Who Keeps Posting Stickers of Buildings Around Seattle?



Jasmyne, A good movie to watch is "My Architect", the story of Louis Kahn as told by his son. Kahn was a horn dog and fathered the son during an affair. The son tells Kahn's story in a very compelling manner, interweaving Kahn's work with his personal life.


Just think, if they'd used translucent concrete in those brutalist odes to The Future...

Sad, reading about the beautiful monument to the circular, the Maternity Center's untimely demise -- gotta wonder, how well it worked out, in there...

Oh, and good on you for letting that H20 tower keep thinking it is beautiful -- sometimes, all's we need is the just the right Sticker.

Kahn's Bangledeshi building was awesome too -- "The building resembles a large mass of concrete that has dug and sculpted itself in order to achieve a perfectly practical entity." Well, maybe....

Thanks for this, Jas!


Oh, and speaking of Concrete, check out Wright's 'cowboy concrete,' the material he utilized in his architectural school in the desert. His Students built it, but they paid him good money to do so. And it's beautiful...

PLUS -- it got their hands dirty, which is what every architect needs, occasionally, at the very least. See: MC Escher's 'My Struggle.'


If you are mourning the loss of Prentice Women's Hospital, just take a jaunt down to Tacoma and hang out by St. Joseph's.


That first picture looks like an underside view of one of the alien tripods from War of the Worlds


Good call, Catalina -- Tacoma's St. Jo's looks like a blending of Keizer's Chemawa Station Tank (it's little peg legs), the Prentice Women's Hospital and Maternity Center (round, and radiant) and Louis Kahn’s National Assembly of Bangladesh (radiating, too, with simple, geometric cutouts).

Cozy and warm (looking) inside, too.


Katie Herzog


@1 another worthwhile film is "Louis Kahn: Silence and Light." It's a documentary featuring six of his buildings, including the National Parliament House. You can stream it for free on Kanopy if you have a library card.

Excellent piece, Jasmyne.