Heads Up: All Downtown Light Rail Suspended This Weekend



A minor inconvenience for progress.


Sound Transit needs to move expeditiously. If the recent Tim Eyman initiative proves anything, it’s that voters will cut the legs out from underneath mass transit unless they experience direct personal benefit from it. The majority of voters will not ride the busses, but they will ride the trains once they’re installed. To win sustainable popular support, the Link has to connect the major population centers of this state to the greatest degree possible as quickly as possible.

Once Tacomans have a safe, fast, clean way to make the Seattle commute, they will be less likely to vote down future funding mechanisms. The same is true for Eastside residents, and SnoCo voters.

Delays and promises of someday aren’t going to work. We need to put trains everywhere, and we need them to go there now.



Live it.

Love it.

Use it.


A real north-westerner does not use a bumbershoot


Wandering Star dear, are you advocating for less stringent safety regulations and more draconian land takings? Because that is the only way Sound Transit can move more expeditiously.


My SUV with heated leather seats.

Live it.

Love it.

Use it.