Slog AM: Americans Evacuated from China; Man Charged with Marijuana Possessions Smokes Marijuana in Court; Brain Tapeworms????



There’s already a horror remake of Groundhog Day called Happy Death Day. Sorry!


RE: child support and hunting licenses

Why would a hunter be behind on child support payments? I've been told gun owners are all law abiding citizens.


In grad school one of my professors said that pork bought from street vendors in mexico is often full of Taenia cysts that, when grilled, give its outer layer crispy texture that is considered a delicacy of sorts. I don’t know how common/true this is mind you, but regardless you should never eat undercooked pork.


Dems have Romney and the two ladies from Maine and Alaska respectively, potentially aligned to lure Bolton's testimony, and so need ONE freaking senator to break ranks. I'm retaining some (perhaps) blindly naive optimism that some lone soul will demonstrate the absolute bare minimum amount of decency and integrity to make it happen. Not that it'll matter with regard to an actual conviction mind you; it surely would not. But it'd be another stunning and widespread exposure of the man's craven corruption and overall disrespect for general dignified behavior, which can only help come November.

And no need to point out my naivete. I'm well aware and think it helps me in rationalizing some overall optimism amidst the current state of affairs. Give it a try!


@3: True, but the problem is the large percentage of the homeless who are strung out on meth and heroin don't want anything to do with public facilities and just want to be left alone in the elements to dwell in their oblivion. That's what addition does.


That poor, poor man -- rotting away in jail...

While he's (we'alls're) suffering under our
utterly Contemptuous anti-marijuana-smoker
Laws: "NO -- WE Will Decide what You can choose
to use.

And we choose . . . B O O Z E!"

Oh goody. Then, let's all have a Drink.

I do hope Spencer 'Smoke-em-if-ya got-em!' Boston has
a staggeringly-well-funded GoFundMe. There's Justice.


@5- I prefer to plumb the depths of despond.
The human project is middling along, gradually failing but with entrenched elites blocking any meaningful reform. Therefore the status quo gets extended out as far as the eye can see. Sorry Greta.
Meanwhile the natural world is in a death spiral no one knows how to arrest.


@8: Of course, because such pessimistic ruminating will always enable you to smugly say claim the mantle of "I told you so", and on those rare occasions when things turn out a little better you can fall back on "pleasantly surprised". Such dispositions are quite fashionable among the wealthier elites in large liberal cities.


I’ve been reading about Tr666p’s impeachment “defense,” and I’m just stuck. Do his lawyers not have any friends, family, or legal colleagues?
How are they not totally humiliated by this deranged shitshow, at least “professionally,” and I use that term loosely. Even a Liberty U grad could recognize that they’re full of shit and not even making legal arguments as far as I can tell.

Former Republican Rick Wilson said recently that Tr666p is like political meth for the GOP; they’ve lost their friends, their families, their jobs, and their dignity, and now they’re crawling through the sleaze in the gutter for just one more hit against America.


@ 5,
/seen online/

Sharing a nation with Tr666p MAGAts is like being trapped on an airplane in a tailspin, with 40% of the passengers thrilled that the lunatic pilot is about to crash us full-speed into the ground.


Stop casting delusional stoners as "heroes," it is an insult for many responsible smokers.

Boeing- does anyone know how much of Boeing business is on the “defense” side as opposed to public aviation, the one we never hear about where income is guaranteed, and “accidents” aren’t reported nor publicly scrutinized? Last I heard was few years ago by a higher up official who estimated it to be 50/50. Another employee dismissed it outright, saying it is 65/35 or more in favor of “defense.”


@11 I'm not sure about the exact percentage but the have many large space contracts worth billions and are likely cost plus... that said they haventy been doing to well in that field either. the SLS is behind and over budget and their recent starliner failure cedes even more ground to companies like spaceX.


The fact that Boeing's stock is still flying high is evidence that it's too big to fail? That really is an idiotic take. Wait and see if Boeing is too big to fail.


"Meanwhile, Mitch McConnell still doesn't have
the Republican votes to block Bolton from testifying."

From the New Yorker:
"... the pickle in which Mitch McConnell, John Cornyn, Lindsey Graham, Ted Cruz, and the rest of Trump’s Republican enablers now find themselves. 'Mortifying' is another word that could be used.

Rarely, if ever, has a political blood oath—in this case, a pledge to acquit a crooked President regardless of the evidence against him, and without even bothering to call any witnesses—rebounded so horribly, publicly, and spectacularly.

Like Trump, when the whistle-blower’s complaint originally emerged, McConnell and his colleagues have been caught in the act. And it couldn’t have happened to a more deserving bunch.

Schiff’s description was off in one respect. Trump’s lawyers aren’t the only ones who are reeling from the news about Bolton’s book; the entire G.O.P. ecosystem is frazzled."

'Like Trump, when the whistle-blower’s complaint originally emerged, McConnell and his colleagues have been caught in the act. And it couldn’t have happened to a more deserving bunch."



"Regardless of what happens next, the Republicans are still likely to acquit the President—there has never been much doubt about that.

But if McConnell somehow succeeds in preventing Bolton from testifying after all this, there can no longer be even any pretense that the trial is on the level, or that an acquittal along party lines is anything other than an abject display of political cowardice and self-abasement by the current generation of Republican senators.

For the timely clarification, we are in debt to whoever told the Times about what’s in Bolton’s book." --also from the NYer article in @15.

Convict; don't convict -- whatever.
But let us let The Electorate see
these mendacious malcontents
as the Constitutional treasonists
they have become. And Vote accordingly.


"For the timely clarification, we are in debt to whoever
told the Times about what’s in Bolton’s book."

For how long must we wait till The Stranger
initiates their 'Blow jobs for Whistleblowers!'
program, I wonder....


@17 -- 'Zactly.
We must follow derr "leader's" lead --
Nothing a nice Wall wouldn't solve.

Or should we just offer them Amnesty?


@ 15/16,

Good. I hope the RepubliKKKan senatards’ lives are a living hell for their ongoing racist, sexist, fascist terrorist attack against good, decent Americans.

The RepubliKKKan party and their voters are our real enemies. They hate-fucked us with Prezirapist AntiChrist in 2016, and we need to fuck them back a thousand times worse in 2020. Fortunately, the GOP’s own policies are quickly ruining the Tr666p states. Their sadistic cruelty is the point for them, and they’ve got it coming, big time.


@ 14

Bill Clinton was impeached.


Aside from an overdose of Over-reach,
how Repubs are helping:

"Trump Praises Pompeo for Shouting
and Cursing at NPR Reporter"

Btw, where's that damn Rudy, when ya really need him?


"The RepubliKKKan party and their voters are our real enemies." --OA

Not all of 'em. The wool has been pulled
over their gullible eyes . . . the IS hope, yet.


@14: Both Clinton and Trump were impeached by the house. An impeached official remains in office until a trial is held. That trial, and removal from office if convicted, is separate from the act of impeachment itself and is conducted by the senate.


@11: I appreciate your "stoners" admonition.


All cats are Asian. Dogs, Southern.


“The Room Where It Happens” is a song from Hamilton right?


coronavirus has killed five people in WA this year. Flu has killed 50.

We don’t have a vaccine to stop coronavirus. We do have one for the flu.

Priorities, people.