Black People Are Leading the Trend Toward Veganism in America



Well, eating tofu is also destructive to the environment:

So, go ahead and enjoy your bœuf bourguignon.


Dave, you forgot to include links to YouTube videos hawking anti-radiation phone stickers and touting grapes as a cure-all for cancer, like you traditionally do when you get up on your vegan soy-based soap box. Was it an oversight?



About 15% of all greenhouse gases caused by humans come from the meat production and shipping industries.

For comparison, 3% come from all aircraft emissions.

Deforestation from soy is also a contributor to the equation, but it is not mutually exclusive. All sources play a role in the total carbon released into the atmosphere and increasingly suspended there by fewer means of carbon dioxide reuptake.



What trend towards veganism?


Woman with her own private jet turns to veganism to cut carbon footprint.

Ordinary people ask, how can we help?


@6 They’ll just sell in Asia where meat consumption is exploding and 3 billion people. But Beyoncé will look fine saving the planet from her Gulf Stream jet.


Beyonce isn't vegan. She eats regular vegan meals, and has a vegan meal planning brand, but she isn't a vegan.


"There is disease related to diets heavily reliant on... [sic] genetically modified crops..."

Sigh. Look. Ok. Veganism is great. Meat clearly has diseases and environmental issues associated with heavy consumption. But genetically modified crops?

What do they mean by "genetically modified?" Like "Round-up ready?" Enzyme suppression? "Chimera" gene splicing? Or, you know just almonds. Which would be inedible with out human genetic meddling.

Nearly every crop on earth has been "genetically modified" by human selective breeding and hybridization for millennia. So what does this bullshit even mean? Are you worried about cross contamination? What?

And "disease" associated with genetic modification? What disease? No. No there isn't any disease proven associated with G-Mod'd crops. At least not yet. Not according to any credible science. Unless you're talking about the same sort of bullshit anti-vaxxers call "science."

I'm all for prudence but it would be literally impossible to feed all 7.5 billion people on this planet without genetically modified crops. Impossible. You know that, right?


I call bullshit on this for so many reasons.

Black people make up 12.7% of the population of this country.

Black people in this country are incredibly poor (compared to white people black wealth is 7%, yes SEVEN PER CENT of white wealth) and they make up the largest population of those Americans who don't know where their next meal is coming from (let alone what it will consist of), oh AND black people in this country make up a significant portion of the population that eats fast food on a DAILY basis (over 42% of black adults).

Beyonce and Jay-Z are two black people who may be vegans, but they are hardly setting a trend in this country.

And this extremely skewed POV seems to be getting perpetuated by numerous outlets (here's an article from the NYT in 2017).

Finally, between 2 and 6% of Americans identify as vegetarian or vegan (that's the best I could find and it's a pretty big gap between 2% and 6%, especially when the number of vegans is not clearly stated). And does this include all of the people who call themselves vegetarians but are NOT actually vegetarians (like so many of the vegetarians I know who identify as vegetarian but do not eat any vegetables >>> mostly teenagers and those who eat fish >>>> mostly adults who are actually pescetarians)? Then there's the self-righteous vegetarian (a Seattle resident no less) who loves to preach about how she eats and disparage all who do not eat like she does (meanwhile she goes to motherfucking ARBY'S to cheat on her high falutin' fake ass vegetarian lifestyle).


@1 -- That article mixes some very good points with total bullshit. You somehow bought the bullshit.

Where to begin. OK, a quick search lead to this interesting fact: Just over 70 percent of the soybeans grown in the United States are used for animal feed ( Eat less meat, and suddenly we have a worldwide surplus of soy. Most of that soy will go into making oil (that part was true). This has very little to do with tofu.

Nutritionally, the article was also bullshit. People really don't understand nutrition. It isn't that complicated. Just eat a variety of food, but mostly fruits and vegetables. Avoid too much processed fat or sugar. Exercise. Drink lots of water. Alcohol in moderation. Floss. (Seriously, it isn't that complicated).


I’ve been vegetarian for 26 years and I only eat tofu once or twice a year, if that.


I was vegan for 6 years, TWICE!

The full blown 100% vegan population in the US is MAYBE 1%. 80% of vegans becomes former vegans within 5 years...alarming number if you’re attempting to get people vegan for life.

Veganism is NOT a natural part of our evolution. Meat eating has been done by humans since the dawn of humans.

Than Son Tofu makes the best tofu in Seattle, period!

BTW, the first animal I ate this last time leaving veganism was a bloody steak. It was fucking delicious. I actually felt satiated for the first time in 6 years.


I personally shoot several wild animals per year - generally in the heart/lungs area or the head - skin them, remove and eat the muscles and the heart, save the hide for tanning, make broth with the bones, and with vegetables from my garden...this seems far more connected to the earth than some over-priveleged white woman prattling on about the benefits of veganism in the over-packaged frozen aisle at PCC.


@14 Take a good look at the situation in China and tell me why eating wild animals is a good idea.
Where do you think the coronavirus came from?


"My name is Dave, I'm vegan and I also write about music no one wants to hear."


Blacks are nazis. Because Hitler was also a vegetarian. Dave Segal for sure though is a nazi.


There's nothing like an article about vegans that makes stubborn contrarian omnivores taste blood.


News about the black community, brought to you by white people. Yay.