Our Students Need a Cap on Extreme Rent Increases



This country does not give a shit about anyone who can't afford (insert what can't be afforded here). This country worships the wealthy and is far too busy giving people like Jeff Bezos blow jobs to give a fuck about homeless kids, hungry kids, sick kids, abused kids, or dead kids. It's all about FREE DUMB. This country has so much FREE DUMB and it will NOT be told in any way, shape, or form that it cannot have all the FREE DUMB it wants!!!


To fix this we'd actually have to completely reshape our land use and real estate policies on a municipal/local and state level.

Oh, and actually fucking fund HUD and make them useful again. But doing any of these things has become impossibly hard and how dare we wish for anything?


America doesn't care about the unlucky. At all.


When your standard for "homeless" includes sleeping at you auntie's house, pretty sure it ain`'t a problem.


There we go. Landlords are "greedy" and "slumlords". Hateful rhetoric is just that and it does not matter if your name is Trump or McCann.


Having to move does not equal being "homeless".