A "Gimmick-Free" XFL Starts on Saturday



We've got two professional football teams, but no men's basketball team. That's fucked up.


• No time out for injuries, injured players will tended to by XFL "Corpsman" who are escorted by two special teams member who can provide the necessary blocking during evacuation of said injured player

• One player one each team is allowed to wear the uniform of the opposite team

• During open-field touchdown runs, a college tuba player will be released onto the field to be hilariously knocked over


This sounds interesting... cheap (relatively) tickets, fast-paced, lots of action.
With a season that overlaps with the NHL... Seattle might have a tough time supporting both.


The rule changes make no sense. On kick offs there will be one guy receiving the ball and both teams will be lined up together at the other end? Will both teams attempt to tackle of ball returner or are they just going to fight it out while he returns the kick?


Pros are beginning to leaving the NFL in their Prime 'cause they feel they cannot afford the ginormous Toll football takes on their most-finite body/brains ...

And while MacMahan's XFL sounds like it's gonna dole out the Pain in very Heavy Doses, will there be a well-Funded Fund for that?

Not to worry - it's Corporate America, at it's Finest:

We the People are gonna foot the Bill;
and it's gonna be a Whopper!

Look -- you're either Pro Socialism
[for the Wealthy!]
or you're not.


"If a team ties, each one gets five alternating attempts to score from the 5-yard line"

engles por favor.


Seattle Lost!
Is it the End of the World?!


[no limbs/bodycount given].