Clean Campaigns Act Unanimously Approved by Seattle City Council



So, if any shareowner of a corporation is not a US citizen, or a Seattle citizen, then they can't donate?

Sounds fair.

... what if the shareowner is an index fund or ETF primarily owned by a Norwegian or Saudi Wealth Fund?

Or if it's an ETF or index fund that has just one foreign investor?

On the safe side, let's ban them all.



at least 5 percent foreign ownership

Doesn't that mean if 5% or more of the shareholders are not a US citizen?


I would surmise an ETF or fund that is a Foreign Wealth Fund should be counted as 100% foreign. For that matter, any corporation owned by 5% or more foreign shareholders is foreign.

Which leaves out Boeing, Amazon, and just about any multinational kaibatsu.


I don't understand why any money is allowed. If it were REALLY a money issue (Which it is not) ALL Money would be banned.

But it's not a money issue.


They should ban out-of-state money too, but they won't because that would take away a huge chunk of Kshama Sawant's campaign cash.


This has nothing to do with curtailing outside influence in campaigns. It’s purely to protect the council members from losing their seats. Half of Sawant’s donations were from outside Seattle and most of it was out of state. This is dirty politics.


So they're elected and immediately go after those who opposed them. Sounds like something Stalin would do.
Luckily this is just a symbolic move as it is unenforceable. The first time they try to use this new power they will lose it. No court would uphold restrictions on speech based on your relationship with foreign business partners.
You are allowed to go into business with a foreign entity and still retain your first amendment rights.
This is just authoritarian, plain and simple. Silencing people based on their affiliations.


Has anyone ever actually bitten on the herpes troll's weak-ass pitch?


"It defies logic to allow groups of foreign nationals to fund political spending through corporations."

Does anyone believe Mrs. Herbold really thinks that foreign nationals are funneling political spending through Amazon, Boeing, or Starbucks? These are local companies that have an interest in Seattle politics and in the politicians who make it clear they intend to tax them. Maybe corporations should be banned from local politics. However, writing rules that designate them as foreign controlled companies in order to ban them from local elections is dishonest.


Two of my favorite council quotes. "There is an epidemic of foreign spending on local elections" Fact check, Amazon one election. And, "Seattle will not be held to an austerity budget." Fact check, since 2010 the city budget has grown from 4 billion to 6 billion.