Slog PM: Amazon Invades Bellevue, Li Wenliang Is Dead, Mike Bloomberg Slings Dick's




@1: God bless Rush for strengthening our tough skins.


If past behaviour is any indication,
the Oxymoron'll most likely head South, after...

Pretty sure ol' Jesus'd have a Word or
two for ole Rush, on his way way down...

And today, our 'president' uses the same
foul tone/language the 0xymoron built his Riches on...

And Fake "prez" gives him the Medal of Freedom.
Oh, the fucking Irony.


The Democrats couldn’t organize a fuck in a brothel, or an election in Iowa, yet they want to run our healthcare system.

No thanks.


You deploy the best monikers: Hair Furor and the Oxymoron. Brill! These should go viral.


Re-viral, but thanks, spunky!


@quattro -- that's not what all them Olde Socialists on the
Medicare say, but who are them Codgers to judge
I ask you Mr. Rational-Let's-Hand-Insurance-
Top! Genius.

(Didja know trumpfy's middle name is Genius?
He just spells it with a 'J' to trick stupid people.)


@2: I'm sure that's what you said every time Rush gave cover to millions of his listeners for policies that treated you as a second-class citizen (or worse) by those in your own party.

@4: Yeah! Fuck 'em! Their healthcare plan is terrible! That Heritage Foundation wet dream, why, what a freedom-killing mess that's been! Not like the new republican healthcare plan, that would... um... what specifically is their plan, again?


@8: "The liberals can understand everything but people who don't understand them."

-- Lenny Bruce


4 thinks that getting better health outcomes, and scoring higher on basic health indices -while paying a fraction of the costs is some sort of fake newz spread by people in the rest of the industrialized world.


Bloomberg has spent a lot of money and energy on mayors, so he has a lot of mayors who owe him. Same reason he’s getting hype from CA mayors.


Holy shit, that's Issaquah?! God, and North Bend was trapped under Snowmageddon last year. Climate change is real, folks, no matter what Trumpty Dumpty and its climate change deniers wanna tell ya.


@10 No, @4 lived under socialized healthcare and remembers the rationing, wait lists, out of date technology, lack of specialists and general horrors of the whole system.


re Iowa - nobody thinks the delegate apportionment is going to change, do they? What does it even men to "win" a caucus? By the time they figure out who got the most votes, we'll be on the other side of New Hampshire and nobody, least of all those goofballs on cable news, will care.

Its all so silly. The entire haul of Iowa delegates represents around 1% of the total delegates required to clinch the nomination.


@12: Seasonal flooding is also real. Take your pick.


4 probably believed trump when he said he was going to give everyone great health care and had his head up his ass when republicans tried to push through a plan that would cause 20 million people to lose their insurance


13, it sounds like you haven't dealt with your specialist not being included or been denied coverage under the great capitalist American health care system yet.


Li Wenliang: a tragic loss, via the coronavirus he courageously warned us about. Here's to free speech and honesty, two ever-endangered species.


And anybody who argues against nationalized health care by invoking the DMV has never actually dealt with an insurance company. Not only is it a ghastly ordeal, but the industry duplicates the entire ramshackle bureaucracy once for each company.


It’s always funny when people trash “socialized medicine” in other countries when the most popular health insurance providers in our country are run by the government. It’s always a dystopian hellscape in some other nameless country though.


Raindrop is hilarious. Seriously, never stop dude.


Healthcare costs in the US skyrocket between 1960 and 2010(ish) 818%. Coinciding with a DERGULATORY trend.

Outcomes in the US did not improve by an appreciable rate even close to that. Though of course due to technology they did improve.

Nothing even close to this inflation happened in the other OECD nations.BUt their outcomes improved significantly.

In fact the US is the only major democratic OECD nation to see a lowering of life expectancy.

And in fact there is no substantive research showing that socialized healthcare leads to drastic waits or rationing that effects care in any statically appreciable way.

Socialized care improves preventative care substantially because people can seek care before issues become acute or chronic.

Here is link to a discussion with all the appropriate studs, cites and links with the data.


Tech people know that it's really a choice between Sanders and Warren, and we CAN have both.


Just what we needed, the reintroduction of junk food at the behest of some random celebrity. I bet she just collects them too, or maybe sniffs them.


@15: Excessive seasonal flooding IS from climate change, sugarlips. I'd hate to see your triglyceride level.
@16 blip for the WIN.
@21 JMS: If you think severe weather conditions caused by manmade over-consumption of fossil fuels is hilarious, you're part of the problem, dude.
@24 Will in Seattle: They should run together for the Democratic ticket.


@26: It depends on what the meaning of the word "is" is.


@27: You may want to check the chemical content of your breakfast cereal, sugarlips.


@28: Cereal? I have nails for breakfast.


@29: At least your diet is rich in minerals, sugarlips.


@30 -- toe and finger, I think, auntie Gee
I'm guessing it's all about the Gelatin.