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Did the Senate vote to hear more witnesses? NO! The vote was 51 to 49 and mostly along party lines. Susan Collins and Mitt Romney voted to call new witnesses and evidence, along with every Democrat and Independent. This is the first presidential impeachment trial to not include witness testimony.

Is the impeachment process ruined forever? Slate argues that after Trump’s acquittal, no President will ever be removed from office.

So when are we voting to not remove Trump from office? Senators will return on Monday, the day of the Iowa Caucus, to give closing arguments. The President's State of the Union address will be on Tuesday. Then, the current Senate trial schedule shows the president will be getting away with it all on Wednesday. Have a good weekend, because next week is nuts.

Welp, Brexit happened: Good luck, y'all. Here's blubbering Boris's announcement:

People hate socialism, but they love Bernie Sanders, according to polls. A recent message-testing experiment run by the progressive group Data for Progress confirmed this, finding:

Tagging Sanders as a socialist did not seem to undermine his campaign — something we’ve also seen over the years in Vermont. Sanders consistently does a bit better in elections for his Senate seat than you would expect from the state’s baseline party lean.

LOL: Michael Bloomberg Has Spent $38 Every Second of His Campaign

What's going on with that healthcare workers strike? Stranger's Rich Smith has updates. Take it away, Rich:

Swedish locks out the nurses: After a three-day strike, Swedish caregivers organized with SEIU 1199NW walked back into work today but were met with a line of probably unlicensed security guards blocking the doors. Mayor Jenny Durkan and King County Exec Dow Constantine walked arm-and-arm in a nice gesture of solidarity, but their political clout held no sway. (P.S. If you both really want to help, pass rent control and a higher payroll tax on companies who pay million-dollar salaries!!!) After being rebuffed at the hospital entrances, workers headed back to the picket lines to continue striking in protest of an unfair contract. Caregivers want a raise and more staff, but Swedish is offering too little on both fronts, according to union members.

Swedish blames short-staffing on the lack of nurses graduating from school, but that’s not true: While vacancy rates at other local hospitals hover around 5%, Swedish has a 12% vacancy rate, according to analysis from the Seattle Times. Staffing cuts Swedish made two years ago increased nurse-to-patient ratios in many units, which caregivers say led to burnout and workers jumping ship.

Thanks, Rich!

Did you forget about the Australian bushfires? It's still summer in Australia, and the bushfires continue to rage. Here's the latest: A fire in Australia's Orroral Valley has grown to 30,000 hectares. It was at 21,000 hectares yesterday. “The fire is expanding on most fronts," said a chief fire officer. Temperatures continue to rise across the continent, with 60 bush and grass fires burning just in New South Wales as of this morning.

The sales at the downtown Macy's are on fire: Have you been yet? My partner went down there and bought 16 mannequins for the price of two (he works at a vintage market—we don't, like, keep them at the house). There are cheap-ass beds. Discount panties. They're selling everything! I got one of those big metal rolling racks that they use for clothes—I got it for free!!—and we put it in our bedroom. We're putting plants on it.

The Ballard P-Patch is here to stay: I'd like to say what the first commenter on this article wrote, which is that "rich white NIMBYS" are just "keeping housing from being built." But I'd be worried about people responding to me like this second commenter, who wrote "your [sic] a moron." So I'll just say this: The Ballard P-Patch is here to stay, for a $1.95 million dollar price tag that must be paid off in two years. The Save Ballard P-Patch campaign has raised over $100,000, which is... sort of getting there... and they're looking for a King County Futures Tax grant to make up a good amount of the other funding. That grant is "earmarked for the purchase of open lands, typically in rural areas," and it's ridiculous that we'd use that for an exclusive P-Patch.

I didn't want to click this but if you want to go ahead: Woman's mutilated body found near Yakima train tracks

The Washington Senate has passed a bill to end the death sentence: The bill now heads to the House. "Gov. Jay Inslee has said he will sign it if it makes it to his desk," writes the Associated Press. "New Democratic House Speaker Laurie Jinkins has said she personally supports the bill but that the caucus has not yet discussed it."

There was a lot of discussion yesterday about how Amazon had reached 798,000 employees worldwide: But what about their favorite competitor, Microsoft? For the first time ever, Microsoft’s employee count has passed 150,000 people. And how about the other tech giants filling up "Cloud City" (formerly known as South Lake Union)? Google finished last quarter with a little over 114,000 people worldwide, and Facebook has a headcount at 44,942 globally.

Netflix's The Queen has announced its fifth and final season: They had originally planned on creating a sixth season that would follow Queen Elizabeth II to the present moment (which would have presumably included the "Megxit" drama), but that plan looks like it's scrapped. The show will now end on a fifth season, with Oscar nominee Imelda Staunton cast to play the queen. The show has lept forward in time, with Claire Foy playing the queen in season one and two and Olivia Colman playing the queen in season three and four.

Anyways, the most important news of today: I was on KUOW's Week in Review with Bill Radke, Civic Cocktail host Joni Balter, and Crosscut editor-at-large Knute Berger. I got to say "behoove" AND "bitch pigeons." Listen here.