Jess Stein
"It's Always 11:11 Somewhere..."

Wow, deep.
Wow, deep. Jasmyne Keimig
I don't think that's strictly true, but a nice sentiment. Though I think it takes away the specialness of the moment if it happens all the time, isn't it less special? Or more? Am I overthinking this?

"Needy needy needy"

The pinkness of this sticker is so good.
The pinkness of this sticker is so good. JK
Wow, this sticker just slapped me in the face. Does it have to be so freaking LOUD?!

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"Capitol Hill Monopoly"

Spotted on 12th Avenue.
Spotted on 12th Avenue. JK
Getting up close to it, I wished that the details had been altered to fit the joke, but, point taken.

"Constant Therapy"
Fmu. JK
What a concept!

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