If You Want to Understand Why Trump Is Our President, then Listen to New Male Announcer on Link Light Rail




Nine years to go...


It's also the case that the male voice is decibels louder than the previous recorded voice - annoyingly so. That's part if the reason why the make voice was so objectionable.


According to KIRO, the female voice returns in March:



Mind the gap! Mind the gap!


That’s pretty funny. Charles is not known for his parody pieces. not laugh out loud yet, but keep trying.


"What authoritarian announcements and
speakers produce is the fiction of clarity."

What everyone knows (well, we White peeps) (of the more Masculine-type) is that when one is not being 'understood,' it's (typically) merely a question of VOLUME (and the need for [the wilder, the better] gesticulations).

Shouting's what's (usually) always worked for me
but when that fails, it's time for The SCREAM.

Oddly, people seldom complain....


Oh, and those silly Canadians?

If those buses had decent bumpers on them, the ones in the back (where there's Traction) could push those other buses UP the hill. And the hill-crested ones, they could pull the rest of them up. It the same Principle as The Train, only with buses.

My Brain is (almost) just as Good as our president Donald (the 'J' is for fucking genius) trump's.

NO Collusion!


@8: Donald Trump has nothing to do with this. Clearly you have a thing for him.


The female robot voice has gotten plenty of airtime IMO. I’m cool with this


Men always complaining about people's voices


I've always found the british female voice on the Beacon Hill Station elevators to be colonialist. That's why I've always taken the stairs.


@12: Your wig wouldn't fit in the elevator anyway.


@13 -- your wit would. With room to spare, I'd wager...

he's all mine

And I'll drag herr Furor into any Convo I see fit.
He still/always will sux.


Wow---I'm glad I haven't needed to take Link Light Rail if a loud male voice on overhead speaker is as annoying as Donald Jackass Trump. One correction, though, Charles. Trumpty Dumpty is not my president. Hillary Clinton currently is.
@9: And you're blindsided as usual, Rainy. I warned you about all that excess sugar.
@14 kristofarian: Agreed and seconded.


I was reflecting over the w/e how much better male football announcers sound than women, whose raised voices often come across as shrill and grating. Mother Nature, how dare you make male and female voices sound different! Sorry, if someone is gong to bark orders, I'd rather have it be a male voice. BTW I'm not a man. Finally, triggered by a canned recorded voice? Really?


15, HRC is my president too! She is terrific. I'm so glad the USA had enough sense to elect her instead of that orange POS.


FYI hearing loss in humans tends to start at the high end of sound - where female voices reside. I'm guessing anyone with a hearing impairment can hear the deeper male voice a lot better. But hearing loss isn't as sexy as comparing anything male to Trump....carry on.


I don't like the male voice.

Maybe we can get an Icelandic singer, of any gender, instead?


The profusion of announcements and passive-aggressive signage on light rail is just another example of the dippyness of this town. Must over-explain everything or dipshits will do something stupid, like I don't know, cross the tracks at Westlake? How about no announcements, and take down half of the obnoxious signs 'hey backpack wearer...'. Fuck off.


@17 randommonkey: Agreed and seconded.
@20 joebozo: I voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016 and would do it again. Guess what? Hillary isn't facing prison time for high treason like Trumpty Dumpty, on trial for impeachment. Nobody is above the law. The Orange POS is illegally occupying the White Trash House, and the sooner it is ousted, the better for all of us. #44, Barack Obama was never guilty of scandal in all 8 of his elected years in office. Trump's entire three years too long, bought and paid for by the Kochs and Vladimir Putin, have been nothing but scandal. THAT's the reality.