Slog PM: Sound Transit Rejects Free Public Transit for All, KIRO Radio Kinda Backs Sawant, Tacos Chukis Owes Their Employees Lots of Money



"Did you think the Iran-US conflict was over?"

Trump imposed more sanctions to promote regime change right after assassinating their top general so the conflict was always getting worse. Corporate media want you to believe that Trump wanted appeasement but nothing is further from the truth.


Taxing Amazon looks stupid, is stupid. Tax all new construction (residential and commercial) to fund transit that increases our capacity to move people between all those new buildings. Tax luxury dwellings at a higher rate to account for their outsize impact on affordability. Tax cars, especially brand-new luxury models with low gas mileage. Tax windfall sales of real estate.

And tax the living fuck out of every Uber and Lyft ride so people stop clogging up the streets with empty cars circling the block waiting to pick someone up before they stop in traffic. Tax Air Pods and Bose headphones. Tax Onewheels (man, fuck those stupid things). Tax every public storage unit $100 a week so people stop buying more shit than they can cram into their 4,000-square foot house.

But. Do. Not. Tax. Amazon. We want employers. We also want the revenue to cover the true cost of growth.

Fuck Kshama. Fuck Bezos a little more. Neither of you is helping.


will shit get Real when Kim Jong-un
and Hassan Rouhani (Iran) both catch trumpfy
with his pants down (metaphorically)
during his two-day (thnx, ShorlineDave!) "Trial"?

Whatever. They'll pick a moment when he's too distracted to respond with anything other than Chaos, stupidity and the World's Biggest Fucking Military. Good ole Corporal Bone Spurs -- headin' die-rectaly for Armageddon. We'll see if spineless Republicans can stop it -- I hear there's more'n a few'd Welcome it, as they've appointed themselves thee 'Chosen.'

Must be real nice...


Oops, now I've gone and given the fool a Promotion
-- it's Cadet Bone Spurs.


Sanders 20
Biden 19
Warren 12


6: employers are taxed all over the world and somehow it doesn't cause local economies to collapse. Stop confusing corporate, trickle-down propaganda for economics.


Amazon should pay taxes in general principle at this point. Fuck them and their employees.


@10: "...and all their employees."

Well, that's not very nice. Even Sawant wouldn't say that.


well that's a bum quote rainy
even JMS didn't say that.


@3: Further demonstrating a conflict of interest as well as collusion and obstruction of justice, Kokonut Kenny. ITMFA!
@7 kristofarian: Corporal? Cadet? I wouldn't promote Trumpty Dumpty to dogcatcher. I WOULD, however, love to see Trumpty Dumpty chucked to the sewer rats. There are plenty of them in DC. ITMFA!


“ Tax luxury dwellings at a higher rate to account for their outsize impact on affordability.”

Define luxury. I mean, to a bum a shed is luxury.


11: It's a good thing I'm not a politician then. It saves me having to pander to constituencies I sincerely don't care about.


I don't understand the fare enforcement issue? Whenever I see fare enforcement enter the car, they check every single person regardless of color, age, gender, etc....


Though, it's a good thing for Amazon that so many people are willing to shill for their company for free. Trickle down economics really did a number on this country.


@18 'Trickle up' has done wonders for Venezuela.


17: This is anecdotal, but when I used to ride the rail anytime I forgot my fare or my Orca card ran out, the fare enforcement people would let me off the hook with a reminder. However, anytime a young black person didn't have a ticket or Orca card with sufficient fare, fare enforcement would always scold them and force them off the train at the next stop. Sometimes, they'd call police backup because they were "afraid" for no particular reason of the black youth in question. I saw this happen five or six times. I was never removed.

Again, this is anecdotal, but it was clear to me that racial bias plays a role in how fare is enforced.


@17-- Pro bono pro-Corpsers.

We've got too many hoping for a lovely
little marriage 'tween Corps and State.

Now, what Was the term Benito Mussolini, the
deposed Italian fascist dictator coined for it?


18: Venezuela is not the opposite of the American capitalism. There are gradients between bullshit economics theories of the right and bullshit economic theories of the left. Rejecting "trickle down" economics is not an argument for state socialism. Are you people even capable of making an actual argument? You jump to the sophistry so fast.


18: Venezuela is not the opposite of American capitalism. There are gradients between bullshit economic theories of the right and bullshit economic theories of the left. Rejecting "trickle down" economics is not an argument for state socialism; it's an argument against trickle down. Are you people even capable of making an actual point? You jump to the sophistry so fast.


@9 - Businesses should pay taxes, but this idea that we have to tax Amazon specifically is scapegoating. Employment is a positive. It is runaway growth that is not, so tax the undesirable aspects of runaway growth. And of course, tax all businesses in a fair and reasonable manner. I am not championing a corporate tax holiday.


23: Well that's very reasonable and despite shitting on Amazon I more or less agree. Thanks for clarifying.


RE: "A headline I thought I'd never see from KIRO Radio" Dave Ross has been working at KIRO since 1978 and he definitely not conservative. KIRO employs both liberal and conservative hosts.


@24 - Amazon deserves to be shat upon. They treat the city like a non-compliant vendor, instead of working with the city to develop solutions. Sawant is returning the favor by treating Amazon like an invading army. Not inaccurate, but not helpful. They both suck at this point. I just live here, have to pick up the pieces after they’re done fucking up the place.


@19 - Thanks for your take on the situation. I have not experienced or witnessed that, but if those actions are taking place, there is clearly an issue which should be addressed. I interpreted it as Fare Enforcement targeting specific groups through profiling BEFORE checking for tickets.


Methinks the state of Texas doesn't need cheese to get any crazier. RickFromTexas, what's your opinion? Is it the heat?


@20 kristofarian: Can I have two guesses, kris? 1. What is: "Democracy is beautiful in theory; in practice it is a fallacy. You in America will see that some day"? for $1,000.00, Alex. Either that, or 2. What is: "Fascism is a religious concept"? for $1,000.00, Alex.


The world's most toxic shit illegally occupying the Oval Outhouse must be destroyed--if not physically, then financially. Dirty money and corruption are its only sources of power. Remove those and it becomes weak as a newborn kitten. ITMFA! Anarchy NOW! Death to the GOP.


Q: This, not cheese, makes Texas batshit crazy.
A: What is: "Raging testosterone" for $1,000.00, Alex?