That's a helluva conclusion to come to based on one blurry, dark, photo.
Do you read tea leaves to scry the future, as well?


At least they have body cameras. That alone makes them more transparent than nearly all of the unlicensed people working security at your favorite local venues, or even most of our police officers.


@2: I mean, the picture is clear enough to see how fat the guy is.

Obese people are not terribly threatening. All you have to do is lightly jog away or go up a flight or two of stairs and threat averted.


There are probably more pressing issues about the strike to be concerned about.


How hard is it to hire a licensed company? The requirements are pathetic- it’s more difficult to get a food handler’s permit.



The 'threat' is averted
unless of course
they Shoot you
in the back.


Might try Google next time. The very first hit for MADI Security shows the same logo for Executive Security Solutions at MADI


Hmm. Executive Security Solutions. Yet Providence refuses to get Swedish facilities metal detectors to protect employees and patients. But then again the executives are at the end of a long hallway with a locked door at Swedish FH.


what agency down in Olympia is responsible for issuing and enforcing the licenses? I’ll call them if you don’t want to, but someone has to.


@9: Take your misinterpretation of the 2nd Amendment and shove it, Doofy. We all know that you're beyond medical help. Quit now before what's left of your leaking brain tissue leaves a puddle in the hall.
@11 Sheri Shirley: I really feel for you RNs and your fellow grossly underpaid / overworked healthcare workers. Swedish and Providence CEOs, pay your people what they're worth and offer humane shifts already!

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