Where Is Big Brother?



Can we please not entertain this "noble savage" nonsense. You know what natives were before 1942? Salves, victims of endemic rape, ethnic cleansing, and the like. Native Americans aren't any different than people anywhere else on the globe. Their society was just as fucked up (probably more so at that time) as were the societies of Europe, the near east, the subcontinent, Northern Africa, western Africa, subsaharan Africa, Asia, etc. Women had zero rites, were married off and expected to make babies as soon as their period started, basically every shitty thing you can think of existed.


And natives haven't been homeless since 1492 either.


War of the Roses, great for women. Spanish Inquisition, great for women. The Conquista, great for Native American women. Syphillus, great for Native American women. European colonial rapists, great for women like my great grandmother. Somehow between the rape of the entire nation and the complacency of people who think they are better off after having sickos like Custer flay squaws and making oil lamps and jewelry out of their skin, yes. Let's turn this into an issue of whose misogyny was worse because pointing that out justifies the essential holocaust of this continent's native souls and culture for insatiable greed and idol worship.



@2 haha. yeah some editing would be nice.


"Natives Were Never Homeless Before 1492"

Cool story bro.



Slavery? Pah! What's that? Stephen Miller and Pepperidge Farm Rememers Jeff Colonel Sessions's KKKFC or Los Pollos Hermanos Vatos Locos Round en up and pen em behind cages mcstuffroo without vaccinations and see what happens, yahoo, yippee, rootin' tootin jig off, YEEEEEHAWWWWWW



@6 Garbled Garbage


@1 If there's one thing Native American women probably had plenty of, it was rites.



I just do my best to sound like what Trump supporters are used to hearing and parroting with passion and fervor.


@1 - Yes, let's commit systematic genocide on anyone who's ever fought. Totally reasonable.