Jess Stein

"Big Brother Isn't Watching"

You heard em.
You heard 'em. Jasmyne Keimig
Somehow I really don't think this is true. Also I'll admit that whenever I hear the phrase "Big Brother," the reality show pops into my brain before George Orwell does. I'm sorry for being a millennial!

"Natives Were Never Homeless Before 1492"
Say that!
Say that! JK
I found this one on E Harrison. It's been up for awhile. After doing some digging, the closest match I could find to this photo was one from a Chief Seattle Club press release. The organization is based in Pioneer Square and provides a space that physically and spiritually supports American Indian and Alaska Native people in the area, providing services like housing and legal assistance, medical support, and cultural and community building events. This picture specifically comes from a report about the increase in AI/AN homelessness last year from King County's 2019 annual Point and Time Count. You can read more (and check the pic) here.

Support The Stranger

"You Can't Stop Comfy"
Wow, I feel like this sticker is looking directly at me.
Wow, I feel like this sticker is looking directly at me. JK
This is the phrase I chant to myself when I'm snuggled up in bed, drifting off as I'm watching a movie, in order to justify not doing my full skincare routine. You can't stop comfy.

"Tired Coffee Mug"
This one was also really high up, Im sorry.
This one was also really high up, I'm sorry. JK
A fun/boring fact about me is that I'm trying to wean myself off of coffee. Blah blah blah. I will say that this morning I've already had a giant mug of matcha tea and this caffeine water my coworker keeps raving about, so maybe I'm worse off.

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