This win only proves how racist America and Hollywood are.


@1 You mean in that it took so long?


@1 Fuck you douchebag it was a great fucking movie by far the best of the year other than 2 close 2nd. So because they chose the Asian movie instead of the Tarantino (when's the last that white man won? Oh right never) and didn't choose 1917 which is cool if you're a dude and want to watch Saving Private Ryan on repeat until your 80, then it was a fucking shoe-in.
I wish Disney had cast a white girl as Mulan just to fuck with you


@3 I think he was concern trolling.


With 4 of the top Oscars, writing, directing, and two Best Pictures, it pulls the rug away from the lack of inclusion complaints of the nominations.


@5 But but but ... America is racist!



Quentin Tarantino has two best screenplay Oscars.

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