Slog PM: A Payroll Tax out of Olympia, Nordstrom Wants Your Old Clothes, Atari Opens a Bunch of... Hotels?



Bitch Pigeons is awesome, although I'm sure Jenny Durkan is going to want that name reserved for the women's professional hockey team she's angling for.

As for me, while I'm rooting for Totems, really my primary interest is just anything other than Sockeyes. I'd like to think we're better than that.


If we go with the Seattle Metropolitans, we can hang the Stanley Cup, that being said, how about the Seattle Hackers?

Or the Seattle Passive Aggressives?




Bitch pigeons it is.


That's not at all fair. Our pigeons are not bitches!

And why does that Atari hotel remind me of the dearly departed Denny's in Ballard (which started life as a Manning's?)


As far as the NHL team name, I lean toward not the Kraken (how do you make a wearable cool logo out of a Sea Serpent creature? and that "release the Kraken" refrain is getting old already) and certainly not the Sasquatch! I think of that Orangutan from that Clint Eastwood movie; we would be a laughing stock. Totems with the Native American bird logo would be cool. The team that could have happened 40 plus years ago if not for lack of funding.

Ultimately, regardless of the name, please NHL Seattle, come up with a cool logo.


Bitch Pigeons is OK. I still can't accept any other name than Seattle Freeze though.


Google Street View of the sculptures pre-crash: Google has blurred the faces to protect the sculptures' anonymity.

I'm gonna check these out tomorrow.

If I were this guy's neighbor I'd be pissed about the derelict condition of the house and the surrounding junk collection. The sculptures are about the only bits in good repair.


@5 neo-realist and @6 originalcinner: Agreed. I'd rather a Seattle -based NHL team be named the Seattle Freeze than Bitch Pigeons. The latter sounds like a bunch of rancid dumpster divers. Eck. Maybe, if the NHL logo was for the Seattle Freeze, there could be an image of a large polar ice cap, with foreboding dark eyes (maybe a polar bear?) peering out. And at local games, the players could come onto the rink through a spooky fog of dry ice.


5 wrote: "how do you make a wearable cool logo out of a Sea Serpent creature?"

It has been done.


@9, I don't think that will be the Kraken they have in mind, ehhhh on the logo.

Still I like the Native American bird of the Totems. Any well done bird would suffice - hockey is speed, flight and flow - birds work well with hockey. Hope the hockey ownership keeps that in mind as opposed listening to the Kraken fanatics.


Is there any way we could leave "tribute" to local natives out of the new sports team name?

Seattle Storm has a ring to it ....


I kind of like Atari's idea, some gaming events that don't fill convention centers are held in hotels.


Nordstrom is buying resale items? So they’re trying to get in on the thrift store boutique market, currently dominated by stores like Buffalo Exchange, Plato’s Closet and Blue.

This is a sign of impending economic recession. Nordie’s recognizes that there will very soon be not much of a market for 300 dollar handbags, so they want to get something in stock they can sell without compromising the high end label.

Time to invest in a hedge fund.


Release the Kraken uniforms!