Slog AM: Washington Republicans Introduce $30 Car Tab Bill, Impeachment Trial Starts Next Week, Michigan Loves Weed



This seems important. Nonpartisan congressional watch dog group finds the trump admin broke the law by blocking aid to Ukraine for trump’s personal gain.


@blip -- it only seems Important because you're thinking in terms of Constitutionality and Precedent; that's the Olde Ways; trumpfy and Co. (complict Repubs) haven't time for that kinda Socialism/Communism shit any more.

It's gonna be Corporatism/(far right) Government from here on out.

Lesson: get as many guns, tanks and pocket Nukes as you can, even if ya gotta Mortgage the Homestead. Good luck!


Re Ballard to Issaquah Trail: "Some have built garages and terraces in the space [known as the Trail]."

No problem -- put a door on each side, and they can just run Thru the garage (running thru those terraces shouldn't be much of a Prob either, long as they have wheelchair / bike ramps).

Also, re WSDOT: "What is going on???"
We legalized the Pot.

Also also: Good Luck Eli!

Go EZ on them Too BIG To Tax/Regulate innernet corps -- they may be Rich, beyond most folks Wildest Dreams, but leave 'em be -- they've got a Citizenry to pillage.

(don't forget to bring your Book)!


3, I don’t know, republicans have been saying for months this whole Ukraine things is nbd because no laws were broken, and now here we are. I understand they will just move the goalposts yet again — who knows where though, maybe it’s ok because no one got killed? They’re running out of excuses and it’s going to bite their asses one way or another.


Okay, last one: "If you don't toast your bagel
you might as well just go eat a baguette."

Dating advice?
Thanks, Nathalie!


"Republican lawmakers want those damn $30 car tabs:"

So do the voters. That's how democracy works.


FACEBOOK! "and don't care about spreading lies," - Nancy P.

Hey Nancy, why don't YOU the elected Government representatives stop the lies from being made in the first place?

Oh that's right, that F*cking Constitution.


Ukraine refused to announce a fabricated sham investigation into the Bidens, and now they’ve opened one looking into the Tr666p goons’ surveillance (and assassination plot?) against our own ambassador, demonstrating that even their government is slightly less corrupt that ours.

Meanwhile, Iran has ‘fessed up and taken responsibility for shooting down that plane, making them appear slightly less dishonest than Prezirapist AntiChrist and his various sycophants and toadies, who can’t stop shamelessly lying to save their own asses. Worse still, other countries are blaming the US for causing the crisis.

Great job totally demolishing the credibility of the Untied States, Tr666pnazis! White trash supremacy is a helluva drug.


When did King County start giving a shit about private property on public space?


Ahh yes, the constitution, which famously says the government can’t prevent anyone from lying in advertisements, which is why all these drug companies are spreading all this FAKE NEWZ about their products might kill you, because everyone loves hearing that. “Side effects mat include diarrhea and death — jk lol!!! we actually have no idea what this drug does just fuckin w/ ya who knows bc we’re allowed to say whatever we want here just try and stop us, nancy”

Good old constitution, you can always rely on it to justify taking money in exchange for the opportunity to spread false and potentially harmful information to millions of people. Just point at it and shout THE FUCKING CONSTITUTIONNNNNAHHH!!! until people fucking get it.


@ 13,

What’s truly sick is that in the perverse, heretical world of Evilungelical ChrISIStian amorality, this is all perfectly fine, so long as he keeps sticking it to all the blacks, homos, and Messicans that they hate. The cruelty is the point, and they think Prezirapist AntiChrist is a great role model for their children!

The smug, sanctimonious forced birthers that don’t give a shit the what happens to those babies and their mothers, especially if they’re immigrants kidnapped from their parents and locked in cages, along with the corporate supremacist freaks that love that he’s made it easier to poison our air and water, loot our country, rip us off, and kill us, all deserve to be anally electrocuted. There are no “good” ones now that it’s happened here.


It's Chairman Timmy if you please.


Your position on bagels makes sense, but I believe it's incorrect. A Seattle bagel needs to be toasted to be edible; it's otherwise just a donut-shaped piece of self-abnegation. But a fresh New York City bagel should not be fucked with. Until I had an NYC bagel, I didn't know why people ate bagels at all.


Trump is campaigning with a convicted war criminal he pardoned so yeah, seems like he knows exactly why his people love him so much.

Making America great again, one violation of international law at a time. This should end well for everyone.


I remember when every dumbass late night show host was popping a bottle of champagne after "impeachment". Don't know what they were celebrating since Trump was never impeached, and won't be. Lol. But pretending they've won was cute, and gave me a chuckle.

But after the Senate aquits him, I will be popping a bottle of champagne of my own, celebrating the real win. :) MAGA!



21: He was already impeached dipshit.


22: The fact that Trump won the election should be a major red flag to you that your polls don't actually mean shit.


Especially not this early in the campaign season.


22, I’m from the backwoods of rural Michigan — a state where Sanders beat Clinton in the 2016 primaries — and have friends/family throughout the rust belt. I too would condescendingly suggest you visit those places and get a clue what matters to blue collar voters in those states instead of making dumb assumptions based on your coastal elitist framework because you sound ignorant.

His polling has been underwater in most swing states for several years now, and polling for impeachment and removal has surpassed 50% of the electorate. Regardless there are more ways to win an election than just convincing people to switch their votes in the next election because people also have the option to not vote. Maybe you could also learn something about basic math while you’re touring the upper midwest trying to figure out what matters to them.


" “That’s what the people voted for,”

Except for, you know, the people who most use public transportation and who most subsidize it.


"If you don't toast your bagel, you may as well just go eat a baguette. "

It's all relative because a half decent baguette (like Grand Central's) is way better than your average Seattle bagel (toasted or not)


"Lox and bagels" I don't think are typically served toasted.


@23. Yup. JMS dumfuck just proved my point. The left is still just as crazy and still does not know how impeachment proccess works. Keep "celebrating". Dipshit. :) lol


not entirely sure what you’re trying to convince me of here (what does independent support for impeachment have to do w/ who the dems nominate and what power do I have to change any of this??) but support for impeachment increased among independents during the delay from the house to the senate and the news of the last 24 hours will probably only accelerate that trajectory


also that poll you shared is from over a month ago


"So do the voters. That's how democracy works."

Ahem. Yeah. Sure. Until somebody reminds you that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by 3 million votes.


@31 He WAS impeached. The House voted and the president was impeached for "Abuse of Power and Obstruction of Congress." THAT's the House's job. Impeachment.

YOU don't know how it works.

A trial is in the Senate to vote on whether to acquit Trump OF IMPEACHMENT or remove him from office. Dumbfuck.



@32 Wrong. More people now support removing Trump from office than before impeachment.

The polls follow exactly the same path that the Watergate polls followed. They fluctuate a little hear and there bu the growth for impeachment and removal is steadily upwards.


And that is when we remind you how a Republic, like the USofA, works;
you ignorant pile of scum infested shit.


and if you take out the tainted votes from that corrupt cesspool thirdworldshithole California Our President won the popular vote.
not that that mattersat all in electing a president in this country


Yes if we arbitrarily negated the votes from the 3rd world shithole / fifth largest economy in the world known as california, trump would have won the popular vote. Fascinating, if you don’t think about it too hard, or at all.


38: Why do right-wingers like you always act like you have rabies?


"Why don't you chumps save yourselves a lot
of trouble and concede the 2020 election now?"

Excellent querry, thanks! Well, here's why not:

Straight from the NYT's [soontobe] Bestseller List, it's
"A Very Stable Genius"!!!!

"A Meticulous Account of Trump’s Tenure Reads Like a Comic Horror Story" [tenure means 'reign of terror']

"The admirers [@38; @40; etc] will not make it past the table of contents. Among the chapter titles: 'Unhinged,” 'Shocking the Conscience,' 'Paranoia and Pandemonium' and 'Scare-a-Thon.' This verbiage makes Rucker and Leonnig’s book sound like one more enraged polemic.

It isn’t.

They’re meticulous journalists, and this taut and terrifying book is among the most closely observed accounts of Donald J. Trump’s shambolic tenure [rain of horror] in office to date.

Rucker and Leonnig have composed their book, they write, out of a desire to step out of the churning news cycle and 'assess the reverberations' of Trump’s presidency. The result is a chronological account of the past three years in Washington, based on interviews with more than 200 sources.

It reads like a horror story, an almost [almost!] comic immorality tale. It’s as if the president, as patient Zero, had bitten an aide and slowly, bite by bite, an entire nation had lost its wits and its compass."

--other than the "[ ... ]"s, written by Dwight Garner

Believe it or not, some peeps'll vote for anyone...

"read the not so fine print, morons"

Couldn't'a said it better, myself.


@26 -- thanks.
@22 -- have a nice trip.
don't forget to write

Oh, and speaking of Progressive Purity?
Bernie doesn't compromise with the NeoCons,
NeoLibs and neofascists and Crooks starting from
'the center.' That's a Loser tactic; we've been there before...

That's one of the things I Love about him....


trump is quite obviously - to those outside the cult, at least - not well. If God is still looking after the country, as the Republicans always want us to believe, trump will be gone by the next election.

If he is still around by the election, and were to be elected again, he will not be here in four years. By that time most of his base will have been called home to Jesus as well - either through old age or Darwinism.

What will happen to the GOP on that blessed, blessed day when we can finally close the lid on his coffin?



Hahaha. Nope, shitstain. Being a Republic has nothing what so ever to do with the electoral college. Republics are about electing representatives. There are dozens of republics that don’t use the stupid proportional electoral system where states, rather than people, have voted.

You fucking lying loser pile of dog shit.


@40 California is the worlds six largest economy with the highest tourism in the country and one of the most visited places on earth.

I’m sure the jIzz sock littered meth basement where you fester snd troll the internet 24/7 is a four star destination, though.