Washington Is Closer Than Ever Before to Legalizing Homegrown Pot



Yes, but are they advertising recreational tourism like BC does for Nelson BC (which, by the way, just got their first all-electric fast recharge station)?


Don't count on that coward Jamie Petersen in District 43 to support this. Last year I wrote to her about the same legislation and this was her response:

Thanks for your message and for sharing your support for permitting the home growing of cannabis. The difference, of course, between cannabis and beer is that the former is still an illegal drug under federal law. Washington's initiative struck a careful balance in legalizing cannabis, and the willingness of the Justice Department rests on the tight control that our state exercises over production and distribution. Until we have a change in federal law (or at least the current, dreadful administration), I would be reluctant to support such a change.
Best wishes, Jamie

Good thing she wasn't around in the civil right era - blacks would still be at the back of the bus!


Sorry. Him, not Her. Still a coward, no matter the gender. Or the sexual orientation.


And don't forget: The Stranger endorsed the cowardly Petersen. Maybe ask him about this next election cycle? Maybe endorse someone else?


It’s not quite the same, is it?

I mean, Black people were harassed for having been born. That’s a bit different than harassing people for engaging in an entirely avoidable action like smoking pot.

You remind me of the people who compare getting a speeding ticket to the Holocaust. To you, it’s just dramatic hyperbole, no big deal, maybe a little colorful in your language, but aside from that, ok. To actual Jewish people whose relatives were murdered en masse, it’s an insult to compare that to a speeding ticket. And to actual Black people who to this day have to deal with institutionalized racism, comparing that ordeal to being told you have to actually get your fat ass off the couch and walk the quarter of a mile to the nearest head shop to buy pot is really fucking rude.

I mean, do you really think not being able to grow your own is as bad as getting shot to death by the cops just because the neighbor freaked out and saw you walk into the apartment you’re paying rent on and called 911? Is it really the same thing as being denied the right to vote, or not being able to get a job or getting your skull bashed in during a routine traffic stop?

Hey, listen, I know you think growing dreadlocks and refusing to bathe means you’re now an oppressed minority, but shut the fuck up.


@5 - Bran muffins could probably help you unload what's bothering you. Or not hanging out with idiotic people who compare getting a speeding ticket to the Holocaust.

The decision to legalize recreational cannabis while keeping home grows illegal is just one of many mind boggling, infuriatingly absurd decisions this state routinely makes. It's why Twin Peaks fit so well here, Washington state is filled with weirdos making weird decisions for all of us.



Is it as bad as Jim Crow?


Text HOMEGROW to 52886 to send an email to your legislators. There is a form email there, but please edit it into your own words. .