Slog PM: Precious Bonsai Taken From Federal Way Museum, Charges Filed Against Sawant and Tax Amazon, Meet the "Reaper of Death"



Resist demoralization sold at every corner by Facebook and the MSM. Have faith in the truth, which is ageless and only to be discovered, to prevail, with time and investigation. Seek the past for guidance through the nebulous present and still preservable future.




"Former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr., the fourth-place finisher, is trying to re-energize his campaign."

Thee best place for grandpappy uncle Joe's flock to be Re-energized'd be a visit to one of Bernie's Campaign get-togethers; the Energy level is palpable and highly-contagious. Joe could lead them all in push-ups and then hugging, after. Did he cuss anybody else out, today?

But Tearing up Senator Sanders' Healthcare ideas was beneath even him.
Fuck Biden.

"I Iike to think that if we went under* [what, to Hades?]
the Slog commenters would visit our grave daily
to continue fighting with each other."

A urinal might come in handy.
But. Nah.

Pocket nukes
n' drones.

Go Spaceforce.



@1 - it won't be that big an increase, but there will surely be one. The bigger effect will probably be that landlords are less willing to rent at the low end of the market. That is where you are way more likely to run into people who can't/won't pay the rent. Getting into a higher $$ demographic is a great way to protect yourself from this kind of law. If I owned some cheap apartments, I'd be remodeling like mad and trying to get them into shape to rent at a higher rate. That of course would not work all the time, but in this market, if you had a kind of crappy 1 bedroom that rented for, say, $900, you could probably modernize and start asking more like $1100 or $1200 provided that the neighborhood was not terrible. This will make it even harder for the poor to find housing.


When has Sawant done anything that didn't cost the taxpayers money?


The Democratic nomination could realistically come down to a 78 year old Social Dem with a bad ticker and a 77 year old billionaire from NYC. The only good news in this bizarro scenario is that either of them, if they make it to the finish line, can beat Donald Trump (who will be 74 by then).

I shouldn't throw ageist stones because one may hit me, but c'mon man...


@5: Yes, we know you're for Bernie. But not everyone else is or should be.


Bernie may be old, but he discovered the Fountain of Youth. Careful, kids are learning to vote on their smartphones. It's only a matter of time before we got drones barking curfews with tasers and dog biscuits. Once we manage to update our information assurance tech and get Facebook or the next benevolent app based on solving a problem instead of making false profits, then we might be able to use tech in like some Andrew Yang transcendent way with MATH and shit to ensure we don't have our fucking chinese motherboard insidiously uploading all our tech and patent and consumer data to the Chinese and world military while we let the wolf at the door in with trump blowing the house down and scaring everybody else into compliance. They are all only supplicating because his outrage brigade of psychotic campaigned out MAGA abuse passers are channeling those emotions into their communities and societies and children and schools. It has to be stopped from the people and constrained by responsible adult behavior, unfortunately kids are stepping up where adults are letting go of their obligations. This will not stand, so vote for the fucking adult in the room and think about what he is saying, then make it your own. That is what America is about, not this shitty fucking Survivor reality tv mentality where we vote people off and say fuck you while peeing in on them Big Brother style. This is all kinds of fucked up sick voyeurism passing as altruism, like that perv Narc Chucklefuck who was shallow asshat fuck who just wanted to see who was single and a local That shit isn't revoluationary, it's just primal. Now they are unlocking FACEBOOK DATING, welcome a sexual predator near you! All the stalking of Facebook, none of the privacy or security. Great! If you afford it, why now? Piss on the bed! Hang out with child molesters! Pay off pornstars! Smear an abassador and a purple heart veteran and 9/10 people in your own canned cabinet! It's okay, it's all good, it's all like that yellow dog drinking coffee in the room on fire. No problem, deregulate our nukes! Now excuse me, but step the fuck up you pansies and stop being a bunch of down in the dumps whimps and bitches I mean the fucking sun came out today so be worthy of its rays. Son of a BITCH!

Bernie 2020 you mothersuckers.


@11 -- Well, you've Convinced me.

GO, Bernie!


@9. Yes.
They Should be.

14 fuckin


Here's the G rated, wholesome version of why you should vote for Bernie Sandahs


Garb Garblar is a garbled version of kristofarian who can handle three syllable words, but not paragraphs.


That's right, say my name. And lean to parse, parsley brain.


If you vote for Bernie Sanders, then Trump will win. Don't want Trump to win? Don't vote for Bernie Sanders.


@18 I know you are good at recursion and loops, but your arguments should not also be circular.


@18 -- Thought you said it was Biden or Bust
§Does this mean it's Over?
§That should save us some Time... .
§§§Honorable mention to @16!§§§


'Parsley brain'?
gonna make 'em Boastful,
Well played.



Regards, bredren star.
Careful, CNN will lob us in with the other apocryphal Bernie Bro Abuse.


@16 It's a protest against excessive white space.


@17: Paragraph breaks are common courtesy if you expect readers to parse your babble.



By popular demand;

Paragraphs will be hotfixed in the next firmware update.

And lo, the heavens parted...


@18 -- and here's how trumpfy's gonna do it:

From tomorrow's NYT: "Trump’s $4.8 Trillion Budget Plan
Cuts Safety Net Programs and Increases Defense

President Trump’s proposal includes cuts to affordable housing programs, food stamps and Medicaid. Student loan assistance would also be reduced."

He's gonna Starve the Electorate.
Brilliant. And all the Haters can Rejoice.


I see the propertarian lobby is out in full force with its bullshit and hyperbole again.

Like ventriloquists' dummies, they'll say anything their puppeteers put in their mouths.

Come to think of it- since we're on the topic, Buttigeig actually looks rather spookily like a ventriloquists dummy. He really does.


Joe Biden should have been dumped as VP as is the tradition: a freshman president like FDR or JFK picks a veteran machinist like Jack Garner or LBJ to get things in hand in the first term, then spends the second term grooming an up-and-comer as a successor (albeit Henry Wallace turned out to be too radical and JFK was killed just as he was considering replacing LBJ with RFK.) Biden's time was passed after 1988, when he was among Gary Hart, Dick Gephardt, Mike Dukakis and all the others with the same blow-dried JFK hairdos. Now he's just embarrassing himself while alienating the pony soldier vote.


Garb and kristofarian
plugging for Bernie
we will get free health care now


@27 - The right-dominate brained will find out for themselves in due time. However, I'm sure they'll never be able to trace back the effect to its true cause.


Wait @1 don't rental costs adhere to the laws of supply and demand? Have Seattle's landlords as a group really held back on taking their full profits to the extent they'll be able to raise rents on average 33%? I'm not down with the blanket eviction ban, but sorry, I don't buy that bullshit for second.


@30 "right-dominate brained" as a catch-all for a certain general cognitive preference/training right? You are aware that theories about hemispheric dominance are debunked bad science/pop science horseshit? ...


@23 You only get one crack at a witty comeback.


@31: You are correct that rents are determined by supply and demand. I'm a small-time landlord and I price my properties based on what comparables are charging, and how long it takes me to fill a vacancy.

That said, the 'No Eviction' period (which I like to call the 'Rent Holiday'), is a definite factor in setting of rents, as it increases the landlord's exposure dramatically. It's harder to factor in because your exposure depends on a number of factors, including:

1) Are your properties low-income (increased chance of your tenant being a deadbeat)?
2) How many properties do you own (helps you absorb the losses from a nonperforming property).

A definable cost like increases in taxes or utilities can be readily factored in, but this is a wild card. However there definitely WILL be increases, and landlords will be more skittish about renting to people with lower FICO scores.

It will be interesting to see the media response when we see the first small-time landlord get foreclosed because their deadbeat tenant decided to 'game the system' and not pay rent for eight months (yes, I know: Sawant's 'Jubilee' is for 5 months, but since the Eviction Process can take up to three months, a deadbeat can theoretically start stiffing the landlord in August, and live rent-free until they move out in April).

It looks like the Council has taken November's results as a mandate, and has become very aggressive with their SJW agenda. Between meaningless exercises in virtue-signaling (the India vote), moves to radically expand vagrant camps, and this eviction ban, they're really doubling down on the stupid.

Will 'woke' Seattle finally get its Bullshit Meter maxed out? Stay tuned.

@27: 'Propertarians'; good one. You probably think every landlord looks like Milburn Pennybags (the guy on the Monopoly game).


@11 -- "then we might be able to use tech in like some Andrew Yang transcendent way with MATH ..."

Why do people just assume that Yang made his money on tech or his somehow exceptional at math? Oh yeah, he's Asian. Fucking racists. How hard is it to read Wikipedia, idiots.


@35 - your analysis is spot-on. The First-in-Time and no criminal record check laws are already huge incentives to raise your qualifying standards (including credit scores) and this is an even better reason. Everything the Council is doing will hurt poor tenants.

And to our Oh-So-Clever name calling @27 - how about i tell your boss that you can't legally quit if he/she decides not to pay you through the difficult Jan-April runup to tax filing time?


@36. I mean, the man wears a MATH pin and talks about investing in science and tech to solve today and tomorrow's problems. If you extrapolated racism from that, I regret misleading you and would question your familiarity with Yang beyond a few stereotypes.


Yang frequently jokes about Asian stereotypes because he is apparently, literally “good at math”. I’m sure he does this to give people permission to join in the “joke”, or perhaps more cynically for him to use the racism of a “positive” stereotype to his personal/political advantage. Good for him, perhaps, but probably not helping anyone else.


@35 My father was a small time landlord who got screwed ONCE. He was a nice guy and let some woman with a couple of kids and a sketchy background move in... she paid one month rent, then the BF moved in and it went to drugs. He spent months trying to get rid of her until a friend told him to give her $500 cash if she'd just leave. She was gone almost overnight. (Oh, and he called DCFS on her way out, yes.) He turned really really picky on who moved in and doubtless turned down many good people who lacked good credit reports, etc.

Sad about the Bonsais, but they need DAILY care? DAILY?