Slog AM: Washington State Ferry Sells for $200K on eBay, Chiefs Win Super Bowl, Six Shot on Greyhound Bus



So, the news of the arrest of two mass shooting suspects, who committed the crime a mere week ago, is trailing stories about checks notes a ferry boat sold on eBay, how white Vashon Island is, and the fucking rain.

Bang-up job, Nathalie.


@2 You should be grateful The Stranger provides you with any opportunity at all to stoke your fear of the darkies. Nathalie could have chosen to omit the story entirely-- that's what it means to live in a country with a free press, you know. And really, you can hardly blame a rational agent for producing output that matches its market demand, can you?


"After today, really on four could conceivably have a shot at becoming the nominee."

Biden, Warren, Bernie aaaaaand..... Mayor Pete I guess? Or maybe Mayor Mike? Pretty sure it'll be down to three, if it's not already.


I expect better reporting on the fact that Verizon's "first responders" ad was a blatant whitewashing attempt after getting caught throttling firefighters data plans while they were out fighting California wildfires last year. If I were Chief Best, I'd be pissed that they were using my image for it.


So we’re back to calling that a mass shooting but now people are mad because the blurb about the arrest isn’t listed higher in the morning news?

2, Did you not get the memo about jay z and beyonce sitting for the national anthem? You don’t have to make up your own bullshit to be mad at today, or ever really.


@6: Your Mother was on the pill, your Dad used a condom.

Your life could not have happened.


People get murdered every day so why even criminalize it. People still speed so why have speed limits. People cheat on their taxes so why do we need the irs, etc, for every law ever written.

It’s a known fact that if any rules or laws are broken they actually do not change behavior at all. Rules must be 100% effective at all times to have any effect. At least this is what i understand from reading blog comments from stupid people who think they’re clever.


@9: They would have been safe, but somebody broke the rules. Work that into your twisted logic.


12, stupid people who are also stoners say that, yes


@3 @7 You two are the ones who brought up POCs. Why on Earth would you bring that up when a violent crime is mentioned?


16 what. I brought up the conservative media panic of the day bc someone in the slog comments invented something even more idiotic to be fake angry about.

But yes, conservative outrage tends to center around the actions of POC, very astute observation. You guys are really knocking it out of the park this morning.


Fewer guns means fewer opportunities for people to get shot. When fewer people are shot, they are safer. Look at the gun death rates correlated by gun ownership rates sometime and prepare to have your mind blown. Just do it on your own time pls


@18: But a private citizen did have a gun on the bus, and they're being armed certainly didn't make any of the passengers safer....


Oh but if more people on the bus had guns the ensuing shootout would have made everyone trapped in a small enclosed space much safer because guns actually cancel each other out the more of them there are


Nice Super Bowl.
Richard Sherman is the toast of Kansas today....


@23 nah you've just assembled a list of tilted goal posts and are calling yourself a straight shooter (see what I did there?)

and if you're a higher ed hater and Harvard is fake news to you then here's RAND. The RAND analysts I know are A) conservatives, and B) unblinking fact-dork like you claim to be. Take a lesson on checking your bias?


Summing up constitution fetishism: “If it works against us than it’s un. If we can get away with it then it is.”


I have to say, did not expect to see Jennifer Lopez sliding across the stage on her knees, showin' lip and rubbing her crotch last night. But here we are. Shakira does a pretty damn good turkey call as well.

Seeing a lot of people shocked at how well those two women move for the ages of 45-50. Just takes regular exercise people. Run, lift, stretch. Any average person could do the same, you just have to exercise your body instead of being sedentary. Best time to start was a couple decades ago, but the second best time is right now.


"The people shot were clearly safer, by following Greyhounds rules for riding."

Yes. Because the lesson about a shooting on a god damned bus is there should have been MORE guns on that bus.

You are a fucking idiot. In fact it's becoming increasingly clear that you don't even know the first thing about firearms usage. In anything other than the purely fantasy sense.


@23 The rate of deaths involving firearms in the US (~12 per 100k) is four times higher than those of the developed nations that come closest (Finland and Switzerland, each ~3 per 100k) which, as it happens, have about 1/5 to 1/4 of the US the gun ownership per capita.

Firearm ownership rates might not correlate well with overall death rates, but they sure as shit correlate well with firearm-related death rates.

And I can't take an argument seriously from someone who claims the US suicide rate has been flat over the past ~20 years, when the data so clearly show a sharp increase:


I have a funny feeling that facts2 has never even held a gun, let alone fired one.

When I was a small child I was taught firearm safety by my parents.
I was taught that firearms are a dangerous tool, and that they needed to be handled with respect.

I was also taught to respect other people's property.
The rules about bringing weapons on the bus were posted by the owners of the bus.
For some reason facts2 thinks that his(?) rights outweigh the rights of the bus owner, once again proving that he is nothing more than and entitled moron.


@1 I wonder how many voters he lost from the good state Missouri?

Since, you know, Trump being such a man of the people — and as stupid a pile of shit as you — didn't know where the Kansas City Chiefs were from, nor the difference between Kansas City Missouri or Kansas City Kansas.


@27 Normal people with healthy levels of exercise don't look like comic-book characters, and can't spend anywhere near the amount of time and money that J Lo and Shakira spent preparing their bodies for the halftime show.

God damn, Teddy, but you are in for a whole world of self-loathing when age inevitably lays claim to that body-image based sense of superiority you're compulsively whipping out at even the most dubious opportunity.


@33 Don't worry. He's an angry fatty and a shut-in whose fragile self image is entirely based on self delusion.


@33 Nah, he's not fat, I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt there.

But he does come across a lot like someone who's lost a substantial amount of weight in the past year or three, and is emotionally in a place where's he's feeling both triumphant and anxious about it at the same time.

I'm picturing a guy who's in good shape but wears clothes that are a little too young for him, and doesn't realize he's boring his dinner companions when he goes into detail about his exercise program.


@1, I remember the look of shock on republicans faces when Mitt Romney lost to Obama in 2012, and it's going to be even more delicious when Trump loses to Sanders. Tears of conservafascists are sweeter than honey.


@36: Perhaps, but tears of liberals leave stains that never wash away.


@37 Well of course the stains will never wash away, once you've decided you'll never do your laundry ever again.

But I suppose "stuck in the past" is just another way to say "conservative," isn't it?


I'll be the last person to defend trump on anything. However, Kansas City metro encompasses parts of Kansas. There are suburbs, like Overland Park. If he were a gracious person with humility, he simply would've acknowledged his error and said the States of Missouri and Kansas. Instead he just continues to be a lying, morally and intellectually bankrupt lech.


@38 Correlations are often nonlinear even in the hard sciences (just ask an astrophysicist). Hell, some correlations aren't even continuous, never mind linear-- any number of natural phenomena from geology to ecology to chemistry involve causal relationships that result in punctuated equilibria of one sort or another, but are nonetheless clearly observable in the data.

Noting the nonlinearity of a data relation most certainly does not make it go away.

I'm a bit curious as to what's "fallacious" about comparing firearm death rates to firearm ownership, while for some unstated reason comparing death rates from all causes to firearm ownership doesn't deserve that label.



" I am just saying the policy is misguided and not evidence-based as are such laws that restrict the law abiding in the hope that it will reduce the unlawful use of the guns by the non-law abiding."

Laws are not written with the intent of curbing unlawful activities by criminals.
Laws are written with the intent of punishing criminals more severely when they are caught.

Laws are also written with the intent of protecting law-abiding citizens from their own negative behaviors.
A great example of this are seat belt laws. Many law-abiding citizens would not wear a seatbelt if they were not compelled to do so by law.
Those citizens are now protected by seatbelts, and they would not be if the law did not exist.
Criminals will continue to drive without wearing seatbelts, but when they are caught they will be more severely punished.

A criminal incarcerated for violating Firearms law is unable to shoot you, therefore gun laws work to reduce gun violence.


It’s funny that people think attaching the name Harvard to a publication means it’s above criticism, but if one “harvard” study shows more guns means fewer shootings then this link with six harvard studies showing the opposite is therefore six times more true, in addition to being logically sound


@33- That's why they're entertainers. They are particularly good at staying in shape and keeping up their talents, including their dance moves. "Normal people" can't put the same amount of time, money, and especially talent that J Lo and Shakira do into learning to sing, either. That's why no one wants to hear "normal people" sing. Because they generally suck.

Same for dancing. No one wants to spend time watching a bunch of "normal people" fumble around on the stage at halftime. And think about movies. Do you really want to see a "normal guy" with a beer gut and a receding hairline in the next role that Brad Pitt would have gotten? Didn't think so.

Or, if you want to get all intellectual about it rather than looking at physical attributes/talents, I'd argue that no one wants to read novels written by "normal people" or listen to music composed by Beethoven's "normal" but slightly less talented neighbor.

We don't all have the same talents, and bashing people for using what they have is ridiculous. BTW, I don't quite see where you get the "comic book character" idea for those two. They're not really fitter than a lot of the people you see walking down the street in LA or San Diego.


Rush Limbaugh announced today that he has advanced lung cancer. He is scheduled to die before the end of this year.


@45 I think you meant to @27 there-- Teddy's the one comparing J Lo and Shakira to women in their 40s who are healthy and active, but don't spend 4 to 8 hours a day in rehearsal or at the gym, with a full-time personal staff of coaches, cooks, stylists, trainers, and other servants to take care of various other aspects of life that ordinary people have to handle themselves.

My goodness, the physical ability of these performers, and the time and money they put into it, is anything but normal. That's precisely my point.


47 the surgeons deserve at least honorable mention



Correction . . . The Senates impeachment decision will not come on Wednesday. The decision was made by Senate Republicans before the Senate received the articles of impeachment.

Anybody out there betting Trump won't be acquitted?


@44 I'm from Indiana and I have that problem as well. No one knows where the midwestern states are, but then again does it really matter?! They're all kinda the same place.


Thoughts and prayers, Rush.



Should we start a betting pool?


Biker McBike Face dear, maybe it's just that you know a lot of dumb people?

I'm sure that there are people out there who do not realize that Kansas City, Missouri is one of the two major cities in Missouri. Just as I know that there are people who confuse Iowa with Ohio. But none of those people are President of The United States.

The University of Pennsylvania/Wharton must be a dreadful school. They'll give anyone a degree if they have the dollars.


@38 you're willfully hiding from the simple, straightforward finding that in the USA people with guns are significantly more likely to kill themselves than people without guns, and that there's no reasonable casual factor other than guns are great at ending your life on impulse. The impulse distributes evenly across all Americans; the only difference is the guns.

What you're doing is clearly data mining, harder than a neuropsychologist with 5 minutes of FMRI time left and no grants on the horizon. You're lining up the voxels just so, and the dead salmon suddenly has an opinion about guns being harmless freedom sticks. Tedious!


@50 - Trump himself might be dumb enough to take that bet.


"Having lived in Kansas City I can say that the mass majority of people here in Seattle mess that up."

You know some very stupid people. Because I know NO ONE here in the city of Seattle that doesn't know the difference. Nobody.

I mean come the fuck on. This is America's sport we're talking about. The god damned SUPER BOWL!

People who follow god damned football don't mess up where the Kansas City Chiefs are from. And people who watched the fucking Super Bowl and how it was repeatedly mentioned every ten seconds where the teams was from wouldn't mess it up.

And certainly the fucking PRESIDENT of all fifty states of fucking America who supposed had a degree from Wharton shouldn't fuck that up.

But of course he didn't watch the game. Trump was too busy on Twitter hurling unbalanced insults at black teenagers. Trump doesn't follow anything as pedestrian as football. He's about as average "American" as Almas beluga caviar.

I'm trying to imagine Obama fucking something up that basically American. And you now he wouldn't (He wore a tan suit and saluted with a latte once. And you would thought the world ended on Fox News).

But Trump doesn't even know where the winners of the fucking Super Bowl is from... and...

...oh, christ... why bother. His followers and trolls are every bit as stupid as shit as he is. That's why you love him.


Don't take Rush Limbaugh's or a right-winger's advice on health. Or anything.

Rush on smoking cigars:
"Yeah, I smoke cigars, but I don’t inhale the cigars. You don’t inhale those. William F. Buckley inhaled his cigars. I kid you not. That was a real man. Mr. Buckley inhaled his cigars. Now, he didn’t smoke ’em all the time, but he was very proud of it. He’d blow smoke rings. He’d exhale smoke. He loved them.
But he inhaled the things.
I’ve never done that."

Rush on second hand smoke:
"CALLER: If you’re in an environment where somebody smokes, you can get secondhand disease from —
CALLER: — secondhand smoke.
RUSH: No. You can’t. That is a myth. That has been disproven at the World Health Organization and the report was suppressed. There is no fatality whatsoever. There’s no even major sickness component associated with secondhand smoke. It may irritate you, and you may not like it, but it will not make you sick, and it will not kill you."

Rush on nicotine:
“There is no conclusive proof that nicotine’s addictive... And the same thing with cigarettes causing emphysema, lung cancer, heart disease.”

Rush on Michael J Fox having parkinsons disease:
"He is exaggerating the effects of the disease. He's moving all around and shaking and it's purely an act... This is really shameless of Michael J. Fox. Either he didn't take his medication or he's acting."

Rush on global warming:
“If you believe in God, then intellectually you cannot believe in man-made global warming."

Rush on global warming 2:
"Global warming relies on the theory that we are destroying ecosystems. There is no evidence that we could destroy ecosystems."

Rush on global warming 3:
"For years I’ve pointed out that global warming is bogus."

Rush on feeding poor children in public school:
“If you feed them, if you feed the children, three square meals a day during the school year, how can you expect them to feed themselves in the summer? Wanton little waifs and serfs dependent on the State. Pure and simple.”

Rush on exercise:
“Exercise freaks … are the ones putting stress on the health care system.”


Thots and preyers
1 prey = 1 soldure


If you are in KSMO I strongly suggest you visit Records with Merritt.


@33: The fact that you think trim people who are flexible are basically "comic book characters" is a real shame. You should go out into the world more.

I am sorry you are so insecure, but no one can work on you but you. Being angry online is not going to help you.


@66 That's pretty rich coming from the guy who brought the topic up with a comment scolding people for their exercise habits, without any provocation whatsoever.

But sure, let's pretend I'M the one who's angry online here.

Tell us, when did you start your program to lose all that weight, Teddy, and how long have you kept it off? Did you use keto, by any chance? Are you still ordering burgers without the buns, or have you transitioned to a more balanced maintenance plan?