Slog PM: Mass Shooting in Downtown Seattle, McConnell Is Tired, Maybe Mobile Voting Isn't a Great Idea?



Shoot out at 3rd and Crime? I’m shocked. Must be marginalized folkx.

How can we blame Amazon?


9 people shot, within a quarter mile radius, in 24 hours. Can’t wait to see how long it takes Erica C Barnett to double-down on her assertion that problems with crime in the area are overblown...


Whatever happened to settling beefs with lawyers?


No yoot jail!


Have you seen the world we live in? Do you know its face?


Ah. Here come the notorious Slog cowards to squeal and panic.

Seattle homicide rate in 1985:
1,317 per 100,000

Seattle homicide rate in 2017:
633 per 100,000

Seattle property crime rate in 1985:
11,426 per 100,000

Seattle property crime rate in 2015:
5,259 per 100,000

Seattle is safer than ever before.


Please tell us again why we don't need police Shaun Scott?


@8 Yep, arresting criminals and throwing them in jail paid off. But we still have work to do apparently.


Just heard that it happened right in front of the McDonald's. What a fucking surprise.


@1 - 6: But I thought guns made everyone safer! And BTW one of the victims is a 9 year old. Fighting for his life as we speak. So all ya'll can just fuck right off with your shitty comments


@8 so yay gentrification ?


Bitches ain't shit. Behold when peons attack. I see a city united on the streets in defiance of your death knell whimper of feckless terrorism only reaping senseless violence; you express to the world you wish to suffer in kind. And you will, in this life or the next.

Bring back fencing, and if you must open carry a weapon, make it a sheathed sword in plain sight. That of our united might against the tactics of fear and the courage to be vigilant for the security of all. As for the perp(s),

Be cleansed by the blade of justice, filth.


@13 Yes. If by gentrification you mean more wealth and a larger tax base to spend on social services and education. That’s why we need to tax wealth as it grows. But. Sure. Absolutely.

But nothing has only upsides or downsides. That’s why we need a government. To navigate, regulate, and assist where just market forces don’t provide out of the ether.

In any event it thoroughly debunks the pernicious fear mongering of “Seattle is Dying.”



And while that may be, 2020 is off to a statistically significant start and shouldn't be shrugged off as happenstance without due scrutiny and response, telephoned hysteria aside.


@15 You’re right. Pushing out gangbangers and their families has done wonders for Seattle. Kent, not so much.


@12. Oh spare me your fake "what about the children" bullshit. We all know how you lefties feel about kids being killed, when your ilk were celebrating at St. John's Pub (the St. John's owners) when dad and his daughter got killed in a hunting accident. Not to mention abortions. So you can take your own advice and fuck right off with your shitty comment, you fucking hypocrite.


@18. Hey, man.

You want some taffy?


@18 Only a clueless moron would compare getting rid of an embryo to losing a 9 y.o. child. Not a big surprise mind you considering your dismal commentary. WTF do you you even come here?


@21 gibberish that somehow doesn't even mention what the woman wants and needs. In fact, before birth, the primary consideration is the health and welfare of the woman bearing the embryo. Women aren't baby making machines without options. Time to arrive in the 21st century. End of.


@21. I would not waste my time explaining science to the science-denier such as Anondipshit over here. He is one of those nutjobs who thinks that the biological sex does not exist, there are 77 genders out there, men can menstruate , and the world is going to end 12 years due to climate change.

@22. But Anon...WHAT ABOUT THE CHILDREN!? Yeah. That's what I thought. Now shut the fuck up.

I, as a woman, am an avid advocate for the ones that can cannot speak for themselves yet. Those children deserve to live.


@22. Better stop mansplaining. You cannot speak on it if you ain't a woman. Dumb fuck. :)


@23 Only the American Taliban's "biology" refers to embryos as "children".


We can quibble about which is the worlds oldest profession, Motherhood or Prostitution, but there is no doubt that the third is abortionist.

Strive to make it safe and rare. Like it or not it will always be with us.


Red Door was a good place. I had some good times in that place. This too shall pass.


Damn it, Lester and Chase! I misread your headline. I was hoping it was McConnell Was Fired.
No such fucking luck.
@24: Eat my shit, go fuck yourself, and die of syphilis, genital warts, and gonorrhea, MAGA tool.
You and your Trump turds brought it all on yourselves. Ask yourself why your mommy keeps you locked up in her dank, dark fruit cellar.


Best is the best, amaright?

Wonder if any of the hundreds of people caught in the gunfire seen anything...

When you let lowlife drug dealers who poison their own communities take up shop on corners where hard working, law abiding people are out being productive citizens it’s a recipe for disaster.

I hope SPD finds the person(s) and shoot them.


Abort early and often. When in doubt, cut it out. You can always have another one when your circumstances are better.

Abortion should be the first option.



You're no woman. You're an inspiration for birth control.


Why, thank you Garb dear! I try my best. I look around and see all the people who should have been aborted, because they obviously had parents who didn't want them, or who were not equipped to be parents, and it reinforces my opinions.

A free abortion should always be the first option presented to a woman when she learns she is expecting. It's in everyone's best interest.


“ who should have been aborted“

No doubt, that’s what I see at the corner of 3rd and Pine everyday. If only they’d retroactively abort each other in their own neighborhoods.


24 you try waaaaaaay too hard, bro


Now a democrat wants to restrict access for voting, do you guys even know which party you represent?


I blame Amazon for bringing in AI coders with loose morals and a fascination with first person shooters, quite frankly.


Why don't you just say the n-word and get it over with. We all know you're a racist and fascist, so why bother with the snide sarcasm. Just be the racist you are.


37: that was addressed to our resident shape-shifting turd 3rd and Crime @ 33, who will likely be claiming his nonwhite or black soon. In one post he's an "African immigrant" in another, a European. Now he can be a concerned citizen of color lol.


@38. Hahahahahahahah. Overly triggered JMS can't even keep his thoughts together anymore from all that anger. :) Does multiple posts of the same thing in one thread. Doesn't know who to address posts to, in another.

"Racist, fascist". Lol. :) The sweet sound of a leftie with nothing else to argue with, and, therefore losing an argument. Yeah, yeah... we all know how the game is played and your pathetic namecalling won't get you anywhere, cupcake. Clutch harder. :D


40: Well that's what you are. In some cases, I'd say that's just a smear. But in your case, it totally fits because that's exactly what you are.

Sorry you can't handle it.


@41. That pussy hat must be on a little tight. Lol. Want a cookie?


like republican senators,
tehe's Goal is to shut this thing down

why does the Stranger allow it?


So the shooters turned out to be two black guys. What a huge shocking surprise!!!


@43. It is Mrs. Tee-hee to you, pumpkin. :)

@44. Right? But they dinndoo nuffin'!



"off to a statistically significant start"

No. No it's not "statistically significant." That's not how it works. While it is indeed troubling to have a mass shooting — any mass shooting — and once again we will miss the opportunity to do something about the scourge of gun nuts that hold this society hostage, it's not "statistically significant." The data set is just way too small.

It is literally meaningless to take the first month in a year and say it has any statistical significance or imply there is a trend. You can barely even say that after five years of data.

In fact it's hysterical to claim it's significant at all and when we do we inevitably end up making terrible, expensive, useless policy decisions based on such poor data.

If there is an axe murder tomorrow by your logic we can say that axe murders have gone up 100%. But it has no statistical significance to assume we are in the start of an axe murder crisis.


43: Clicks: the eternal ally of trolls.


@47: There are some commentors that I don't even read anymore at all. TeeHee is one of them. I mean they never say anything new, or worthwhile or factual, so when I see them, I scan for anything worth reporting them for and let them get on with whatever racist/homophobic/misogynist shit they happen to be rolling around in on any given day. They're boring.


They're just being good little libertarians, and we all know you cream your jeans over stuff like that.



That's fair, there is not a large enough sample size to approach the central mean, but for me it felt like lighting striking thrice, given my proximity to each of the separate incidents. And I'm sure the people that got shot will be relieved that this will not portend a gun murder crisis.

@32 Hah, while my Duke Nukem quote was somewhat inspired by your questionably effective solution, I was referring to resident troll mcfuckface.


Jesus wept. Mass shootings in Seattle. Again. Fuck you, NRA gun Nazis!.
Shit--and I thought the headline read McConnell is Fired.
ITMFA all fucking ready! Abolish the Electoral College and bring death to the GOP once and for all.

@45: Let me guess, Laughing Bimbo: You're obese, flaccid, exceedingly flatulent, still living in your mom's basement, the training wheels on your motorized wheelchair are giving out from your gross over-consumption of BigMacs; your MAGA cap no longer fits due to all your jowls, chins, and snout, and when you back up on alleyways someone yells, "BEEP....BEEP....BEEEEP...."
Your life must be boring as hell, if not depressing.

@48 Lissa: Agreed and seconded. I know, I know---you and others are right. Don't feed the trolls. There are obvious trolls whose comments I automatically skip over, too, because they have absolutely nothing good to add to the comment thread(s). Although I have one guilty admitted confession: What to do when playing Whack-a-Troll gets fun?


@30 & @32 Catalina Vel-DuRay: Thank you and bless you for offering abundant and valid reasons for why I chose not to have kids.


Seattle is a shit hole. Homeless beggars everywhere. Going anywhere downtown and you are taking a big risk of getting attacked. The police are a joke, there more scared of the low lifes and homeless to do anything.


@54terry21 -- pas compris --
vous avez perdu votre herpès?
un médecin l'a emporté?


@55 kristofarian: Did I piss you off? I haven't had any responses from you lately.
Seriously--I'm pretty sure we're on the same page, and I consider you consistently spot on.