Theres a whole forklift fandom of bored, locked down people in China.
There's a whole forklift fandom of bored, locked down people in China. Kevin Brine/Getty

Teen girl crime trio arrested: Three Washington teen girls—two 16-year-olds and a 17-year-old—had a week-long crime spree that started with a carjacking in Spokane. They drove the stolen car across the state to Seattle where they then allegedly did a lot of bad shit like "theft, robbery, assault, and a hit and run." They were arrested in Bellevue after robbing a woman at a gas station, getting gas, and then going to get their nails done and putting it on the woman's stolen credit card. They were arrested mid-manicure.

Wowza: Amazon is continuing to grow. Their employment is up 23 percent from last year, according to GeekWire. They have 798,000 employees around the world. There are over 50,000 in Seattle alone.

Swedish strike ending: The nurses and caregivers at Swedish hospitals will start going back to work today. But, the primary issue between employer and employees remains unresolved: staffing is insufficient at the hospitals. The Seattle Times found that Swedish has hundreds of nursing positions left open and has a vacancy rate "more than double of other major hospitals in the Seattle area."

We're out here setting records: Well, we're at least on the right track.

Weather today looks... : Windy yet mild.

The GOP is poised to block calling more witnesses: And we likely won't hear John Bolton's testimony. That's because last night Senator Lamar Alexander (R-Tennessee) made it clear that he would not be voting for more witnesses. Alexander was thought to be a swing vote. Now, the GOP feels confident they have the votes to block additional witnesses.

What to expect today: At 10 a.m. PDT the trial will resume with a four-hour debate about the additional witnesses question. After that, the Republicans could deliberate in a completely private session, except we're pretty sure exactly how they're going to vote which would render that unnecessary. If they vote for witnesses then there will have to be discussions and votes on who. If they don't, then the trial will start winding toward an end. This part of the trial has the potential to go very late into the night.

Kent shut down 18 massage businesses: The city is concerned they were fronts for human trafficking.

Matthews Beach homicide victim identified: He is a 36-year-old man named Renard K. Benton. He appears to have died from "blunt injuries of the head and neck."

Woman looking for CIA agent named "Agent Penis" arrested: She kept repeatedly going to the CIA headquarters and requesting to see Agent Penis. Then, she paid the Obamas a house visit. She's facing charges of unlawful entry from the Secret Service.

Some coronavirus dispatches: All regions of China have the virus now. People are on quarantined lockdown and must stay indoors. Entertainment is hard to come by, but millions of people have tuned in to a hot new reality show: the livestream of two hospitals being built. People have given cement mixers and diggers and flatbed trucks names (in order: "The Cement King," "Little Yellow, "Brother Red Bull"). The undisputed stars are the forklifts, which are referred to as "folkchan." Viewers think they are the "the loveliest little world guardians." They've gone full fandom. These hospitals are being constructed in record speed to deal with the virus and, if they're successful, it will be a feat of engineering.

American under quarantine: The flight full of Americans straight from Wuhan, the epicenter of the viral outbreak, is now being held and monitored at a military base in California. They are being held for three days. There are reports that one man tried to escape. He is now required to remain under quarantine for the entire incubation period of the disease. That's 14 days.

Britain bids adieu to the EU: It's the last day in the European Union for the Brits. After tonight, Brexit goes into effect. Most people are ready to just get it over with (or, in Brit speak, get on with it). Nothing will substantially change immediately since the country will finish out the rest of 2020 abiding by European Union regulations.

There's a weird trend happening in Uganda: Men are demanding to be breastfed.

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Bewildered, sad and disappointed, Brazilians migrants sent from the United States to Mexico this week were left wondering how they had ended up in another country whose language they do not understand.

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