for the candidate directly. This is a move of desperation and what the opposition always uses to sow division; if not along racial or party lines then gender and sectarian and classist ones. Warren and Bernie are united in policy goals no matter who wins. Focus on what each plans to do to fix the country and not on petty he said she said squabbles. Now is not the time to get bent out of shape over dumbass rationalism. The fact that Trump is weighing in so emphatically shows he is in league with the elements parading this tabloid garbage.


First: You are liar. I know it. You know it. Everyone knows it. You didn't pirate Joker. You consume just as much of "Hollywood" as everyone else.

Second: If yup did that makes you a thief not someone taking a principled stand.

Third: You left out Donald Trump, Dennis Hastert, Roy Moore, Tim Nolan (Republican judge and Donald Trump’s campaign manr. in KY), Ralph Shortey (Donald Trump's campaign chair in OK), Rob Porter, Steve Wynn, Steve Bannon (multiple harassment complaints gong back decades), Bill O’Reilly (largest Sexual Harassment suit settlements in history), Corey Lewandowski, Roger Ailes, Andrew Puzder, Republican “family values” Gov. of Missouri Eric Greitens indicted for assault and revenge porn, Harry Thomas (co-founded the Creation Festival sentenced to 18 years in prison for sexually assaultingyoung children), aaaaand probably Peter Thiel... and on and on...


Er factionalism autocorrected to rationalism. No, be rational!! LOL


@28: Well yeah Hollywood is full of rapists and pedos. It's full of men in power, so just like any other institution that is full of men holding the bulk of the power your going see to rapists and pedos taking advantage of that power. This isn't news. Well it isn't news if you're a woman, but it's nice to see you finally catching on.


@23: "Their suspicious loyalty to the big leader makes me think the Russians have some damning information on them as well."

That would certainly go a long way in explaining why so many GOP leaders decided to go to Russia and act like obsequious toadies to Putin during Independence Day weekend. (A fact that Fox News curiously chose not to screech about for the next 6-8 years, which really seems up their alley. I wonder what the difference is?)


@22 ProfessorHihstory and @33 Lissa: Thank you both. This is exactly why I ignore the Oscars and don't take Hollywood seriously, anymore. It's too cocked and loaded full of rapists, predators, incels, and, of course, Jokers. (i.e.: Joker got 11 Oscar nominations?!? Hollywood is on serious crack!)


Lets just throw every dude with a star on the Hollywood walk of fame into a woodchipper and be done with all this pedo business.


@33 The only difference between pedos in Hollywood and anywhere else is you've HEARD of them. Because they are celebrities. Because there is a 24/7/365, multi-billion dollar gossip media machine dedicated to covering Hollywood.

But when creepy guy who has a shitty IT job at an insurance company rapes, molests, or downloads kiddy porn it's not national news.


"This is a post-wildfire relief effort to make sure that wildlife gets fed."

NB: there are still at least 99 active fires in the state

...including two "megafires," one of which has been burning for over a month

...and a new one which is the size of Delaware, or eight times larger than New York City

and two coal seams that are on fire. A coal seam fire in PA has been burning for 57 years:

" make sure that wildlife gets fed."

And half a billion animals have already died in the state's fires - an estimated billion-plus in the country as a whole.
And over a billion animals


@31: Those are mostly politicians and other partisan hacks. We were talking about the entertainment industry.

If you need more information as to what words mean, please consult a dictionary.

But do not let that stop you from listing and noticing pedophiles.

I mean, you would have to be a pretty fucked up person to get mad that people point out pedophiles and rapists. Who would do that?


@39: You're so woke all of a sudden Teddy! I'm thrilled at this change in you! xoxo

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