Timmy Failure Does Illegal Things and Should Probably Be In Prison



Also, keeping a large amphibious mammalian predator around in city limits: that ain't legal neither.


He never actually ceashs a car into anyone home that what just what he though about doing, at what if situation. He actualy put the car in reverse after the women told him to move the vehicle and he hit a phone pole which put a dent in the bumper. Which since he is 10, he probably didn't get in trouble for. As for the bank thing, a security guard is not a law enforcement officer nor would a 10 year old get in trouble for wearing a mask in a bank. Even if it was a crime it a private bank so i doubt the owner, a girl in him class's father would charge him. The dam thing is the is definitely a crime by again he is 10 go they may have only given him a warning or a fine, he did get suspended for that. Trespassing at the zoo is also a crime but he was never caught and even if he was he is 10 so he probably would only hget a fine if that. FYI they don't send 10 year olds to jail for victimless crimes and the tend to avoid sending them to juvie as well, especially in suburbia.