Slog PM: Why Did Nancy Pelosi Use So Many Pens? Which Film Will Win Best Picture at the Oscars? Should We Ban Single-Use Plastic Bags?



Presidents always hand out multiple pens at big bill signings. It took LBJ about five minutes to put his signature on the Civil Rights Act because he'd use one pen per stroke, and then hand the pen to someone who helped advance the bill.


Trumpty Dumpty and its fellow conspirators all need to be IN a pen.

Welcome to Snowmageddon 2020. Stay warm and safe, folks!


Oh I cannot wait for Dump to have his pens printed up. 100% guaranteed they will have misspelling on them. I hope it's something like "stabel genuis."


"Souvenir pens were used during Bill Clinton’s impeachment trial as well. Back then, Senators who signed an oath book kept their pens even though they were printed with a misspelling: 'Untied States Senator'."

They were wanting 'unzipped,' not untied -- all the Repubs were too busy wife-swapping, mistress-hopping or bellboy-ballin' to pay any too much Attention to a little thing like proper fucking Spelling, spelling Nazis! -- hey -- they had a Democrap to Impeach -- and Hey -- HE lied about getting a Blow Job in the Oval Office so fuck off. If THAT ain't Grounds for Impeachment, WTF is?

Now, back to the Witchunt...


“1917” is very problematic with its lack of diversity in casting and no gender non-conforming characters.


From the NYT: "20 years ago, Republicans loudly insisted that the most private of personal transgressions warranted the impeachment and removal of a president.

Now they stubbornly claim that the most naked and public of abuse of office should be ignored.

These spineless partisans must be voted out of office at the next opportunity, and the stain of Trump must be erased ASAP."
--ChrisMas, Texas; Nov. 13, 2019 in a comment on

'Trump Impeached' "Two Impeachments, but Two Radically Different Accusations

As the House opens public hearings into whether President Trump committed high crimes and misdemeanors, the battle over President Bill Clinton’s impeachment 21 years ago looms large."

Not to mention: trumpfy's rather Large number of women claiming he'd . . . well, y'all know what they said. Can one imagine hair Furor, sitting in front of a Judge, trying to tell The Truth?

Why, the Strain alone'd take 'im out well before the third query...


Of the Oscar nominees I've seen so far, personally I liked 1917 the best. I think it should win, but don't think it will. I thought The Irishman was overrated; good, but not great. Marriage Story was pretty well done, I suppose, but it grated on my nerves from beginning to end, and I wanted to smack every character in the movie. I'm betting Joker wins best actor but not best picture. Ford v Ferrari was good, but not the best of the group. Once Upon a Hollywood was good, and I think this will be the winner, despite the fact that I thought 1917 was better. Here's why. The Oscars seem to like movies about acting; see: Birdman in 2014 and The Artist in 2011. Or maybe The Irishman will win so the Oscars can give a big collective blowjob to Scorsese, DeNiro, Pacino, and Pesci, even though all of them have done better in other films.


The herpes spam looks classier when they are in French.


@9 C’est vrai.


It may (or may NOT) "cure" your herpes
but you'll never speak the English again.

There's alway Quebec (or the Motherland!)!


@5 actually, it's one of the first movies to show Sikh troops, but you be you.