Seattle Voters Can Vote in the Country's First All-Digital Election



God forbid they just move this oddball election to the regular voting schedule and ballot.


@1 My thoughts exactly.


@1 Hear hear. So all you need to steal someone's vote is their birthdate and a fuzzy touch-screen approximation of their signature. This could easily be automated by an even slightly motivated 'script kiddie'. If you can't budget for remotely proper security you shouldn't perform the vote.


You know what else would help boost turnout in this election?
Some candidate coverage and endorsements.
Someone give the SECB some uppers and some column space.


People not voting may also be a sign that things really aren’t that bad in the world. Even in Washington State, with the easiest voting system in the nation, turnout is low. Seems to me people are speaking, by not voting and getting on with their lives.


"taking part in an election conducted entirely by digital votes."
Wait, What???? So if you don't have access to, or simply don't want to vote using a computer or smart phone, you don't get to vote?

If you are registered and live with whatever district, you should get a ballot in the mail, like every other election in Washington state.

I don't think this will get the turnout they hope for.
It might actually do the opposite, but hey they don't have to spend any money on paper ballots and postage.


So... I have questions.

Why the fuck is this the first time I've ever heard of this, when voting starts today? I've been a registered voter at the same address in King county for more than 2 decades, and I vote every time. I received no ballot in the mail. I received no voter pamphlet or other voter information. No instructions on how I can conduct my civic duty even if I wanted to. If not for this article on Slog, I would never even have known of the existence of this election, or how I might participate. No wonder only 4000 people voted last time, if they don't tell anyone about it.
How can I be assured of the security of this system? In the age of Trump and Russian voter shenanigans and Wikileaks and ransomware, I'm extremely skeptical of an all-electronic voting system with no paper trail or paper backup. This seems like an open invitation to hack the election (Perhaps that's why they're testing it on this totally obscure election).
Backing up @1, why the hell are they conducting a separate election for something like this? Is there some compelling reason it can't be added to any other normal election ballot?