Slog PM: More Restaurants for Dogs, #AMZNSpeakOut, Washington State's #YangGang Should Pay Attention to Sen. Joe Nguyen



'Senator' Loeffler is how democracies die. "They die when people value faction over principle. If we value democracy, we hold our party to the same standards we hold the other party. Otherwise, we’re looking at Athens as it imploded. We’re valuing party loyalty above anything— the truth, fairness, the law, any principles. And if we’re supporting a party whose claims are so weak that they have to make sure their base doesn’t have any direct contact with the opposition arguments, then we’re in real trouble."



Shut up, you tired old hack.


@1 It would be so much better if martyrs would just kill themselves quietly, right? So feeble, making the state do it for them.

You got some weird ideas about how protest works.


Trump hires OJ's and Epstein's lawyers. Yup. Totally innocent. Completely. And let's hope it all turns out about as well for him.


"The climate can take a back seat to the pay check."

The Republican party
(right where it belongs)
in a Nutshell.


I do not trust UBI.

On its surface, it sounds socialist. Dig deeper and you will see it’s obvious flaw.

UBI can work in a non-market economy, where costs are controlled. In a market economy, the thousand bucks you give everyone each nonetheless will be offset by a rise in prices. Further, in Washington state, the tax revenues used to pay for UBI would come from sales taxes, as we have no statewide income tax or capital gains taxes to fund the scheme. That means that while everyone would receive the thousand bucks, the people paying for that thousand bucks would be the poor, who bear the largest burden of excise taxes. This, UBI here would be the exact reverse of socialism, where the poor are taxed to fund the rich.

The biggest trap within UBI however is this: it will be used as a reason to defund entitlements. Means-testing is expensive and a bureaucratic, so naturally, everyone hates it. UBI is not means tested, and therefore costs less to administer and does not require a massive bureaucracy. It will be touted as a replacement for schemes such as unemployment insurance, food stamps, and Medicaid.

Whatever relief it offers will be washed out by the corresponding rise in prices as the market adjusts to it. The entitlements, as flawed as they are, benefit only those who most need it, and they will be abolished in favour of UBI. And the working classes who buy things off Amazon will be taxed to fund UBI, which will in turn send a thousand dollar check to Jeff Bezos paid for entirely by the people who buy things off Amazon and therefore pay a sales tax.


"And let's hope it all turns out about as well for him." --ProfH

Well put -- hopefully, Prof, we'll have History on our side
plus Rudy 'They don't Make 'em like they Usta' Giuliani.
We owe A Lot to Rudy.


Rudy JarJarAni


Make this fucking rain stop. I spent a solid hour today fantasizing about dying of heat exhaustion in the desert. It's a preferable fate to this unrelenting muck.


'Rain'? It used to rain (or be dark and cloudy) from Nov.16th till July 5th, with the occasional week-or-two long dry spells tossed in, to show us whattf we were missing; but, that was before this all-New brought to you by EXXON/KochsKleenKoal / brings you The Weather got here.


Fun little fact... Kobe named his helicopter after himself: “Mamba Chopper.” Of course, Mamba was a nickname given to him by....himself. Why? It was to separate his identity from the person who (allegedly) raped a woman.

In other words, a man who thought he was too important to sit in traffic caused his pilot to take off under SVFR conditions in a vehicle representing dissociation wrapped in narcissism. That’s the real tragedy (in the greek sense) of his death. He was running from himself his whole life, and it killed him and eight other people prematurely.

He also liked to throw a ball through a metal hoop.


They’ll call Bolton, acquit the pres anyway, and every future pres will know he can thumb his nose at congress all he wants as long as he has a majority in either house. Not that it matters, because climate change is going to kill us all in the next ten years anyway. What a stupid time to be alive.


In some ways it's already starting to feel like spring to me. Plants are growing back and temperatures are climbing into the 50s. I'll take the rain (or the sun) over the cold any day. I hate slipping on ice and I hate dealing with dry skin.



In the ocean, there are known to be sharks. Avoiding a shark is therefore easy; just stay out of the ocean.

If you ask someone on the other side of the globe, who has never been to Seattle, what the weather is like here, they will tell you. It is known to rain here.

If you don’t like rain, this is a strange place for you to be, my friend.


@14 - I hate dealing with biodiversity, web of life, shit like that. Sounds like both of us will get oir wish. Enjoy the pansies.


Regarding Universal Basic Income, in light of the country's massive debt, giving money out to everyone, including high income people who don't need it, is just wrong. At least on the basis of inter-generational equity.

A graduated UBI that tapers off to zero as you approach middle-income is different, especially if it is IN LIEU OF existing and wildly inefficient safety net services. Now that makes sense.



I respectfully disagree. UBI in any environment where the tax base is funded through excise is no safety net. And any means tested UBI fails to be UBI- to be UBI, it must be universal, which means, everybody.

Now, if this were a non-market based economy, sure, I would favour UBI.


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