Slog AM: Olympia to Consider 32-Hour Workweek, Impeachment Trial Kicks Off, a Global Pandemic for Your 2020



No, you shouldn't walk around with a karambit around your neck and expect to be treated as a respectable member of polite society.


If you're willing to look back in history 600 years, there are interesting parallels between Greta Thunberg and Joan of Arc in leading their respective crusades.
Joan had advantages over Greta in a couple of respects- she could appeal both to patriotism/nationalism and to religion.
Greta has to limit her appeal to moral duty and rational discourse.
But both have such a clarity of purpose, and carry themselves with such dignity and self-possession, such composure.
Of course their opponents attempt to defile them both with ugly slanders.
But Greta in her stoic determination almost defines that elusive quality 'leadership'.


McDonald's has a pretty low overall risk of shootings/stabbings, the highest risk index seems to remain Waffle House/Popeye's as far as getting shot or stabbed. So it seems a bit overkill to kick the guy out for having a small pocket knife.

I think Chick-fil-a actually cures stab wounds like some kind of JRPG inn.


Wouldn't a 32 hr work week just decrease hourly employees income by 20%?


Y'all must not do science where yer from.


One of the pieces of legislation being sponsored this session is SB 6332, which "prohibits marijuana shops from selling products with a THC concentration greater than 10%, with some exceptions for medical marijuana patients." This would drastically effect the sales of concentrates since many those products have THC concentrations upwards to 90%. I hope Lester gives it some attention because a lot of businesses, consumers, and tax revenues could stand to suffer.


Its going to be awesome when trump wins a second term and finishes off handing out BLM land to his friends while tripling the national debt. Going to be fun watching all the trump worms squeal about fiscal responsibility.




"A 32-hour workweek in Washington"

An idea so stupid even the French abandoned it.


@13 -- Let the Motherfucker BURN, eh, sonny?
Who Needs a stupid fucking Planet anyways...

Besides, she a GIRL


The Republican Senate: Making sham a feature
not a bug.

See: Brett (Am I Sober?!!!)
(Are YOU, Senator?!)
Kavanaugh's USSC
sham 'investigation.'

Good luck, America.


@15 -- re: Impeachment Trial --
Can you say COVERUP?

'Cause that's what McConnell
[the 'Con' is in the middle]
is doing.


@5, yes. That’s what will happen to most nonexempt hourly workers.


Jay Sekulow is without honor.


@18 Or, you know, allow them to work less and stay healthy, well-rested, and productive. And that whole muckraking thing.


The Bog of Eternal Stench would reject Pat Cipollone.


@5, 17,

I imagine It'd have to be implemented along with some Andrew Yang-esque form of outside income supplementation and probably has about as much a chance of passage as a Yang Presidency. Which is a shame, as it's a wonderful idea in theory. And as long as we're contemplating wonderful ideas aimed at reducing the stress and crushing burden on the common man, did you know that back in 1910 WH Taft proposed a three month long annual vacation for every American? "The American people have found out that there is such a thing as exhausting the capital of one's health and constitution."

A shame he'll forever be remembered for the time he spent in a bathtub rather than for such a bold and forward thinking piece of policy.


If the work week is cut down, then how will we produce enough inspectors? And inspectors of inspectors? And people making instruments for inspectors to inspect inspectors?


@22: There's no evidence to show that a shorter work week would improve the health and lives of Americans, only extrapolated assumptions from underachievers.


12: Says some dumb, knuckle-dragging American


@25 Is there evidence that a longer work week would improve the health and lives of Americans? Karōshi, perhaps?


"Says some dumb, knuckle-dragging American"

@26 European actually. Well, ex-european and now a happy immigrant to this beautiful land we call the U.S. of A., the Land of Opportunity..


@27 Spot the eikaiwai teacher taking his nihongo for a spin to impress the ladies.


@29 Weeb says what?

You should personally thank me that I did not see it fit to correct your preponderous mistake in Japanese, because I am thoroughly positive your neanderthal 'mind' would be incapable of deciphering the Hiragana from the Katakana (Kanji omitted for implied context).


@30 Pretty sure only weebs go there to learn the language and see the temples. I just went there to make lots of money and have lots of sex with random J-birds.

Now run along back to your teaching job JET little boy.


@31 May Buddha grant you the attention you missed out on in your arrested childhood in your next life.


28: Yeah, sort of like that "African immigrant" on here who posts about "black culture" and crime on all the time.


25: Underachievers lol. I'm sure you're very entitled to morally judge people's work ethics posting on here five hours a day. Do you get paid for that?


25: Underachievers lol. I'm sure you're very entitled to morally judge people's work ethics while posting on here five hours a day. Do you get paid for that?


"It has been proven that when workers switch to a six-hour day, there is a marked reduction in absenteeism, worker health in addition to improved productivity. Human resources experts say the concept of a shorter working day is only effective when the workers stay focused for the entire six hours."

'Benefits of a Shorter Work Week'
--from the underachievers @ Ohio University

Gosh, I don't know why I even bother fact-checking the Neolibs and Cons... Are they as 'accurate' as the folks who tole us that a) Iraq'd be a Cakewalk, b) they'd welcome us with open arms, and c) we'd be out in a week, a month, six months, TOPS?

[But, lookit all that OIL!]

PLUS -- Arms Manufacturers, making a Killing
including the dick Cheney, whose stocks in Haliburton, failing before the War on the Iraqis, ex-Ploded with commencment, making the dick fabulously-well-to-fucking-DO.

Yep -- we owe it to ourselves to listen to them, closely.
And the, do the Opposite.


And then, do the Opposite.


@12 The French never had a 32 hour standard work week. The current standard is 35 hours with limited overtime available. There can be provisions for more than 35 up to 39 hours before overtime kicks in. Historically they’re quite a bit more productive per hour than workers in the US.


@38 It’s easy to have higher productivity per capita when high unemployment rates keep low productivity workers out of the numbers.

The 35 hr is no longer law in France and only covered a small percentage of the population.