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Not only have I viewed "Chocolat" (It was outstanding BTW), I've been to the locale in the Republic of Cameroon where I served in the Peace Corps in the 90s. Indeed, it is Mindif, Far North Province, Cameroon. The large unusual looking monolith in the background is called the "tooth of Mindif". It's a really cool place. I served not too far from there, about 90 kilometers.


This column rocks. I’m going to rent 2 of these moves right now!


Saw Wild at Heart back in the day in a theater and it is deservedly unstreamable.

A pile of uninteresting, boring surrealist (but not in a good way) silly flapdoodle.

Over-acted, underscripted and god knows what can be said about the direction.

Mind you, I've otherwise been a Lynch fan since Eraserhead, but this drivel was almost impossible to follow or watch in a theater.

Maybe it might work on DVD, but I doubt it, highly.


4: It's the least of Lynch's work, but it's a great piece of trash (in the best possible sense of the word) if you just go with it.


Love this column. I routinely download --err, "rent" some of the odder films on here. Downloading Chocolat now. It's 1988 though, not 1989. Small detail, but come on now!

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