Slog AM: Seattle Shooting Suspects At Large, Coronavirus Shutters Chinese Cities, Hockey Mascot Allegedly Punched a Kid



... and the Doomsday Clock is at 100 seconds to midnight.


One of the victims worked for Amazon? Shhh don’t tell anyone two shooters have amassed 35 criminal convictions between then. Our leadership excels at nurturing experienced criminals.


A 13-year-old in Philadelphia is like an 18-year-old here.


"One of the victims worked for Amazon?"

Well now we know who to blame!


For the record, let me state: Gritty is orange crash.

Having said that, I find these charges highly dubious. #FreeGritty


Eleven million people. I can't imagine living in a city that large. I will never again complain about my crowded commute bus.


Has no one noticed that Mr. Peanut was a top hatted, monocle wearing oppressor of the working classes? Hard-working almonds and cashews everywhere are rejoicing at his demise. I’m sure the City Council is working on a new legume estate tax as we speak.


Re. @6: orange crash -> orange trash.


Agreed, it's Amazon's fault for attracting gun-toting elements to downtown Seattle.

Let's replace the Mayor and ban guns.


The two suspects were named by the SPD this morning. Both suspects have very lengthy arrest records: indeed, one of them has been arrested 44 times and has been charged an additional 18 times for misdemeanors. The other fellow's record isn't much better. They are considered armed and dangerous. Thankfully, only one person was killed, although one woman remains in critical condition this morning at Harborview. The nine-year-old child--shot in the leg--is improving. Thankfully, the death toll is less than originally feared. Gang involvement is suspected. Stranger staff: please report on this story honestly, fully, and without flinching. Lives are what matters here, not how progressive and approved-of your political narrative is. This is not a cool, arts-hipster story. It's the terrifying reality many of us fear will happen any moment, and that merits serious and continued attention.


@11 what makes you think they haven't been reporting this "honestly?"


@12 Apparently because they didn't add information that wasn't available at the time that they wrote the story. Makes total sense I think.... maybe.... probably not.


@12 Often times, when someone requests that a story be covered "honestly", they usually mean in a way that bolsters their racism, gun-nuttery, misogyny, or other preconceived, overarching narrative.


Time to close the McDonalds, and 7-11 and sweep that area twice a day and have beat cops walking around.
These two perps don't deserve to live.


You appear to have given that mascot gig a good faith effort and, after a period of introspection and soul searching, made a good decision.


11, I know I’m fighting a losing battle rn but posting a link with a 2-3 sentence summary is never “reporting”. This is a blog post and the sparse details are intentional — the link is supplied so you can go and read the actual reporting if it interests you. If the reporting fails to meet your standards then take it up with the reporter, not the people helpfully directing you to them.


@17 I feel like you just had to explain this to someone else on another post like a week ago.