Irony is, Jeff Bezos won't be taxed since his payroll in 2018 was $87,000.


@1. That defunct canard would hold more weight if Bezos made more in earned income than would tax his bracket into a higher individually assessed stream of income, not including (but not limited to:)
Profit Income. ...
Interest Income. ...
Dividend Income. ...
Rental Income. ...
Capital Gains. ...
Royalty Income.

This is a common strawman sockpuppet bullshit generator tactic. Make no mistake that Bezos and his filthy rich ilk are wallowing in bullion like Scrooge McCuck awash in hordes and troves with nobody to share it with in a meaningful way. Love for sale, if you bid high enough.



That is, If he made more in earned income than he did in the above list, all taxed at different rates, some not at all through a complex web of tax havenry and panama papers schemes for the billionaire's club, but you can donate your clunker to OPB too ya know.


@2 so many taxes to create. So little support in Washington State at the polls


So $121 million per year, or just under $10,000 per year for each of the 12,500 homeless people in King County, is only 1/10th to 1/4th the amount needed?


Of course it suck. Payroll taxes are inherently regressive and this one will only make your state less fair. And of course it can't raise the amount of money you need. You have to set ridiculous limits on it, like have it only kick in on a small percent of the population, which is an admission that, if widely applied, this kind of tax is grossly unfair and bad.

You need a REAL income tax, which mean YOU..yes you the person making 85% of the median income...need to cough up some cash like the sane members of almost every other state do. And yeah, that WOULD mean you'd collect millions of dollars a year from Jeff Bezo's cash pile.

But you won't do that. You'd all much rather vote for Bernie, and suck your own asses, and march of a fucking Starbucks calling yourselves "progressive" while you judiciously avoid your moral responsibility to fund your fucking government. You're not the heroes of this story, asshats. You're the villains.

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