Seattle City Council Passes Anti-War Resolution, Debates Value of Purely Symbolic Resolutions



And all this is city business because ….


Alex Pedersen indeed did show political and moral courage in refusing to beg for Sawant's approval, in daring to incur her disapproval, in refusing to curry favor with the left by going with the flow. Good for him for challenging the moral pretenses of the City Council. He'll be a target of much vituperation and mockery, to be sure, but I like that he spoke up and didn't simply capitulate to Sawant and Herbold. Keep speaking up, Alex!


Pedersen needs to get with the virtue signaling program program...quick!


Pedersen is full of shit and his denial about being unconcerned doesn't fool anybody.These resolutions aren't just symbolic as they are noticed by people directly concerned (both victims and perpetrators) and they also call for needed actions (climate change for example).
Apparently Pedersen could care less about someone's children dying in a war of choice started by Trump. As for complainers I am sure they heard about elections and consequences.


It's almost as though Sawant is oblivious that the more of these she does, them more trivial and meaningless they become - and they're already incredibly trivial and meaningless.


@5 A war of choice started by Trump? Trump killed a bad guy. Iran blew up some concrete.

For all his flag waving and chest beating, Trump is the most pacifistic president we've had since Carter.


@7 Under Trump we went from having an agreement with Iran to imposing sanctions, followed by decapitating their military, and another round of debilitating economic sanctions. No matter what spin you'd like to put on it, it's not a path forward to peace. In fact, much evidence points to Trump responding to the demands of neocons in his admin because he needs them None of his other actions justify calling him pacifistic since there are several on-going conflicts and proxy wars


@9 Your first sentence is pure gold. I mean, we were like, THIS CLOSE to peace with Iran.
Trump is an idiot on most levels. It's the thousand monkeys with typewriters scenario here though.


oldwhiteguy@ 7: Oh, he was a "bad guy?" Well shit, that makes it all ok then! Yeah, you just get to assassinate foreign government officials and bring your country to the brink of ANOTHER war, while endangering the troops still overseas from the last war your party started, so long as you kill A Bad Guy! Yup, totally makes sense now!


The irony of a city council decrying war, in a city that was largely built on the profits of war, in a region that is supported in part by a sizable military presence, should not be lost.


What a confederacy of dunces. Never have I been so glad to have moved to Bellevue.


These "symbolic" measures are as about as effective as changing your avatar on facebook to support the "cause."
Pave the fucking streets.


@12: How is that ironic? You can point to just about every large city in the world and find a military historical context.

In regard to the Puget Sound, I'm sorry that our involvement going back to WWII upsets you. How are you able to walk around town without busting into tears?


Jesus this shit's enbarassing. Just never ending useless virtue signaling from this bunch of clowns. Thank God we got one councilmember who is not a complete loon.


Seattle is a huge global brand. Global brands have impacts when they speak despite all the nonsensical nay-saying from conservatives.


Should we be paying tax dollars for this? Every passed resolution requires people - lawyers to write the symbolic legislation, typists to type the legislation and then a person to edit the typing and make corrections. Finally a meeting where all those in agreement sign the legislation. Remember it's only SYMBOLIC! If it doesn't affect the Pacific Northwest - then we shouldn't be spending our tax dollars on it. Thanks Alex Pedersen for standing up to this ridiculous waste of our money.


5: “These resolutions aren't just symbolic as they are noticed by people directly concerned (both victims and perpetrators) and they also call for needed actions (climate change for example).”

Please show one example of any of these resolutions that have made any material difference for the people directly involved. You want to improve the world? Start with the things you actually can control.


God Damn Fucking Worthless.


Raindrop dear, you're projecting again. Did I say that I was bothered by our military legacy (which actually dates to the Spanish-American war, dear). No, I did not. I was just commenting on the irony. If there were no Boeing and no Todd Shipyards, Seattle might be a very different place.

anon1256 Seattle may be a "brand", but seriously - no one cares about the City Council other than the City Council.


@23: Point taken.

However Boeing and Todd contributed to our prosperity, and that should warm your heart. Most of their products are used for peaceful purposes.


I’m against all things oppressive... but my tax dollars being used to pay someone to do one job, govern the CITY, are not well spent if we’re oppressing poc by having them come down & bev a bunch of folks who’ve never been to India to make decisions on shit they have very little knowledge or historical context on. It was shameful to stroke her own ego by giving Seattle City Council members the platform to choose a side between two groups of POC who came and spoke for and against the resolution. Also, it’s not just about the meeting. Hundreds of thousands of dollars we should be using to get men, women, and children off the street is spent when each council persons office is forced to research these resolutions, in city attorneys research & drafting, etc.. The time spent on this should be spent getting our own house in order & working on not oppressing kids here in Seattle who attend the 4th most segregated school district in the nation.