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What's so ugly about that McMansion? There are far uglier and ostentatious examples.




Re McManse -- It's all about levels, Jerry. Levels.
Oh and Cubicles. Lots and Lots of cubicles.
With a backside I'd wager
like El Capitan
except wood.

The people who designed it, they weren't
hamster fanciers, by any chance?

Or it looks like one of those 'multi-building' skyscrapers,
scaled down, somewhat for the neighborhood.


It was reported Thursday that the two police goons who arrested Stormy Daniels in 2018 to please the Toadstool-in-Chief were fired. Two others were given hundreds of community service hours. All of this after the case was settled in Stormy's favor for $450,000.


It's time to Roast The RepubliKKKan Pigfuckers, Already!!!
Death to the GOP!


FUCK YOU, Trumpty Dumpty and Pro-Fetusers! May you all become inflicted with every painful form of terminal cancer and that the pain be excruciating. Eat my shit and DIE.


For Corporate Media, Bernie Sanders Is Bigger Threat Than Donald Trump

Tarring Sanders with the same brush as Trump on any grounds is a tactic clearly intended to discredit Sanders among the anti-Trump public.


Really cool to know any idiot with a cellphone within earshot of our blabbermouth president can record him saying incriminating shit because apparently it never occurred to anyone in his orbit to take a lesson from his hero nixon or his own access hollywood moment. Looking forward to all the other recordings leaking out over the next several years.


@9 It's also quite worrying to see gaslighting of the public being normalized by Trump seemingly getting away with the most outrageous lies.


As far as McMansions go start with the Mayor's Lake Washington waterfront one.


@12 it's only reassuring if you'd like to see a return to a 19th century model of governance and plutocracy become entrenched.


Dolly is a goddess.


@10: Yeah, well it's like Lindy West says, The Witches Are Coming. You and your fellow incels need to just deal with it, Kokonut Kenny.


Now that Bernie is leading in Iowa, we should probably expect much media venom about Bros, commies and populists ("just like Trump!")

Bernie Sanders surges in Iowa poll ahead of caucuses


Trumpists say: "Fake news"
Lefties say: "Media venom"

These mind sets have more in common that at first thought.


@21 So you're telling me it's better to believe in nothing than to believe in yourself.

All the RIPs.


20 -- We leftys all say wholly-corps-owned News ain't news atall.
Democracy Now! is non-corporate News.



@20 Given the approval rating of corporate media has been in the shitter for decades, I'd say many more share this characteristic. Trump rags on media because he needs to obfuscate his continuous lying which works because there are many people who witnessed first hand the discrepancy between media rhetoric and their economic condition but make no mistake, he is a product of corporate media himself. Not only does he appear to have mastered the art of peddling to the least common denominator but he got ~$2 billion worth of free media coverage while campaigning in 2016

Trump Has Earned Nearly $2 Billion in Free Media Coverage


"Bernie’s much worse than Trump because Bernie actually believes all that crazy stuff he says." Silly silly tuff, like, "We don't gotta bomb brown people" and 'Human beings deserve Dignity' and well, you get my point -- just Ridiculous shit, that just isn't ever gonna be Possible because that's just what they fucking told us -- fuck off, they said -- it's OURS. And WE don't Share. So . . . sorry .

But, yeah, go ahead, vote for the Trumpster.
Maybe we'll share a Dandy dumpster.
Is there a Bumpersticker


"Trump Has Earned Nearly $2 Billion in Free Media Coverag"

Well, that's obviously a misprint, Anon
Trump hasn't 'earned' a thing, ever
He's always been Entitled to it


Oh hey, look at that, Bolton has evidence that Trump absolutely did the thing he was impeached for: "Trump Tied Ukraine Aid to Inquiries He Sought, Bolton Book Says"

This should make things more interesting for the WH defense, picking back up in only a matter of hours.


Sometimes I get
That's when you'll
See sparks.


@27 for sure. Given half the eyeballs just read the headlines one could wonder what they got out of that one ("Trump is an earner of free stuff")


My comment (without profane language) from last night was disappeared during morning spam clean up apparently. My profile is gone too. If error please reverse as I don't have many throw away e-mail


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