Slog PM: Bald Eagle Dies, Matt Shea Crows, Queen City Closes



“The real enemies of this country aren’t being investigated, the real enemies of this country aren’t being looked into, the real enemies of this country aren’t being reported on by the media," --Matt Shea crows

When your Real Enemies are your fellow Citizens, that presents a bit of a quandry; and when you've been associated with weaponry (do I have that right?), WMDs that can take out a Community in an hour, I think you're not standing on terra fucking Firma.

Where does that leave the Rest of US?
Shall we all go get shirts at Target?
Dying to know....


Ha, I worked at that Barnes and Noble as my first job in Seattle, working the holiday season since I moved to Seattle with no job. I took home $1,000/mo and my rent was $650/mo. That was 18 years ago.

Those were the days my friend
We thought they'd never end


There was a story today on KNKX FM 88.5, about 2 Barnes and Noble Bigwigs lunching and chatting with Bezos back in the Day, letting him know B&N were gonna Crush him.


Judging by our nation's streets-as-Home (home on the Range, baby), Commodifying Housing has not been Capitalism's Wisest move. More vacant homes* than Homeless? How did we choose This path?

More importantly: Is it Working?

in 2014, there were 6 homes for every homeless person source: Google
In New York City, "for every one person experiencing homelessness here, there are about three vacant apartments."
— Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Monday, July 23rd, 2018 in a tweet
--from Politifact -- rated 'mostly true.'


*in 2014, there were 6 homes for every homeless person source: Google
In New York City, "for every one person experiencing homelessness here, there are about three vacant apartments."
— Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Monday, July 23rd, 2018 in a tweet
--from Politifact -- rated 'mostly true.'


"Well but, many of the unsheltered homeless have declined a bed because in a shelter they wouldn't be allowed to use drugs. They like getting high better than they like having a safe place to sleep at night. A life on the streets is what they choose." @6

Ah, that makes perfect Sense.

'Cause who the Fuck ever does Drugs @ Home?
Other than myself, of course...


@7: Your conflation of uncoordinated musings yield only non sequiturs or what otherwise is known as babble.


Tiny Homes, clustered . . . Everywhere.
In between the Skyscrapers.
Stack 'em up like cordwood.
Chutes and Ladders.
Locked Doors,


Jinx! You owe me some Coke!


Tell the cars to fuck off, every few blocks or so.
They can figure it out. They don't gotta
Hog the whole fuckin' City.

I can picture you in Kodiak now, Ken.
It's Cold. Good thing ya got them


Holy fucking SHIT I miss the Obamas!!!!
Matt Shea, STFU!
That heartless bald eagle killer should face life imprisonment with no chance of parole.

@1 kristofarian: Spot on again. Bravo!
@2 MAGA blowhard: Hush, already.
@3 xina: I know, right? I lived in Ballard from June 1993 until February, 1997. Our rent for a one-bedroom apartment with an indoor garage space was only $650 a month back then, when rents were affordable and jobs were more sustainable. My car got broken into three times before the parking garage got a locking door and tenants were given garage door openers. But at least the slumlord using the building as a tax write-off finally sold the building to responsible property. owners.
@4 & @5 kristofarian: That's truly a sad statistic.


A white guy in the legislature who organizes armed bands of welfare queens to attack our federal government = patriot.

A black man who exercises the 1st amendment by kneeling at football games = radical muslim who hates america.

Got it? Cuz i dont. Fuckin’ tired of white terrorists getting treated like theyre just part of the landscape. Theyre fucking bullies, theyre as awful as al Qaeda ever was.


White Terrorism is barely recognized (for now) as a Threat in the law books. Those books need a Serious Update.

One might think, with how many hundreds of years with the KKK's acts of Terorism, we'd have thought of that, and Dealt with it, by now. One'd be Wrong. But things can Change. Let the Sheas of this World ease that along; hopefully we can keep the Bodycount down till then...


@14 @15
Yeah, the phrase is; 'A more perfect union'
not 'white people rule forever'


Why stop people from shooting up heroin???

Why keep people homeless because you think they'll shoot up heroin inside homes you despise anyway?

Fuck you

Who fucking cares? You don't. Why should anyone else?


@16 - The problem is: the original doc did say white people rule forever. We edited it, which is nice, but we didn’t fully kill the original principle.


@18: Can you provide a link to support your assertion about that "original doc" with a "white people rule forever" statement before it was "edited"?


@2, Even if you ignore the part where it says Shea was involved in planning the armed takeover of the national wildlife refuge in oregon that ended with people getting killed, it should trouble you that you have in your state legislature a christian nationalist who advocates for civil war, even if he “only” “self”-proclaims to be one.

Unless christian theocracy is your jam, in which case you should just own it instead of acting like it’s not true.


@23: The Klingons would wipe them out.


23, good point, let’s tell them jesus lives there


@25 Hmmm... re-Home them.
They'll believe they've been Raptured....
Brilliant. I'll mention it to Pence.
(and Sec.State Pompeo).
They're True Believers
Hell, they're already
on Board.

We shall have a fine Going Away party for them.

Mars may be coming up soon -- we should all lend them a hand, help them pack, strike while the iron's hot. Make them casseroles and cupcakes, polish sausages (or German) and beef jerky for their long trip Home.

I hear there's no Taxes on Mars.
Must be Nice...


In the Food News it said Queen City was closing due to "issues that include high kitchen staff turnover and food consistency." Given how notoriously poorly back of the house workers are treated in most of Linda's restaurants, I'm not surprised. Do we really need yet another taxidermy-adorned Derschang dive bar? Maybe Seattle has just finally grown tired of her derivative shtick establishments.


There's always something vague pleasurable when a business fails when they could have succeeded by doing nothing.


@26: kristofarian for the WIN!! Agreed and seconded.


A year from now we may be watching a new president being sworn in.


@31 -- Or an insidiously mendacious nearly-fossilized triplecheeseburgher-chompin' Dictator.*

*aided and abbetted by a Very far right, treasonous Congress
and an apologetic sycophantically-complicit ill-'informed' Electorate


@32: The basis of optimism is sheer terror.


@20 Raindrop your willful ignorance truly knows no bounds. Shall we start with that bit about blacks only counting as 2/3rds a person. How about only male land owners getting the right to vote.

I know you are aware of those things. You are clearly not that uneducated. Yet you consistently ignore such inconvenient facts when they upset your preferred lily white DAR view of our history.

DAR = Daughters of the American Revolution, for younger readers. Grandmother Machiavelli was a card caring member, we even had a family diorama in the DC museum back in the day. Do they even still exist?


God dammit, 3/5ths a person. Grumble grumble.


@34: Yes, you found a historical reference to associate with the hyperbole 'white people rule forever'. Good for you.


Ah, Barnes & Nobel, where I went to buy a classic Raymond Chandler novel and not only did it not stock any of Chandler's books, but the clerk I spoke with didn't know who Chandler was.

Puget Sound readers know that if you're really serious about books you patronize our area's excellent independent booksellers.


"The basis of optimism is sheer terror." --@Rainy
Citation, please?

"In Catholic school as vicious as Roman rule
I got my knuckles bruised by a lady in black
And I held my tongue as she told me, Son,
fear is the heart of love, so I never went back."


@40 kristofarian: Have I pissed you off lately?


@40: Gladly:

Oscar Wilde
The Picture of Dorian Gray, Chapter 6


@42 -- Thanks!

Nothing comes to mind, auntie Gee -- were you hoping to?

btw -- thanks for all the Wins!


@20 - The Constitution contains this cheery little passage:

“Representatives and direct Taxes shall be apportioned among the several States which may be included within this Union, according to their respective Numbers, which shall be determined by adding to the whole Number of free Persons, including those bound to Service for a Term of Years, and excluding Indians not taxed, three fifths of all other Persons.”

“all other Persons” = slaves. 3/5 a person. The Constitution assumed white male persons owned slaves. Ho hum, nbd. The 13th amendment ended the practice, except for Jim Crow laws and in case of punishment for a crime.

Old habits die hard, I guess. Modern-day conservatism - voting for Trump, NRA, law & order, anti-public funding for anything sentiment - is just an attempt to maintain white male control by enacting policies that advantage white men. Very nostalgic bunch.


Dems vote for law and order. You have no idea what conservatism means.


Bald eagles swarm the landfills of SE Alaska and coastal B.C. Without affection, they are referred to as Dump Turkeys.


@44 all of your inferences are incorrect and hopelessly tainted by a modern lens. We currently believe slavery is anethema, but in the days of the constitution, wage labor and slavery weren't considered much different; and in fact wage labor was probably looked down upon more than slavery. Additionally, the past ~150 years have been the only years in human history in which slavery wasn't widespread and common in basically every society. Slavery was common among north american natives, common in Africa, the middle east, India, and China. White Supremacy - the idea that whites should own blacks, developed later as a essentially an excuse for the continued american practice of slavery (furthermore, slavery was only racialized once the Pope instituted a ban on enslaving Christians) especially after Britain outlawed slavery in the 1830s.