You are a failure Governor Inslee and I wanted you to know that; I am sure you don't read The Stranger but why not write a letter to you here.

You failed to stop the inflow of flavored vapes into the state; sure you shattered businesses and made over 380 businesses close but you don't care about that. You care about this mock sympathy about saving the kids; when it's all about lining your pocket with money so you can win the next race.

Go ahead and ban flavored vapes; you can already find people on reddit making bath tub ejuice for people who visit our state and need their fix. You have created a black market that will harm our children much worse than we already had.

I'll will finish with this prediction the next Republican Candidate saying Let's make Washington Great Again! and having people cheer it on. Other than the blind sheep in Seattle who support you because you say you are a Democrat (but you are really a republican).




Trumps ban will not lead to a black market because you can still buy flavors in vape stores. It will make it slightly harder for underage people to get them. How come nobody has suggested holding underage people accountable? They brake the law and everyone else gets screwed. Wonderful precedent. Why have laws for young people at all?

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