Sound Transit Recommends Changing the Name of "University Street" Station To...



This is terrible. What the fuck is an out-of-towner going to do with "Symphony Station". Jesus voters.


"Moreover, people exiting Union Street / Symphony Station might think they're close to Union Station, which they would not be."

I do hope you did some warm-ups before attempting that stretch, Rich Dear.


Benaroya should have won. Rolls off the tongue. “I’m getting off at Benaroya.” Perfect. I don’t usually say this, but the Stranger endorsement put the wrong winner over the finish line here, and it appears Sound Transit agrees.


Terrible decision! What a blunder. It's the worst of both worlds because it implies a geographic location that is in fact not accurate. If it's called "Union Street" it should actually have an exit on Union Street. Ugh. I don't get what they were thinking here. Next think we know they will try to improve on University of Washington station by renaming it "Union Station" because it provides access to the Washington Activities Center on Union Bay (to be confused with Lake Union, Union Street, Union Station, and the UW Husky Union Building.


@3 I dunno, fixing the acronyms for Benaroya Station sounds like a lot of BS.

I agree about Union Street being a Bad Name, but they are keeping Symphony so it's not the worst. Pretty similar to a lot of transit names though not hitting it out of the park by any means.


I would prefer we named the station the USS Heidi Wills Station. All of Heidi's REAL fans would show up... and ride the good ship Heidi Wills.

Frack Tim Eyman. He's a dirtbag.

Dan Strauss can get a damn bus line named after him if he finds his way to a downtown store that sells colored pencils and paper. I hear the last one - Barnes & Noble - is about to close thanks to failed Seattle policies...

Also frack Tim Eyman again. He's a dirtbag as much as an opioid dealer.


Reasonable choices would be:

Kraken station.
Pike station.
University station. Stop bending the knee to the tourists.


I am going to add Enterprise to all of these acronyms.
Live long and prosper mother fuckers.


Why change it at all?


Slow news day?


...Under Seneca Station?


Sigh. So Seattlites are so stupid they don't know University Street station downtown is NOT at UW?

The dumbing down of America continues unabated.


@12 Yes, Seattleites know University Street isn't UW but most visitors and newcomers (including, I'd wager, plenty of first-time UW students) do not. My vote is for either Seneca Street Station or Benaroya Hall Station.


Obviously I have a life and I'm late to this but.... come on, folks, this isn't a big deal. Union is right there - just turn your head and there it is. I have no problem with saving a few bucks to make this just a bit less confusing to those out-of-towners who might expect to see the purple and gold of the Huskies under the current name. And a tiny, tiny fraction of the population (and I'm one) actually cares about the symphony and the rest have virtually no idea, or interest, where the music originates. Move on - nothing to see here.