Slog AM: Russia's Government Resigns, Impeachment Trial Managers Named, Ken Jennings Wins It All



Might as well interchange the Chicago skyline with Seattle's, since both the Bears and Seahawks lost to Green Bay (sob!)


I was hoping Bernie could have displayed a passion for the truth and admitted that he played pundit at one time and said that a woman couldn't win the presidency. That would have been plausible and not held against him. Now we have yet another conniving male politician to deal with. Poor Elizabeth.


Last night's debate was kind of wild. Can't say I have ever seen the moderators basically make attacks on candidates in favor of others. I mean, everyone with half a brain knows that CNN is trash and basically just an arm of the DNC at this point, but I have never seen it done so brazenly. I mean, look at this shit:

They REALLY do not want Bernie to win.

Also, why does Elizabeth Warren sound like she is about to cry everytime she speaks?


Quick thought on last night's debate. As I've commented previously, I have serious issues with Joe Biden. I must admit, though, he did pretty darn well last night.

Of course, each one of the top four candidates has serious flaws. I'm just glad the Washington primary is not for a while because I am SO undecided.

Plus, these campaigns and these debates seem to revolve around this false premise of "president as dictator" when really so much of the agenda is a legislative agenda coming from Congress. This is the point of a terrific commentary by Lawrence O'Donnell of MSNBC from a few days ago:


@4 Nobody who wants to beat Trump wants Bernie to win. Bernie. Has. No. Chance.


@2/3 Why do you assume Bernie is lying about the comment and not Warren?


Praising old Russian system is certainly embarrassing. We should, however, adopt their latest while also accommodating a shoreliner wet dream: prez “firing” the cabinet, dissolves congress, and changes the constitution to allow monarchy. Supreme court approves by a 5-4 vote and so do 88% of the remaining eligible voters who passed the annual loyalty test. Constitution fetishists cheer.

Will Ivanka and Jared flee to Canada?


@9: Yes, we'll never know for sure. But in these cases invariably the denier is in a worse spot than the accuser - which is not always fair.

But a savvy response that would have killed the controversy from the start would have been Bernie saying "I talk politics all the time, and I don't remember it saying it but if I did I was probably playing the devil's advocate. I certainly believe, given Hillary's popular vote in 2016, a woman can win the presidency."


I don’t understand this bernie/warren thing at all, other than an excuse for people to drag the candidate they don’t like. It’s plausible they are both telling the truth based on their understanding of what was said, because there is more than one way to interpret a comment about a woman being president: it could mean it’s unlikely voters will support a woman, or that women are incapable of doing the job. Communication can be messy and confusing because we bring our own biases to every conversation. None of this is interesting and none of it matters to anyone but bernie’s and warren’s stans.


In Soviet Russia, Office run for You!


13, I didn’t watch the debate so I don’t know what you’re talking about and can’t be bothered to gaf about petty drama anyway. This is an election, not a real housewives reunion, and everyone flogging this bullshit when the presidency is at stake is a fucking moron. You should be embarrassed for having a sincere opinion about something so juvenile.

I support candidates based on policy, not their facial expression when they are asked a dumb question about a fake controversy. If you care about any of this you have my deepest condolences.


Wallingforder @ 11
My comment was in relation to the latest developments in Russia.
While agreeing in principle to your suggested apology I wonder why is it that we expect dems to apologize, yet have no such expectations from gopers who often come out as “strong” and “tough” when it’s obvious they’re lying.


@ 16's infatuation with liars may prove my point.


Another perspective:
Soleimani's killing strengthens Putin's hand in Syria and Iraq

@16 Trump supporters don't seem to think so.


@16: Seems outdated as Donald has proven the ability for a president to lie unconvincingly and get away with it.


Debate winner: PBS, Warren, Sanders.
Debate loser: CNN, Trump.

Ignore the fake fight the MSM and Russia are trying to create to distract you so you won't vote, the caucus will be in April and the primary in March.


You guys completely missed the point of the Russian resignations. Putin is rewriting their constitution to allow himself to be ruler for life. The resignations are just a reshuffling ahead of that and not any kind of protest or real change in the direction of the government there.
Without this, Putin would face term limits in 2025. That would open the door to having someone actually having more authority than him and thus being able to hold him accountable for looting the country and making himself the richest man in Russia and possibly the world.


@ 22 a fairly lame attempt to save (your own lying) face.


@ 23
I didn't, nor did trump.


@24 - I found that an interesting presidential historical tidbit.


In other Congressional News, Moscow Mitch declares US Senate off limits to reporters -- well, mostly: they can all hang (out) upstairs in a special room, free to come an go as they please, just as long as they're accompainied by a right wing thug, or two, and STAY THE FUCK A W A Y FROM any and all Senators, who are too precious to speak with (and possibly be influenced by) the Fourth Estate, (once-) protected by Constitutional Mandate -- and Ignored by the so-called 'right' as too vastly for their far right Takeover of America.


Jesus fucking Christ, "centrists" are the laziest fucking people on the planet. It's never about policy, and always about the most trivial political bullshit.

Also, when are clueless Democrats going to wake up and realize that the absolutely "abnormal" nature of the Trump administration precludes the usefulness of "normal" in any political discussion in this country. We literally have a nineteenth century economic policy right now. Those "average" Americans who will never vote for a progressive or "socialist," endlessly alluded to in political discussions, are the same fucking people who literally voted (or abstained, which is effectively the same) to burn the status quo to the ground. Centrists are just the delusional people who go wherever the Overton window takes them.


@27, last sentence corrected: "... as too vastly Inconveniencing for their far right Takeover of America."


@28 you mean an 18th century economy, with the remnants of serfdom growing.


@28 - Hence, you are saying that only extremists are not lazy or delusional.

So noted.


@Will: yep -- neoLibs and Cons, taking US back -- to when rich White men ran the Show, and everyone else knew their Proper Place, and if they somehow happened to forget, somehow, the KKK was right there to keep 'em in line -- thank God for the Terrorists, eh?


30: Has it ever occurred to you that there are gradients between left, right, and centrist, and that "centrist" is not the opposite of "extremist." It's not everything right of center is Hitler and ISIS, and everything left of center is Stalin and the Revolutionary Cells. If you're not a political neophyte, stop pretending that you are one. And if you are you should stop talking about politics until you have a better grasp of "left" and "right" ideologies and the history of the political center.


@32: Of course there's gradations on the political spectrum, and we can get as granular as needed. But you're the one who extrapolated "centrists" into a meaningless generalized some sort of political demographic to begin with.


@ 26 I'm not surprised you did, yet the story wasn't the real intention behind the original post.


@34: I know you thought that. I was just spinning out the positive.


33: I clearly meant the self-proclaimed centrists of the moment, not some grand universal notion of centrism, which is always defined by context.


Got some real brain geniuses here. In no world will trump run any add in which the former USSR or Russia appears unfavorably. Even if it is to smear Bernie. I guess its the same people who think Epstein didn't kill himself but never wonder why trump doesn't bring it up.


“Centrism” is the hot new media echo chamber where self-proclaimed disaffected liberals attack the left over “identity politics” for a rabid audience of conservatives who don’t like trump and need a safe space where they can pretend random people on twitter are a greater threat to liberty than the authoritarians in their own party they have freely enabled.

Despite their insistence that they hate both parties equally, the new centrists somehow never criticize trump or republicans, but they will obsess over whatever meaningless twitter drama or “cancellation” is currently trending before moving on to the next. They are more shameless than fox news.


The first hit on Google: "Centrism—the centre or the center—is a political outlook or specific position that involves acceptance or support of a balance of a degree of social equality and a degree of social hierarchy, while opposing political changes which would result in a significant shift of society strongly to either the left or the right."

In other words, moderates, or independents. And you find that shameless blip?


@ 40
The pussy grabbing liar is also a corrupt person and very possibly in the hands of an enemy.
What do you know about socialism beyond propaganda, that scares you so much? Did Scandinavia fare so bad as a result?

raindrop-sadly the road to trump was paved by those who followed reagan. Calling themselves "moderates" and "centrists" shows us how far the "center" shifted to the right.


Oh wow. We have a fascist Nazi piece if shit Pijamaradus here! Nazi scum.


@42: Well, that assumes they're insincere in their political dispositions. If we don't accept others essential definitions of their own politics, there is no reasonable debate.


41 I’m adding to what was said at 36 — not the literal definition of centrist but the self-styled “Centrist” commentary/pundit class who behave exactly as I described here.

What their actual political beliefs may be is irrelevant; it’s how they conduct themselves and how they wield their identity to muddle the political discourse with meaningless bullshit that creates a smokescreen for trumpism. Shameless.

See Dave Rubin or those disgraced science teachers from evergreen if you need an example.


@43. Note the stairs in the blue swastika. It is a commentary on the American reality the white house is selling the world. To be offended is a start, to have your attention, but to understand and defeat takes more than outrage. It takes action. It takes secure elections.


@44: "Well, that assumes they're insincere in their political dispositions. If we don't accept others essential definitions of their own politics, there is no reasonable debate."

It's on you to recognize their hypocrisy; they're not going to spell it out for you. I typed out a litany of examples, but I know you already know them; you are on this site every day making comments, so I know you're not ignorant of the news. But I can't or the life of me understand why you still engage in this defense of faux-centrists and insist on rushing to the defense of those who have made it abundantly clear they don't give a shit about you, me, America, or anyone but themselves.