Slog PM: They Found Love in a Hopeless Place (an Amazon Fulfillment Center), Sanders Is Winning, Klobuchar Races Past Warren



The prosecutors overshot their Stone sentencing recommendations. Nine years was excessive.


Trump pardoning Stone :
Did anyone have even a scintilla of doubt this would happen?


@1 Nine years wasn't long enough. The founders would send these scum to the gallows.


What else might we expect -- trump's pardoning War Criminals who pose for pix with the deceased children they murdered.

3 -- In Japan, they'd eviscerate themselves.

Here, they're more likely to get trump's
(vaguely useless) medal of 'freedom.'

Didja hear, trump and his Special Chief Protector usag Bill Barr are gonna go after Vindman:

"President Donald Trump on Tuesday said the military will likely look at disciplinary action against Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, just days after the National Security Council official was ousted from the White House after giving damaging testimony during the House impeachment hearings.

One of Vindman's lawyers, David Pressman, said last Friday that his ouster from the NSC was clear political retribution for his role in the impeachment inquiry. 'There is no question in the mind of any American why this man’s job is over, why this country now has one less soldier serving it at the White House,' Pressman said in a statement shared with reporters.'

'The truth has cost LTC Alexander Vindman his job, his career, and his privacy,' Pressman said."

This fake failed so called reality teevee 'star' "president" is costing America her Dignity -- to say the least.

The Treasonous attacking the patriotic.
Thanks, FOX. Thanks Republicans.

Dump trump + Send
Moscow Mitch Packing
2020 or Bust


If you like ube, you should try halo-halo. It’s a summertime dessert, but so delicious it’s ok for winter.

Joe Biden thinks SC will redeem him. If he is wrong, and the state goes for Sanders instead, he will likely suspend his campaign then. I do not think Biden will drop out prior to an event of that nature happening.

As for Warren, it would be foolish to suspend her campaign before Super Tuesday.

Unfortunately, Amy Klobuchar is likely to see NH as a sign that she can be the centrist Wall Street is willing to back in this election. That will keep her in the race for some time, even if she does poorly in the upcoming elections.

Pete Buttigieg has every reason to hold on to the end. He’s punching far above his weight.

However, the nominee I’ll ultimately be Sanders. Both parties tend to nominate whoever’s turn it is, whoever came in second in the prior election cycle or was Veep to the incumbent or in there incumbent’s cabinet. Since the incumbent is a Republican, that means it’s Sanders’ turn. Everyone in Clinton’s orbit will oppose him because, if Sanders beats Trump in November, that’s tantamount to suggesting Sanders could have beat him in 2016, which will then make Hillary’s campaign look less like a romantic quixotic attempt and more like self indulgent narcissism.

A bunch of lesser also rans are headed for the door this month.


Updated 2m ago
47% reporting
Candidate Votes Pct.
Bernie Sanders 27,140 26.7%
Pete Buttigieg 24,031 23.6
Amy Klobuchar 20,260 19.9
Elizabeth Warren 9,802 9.6
Joseph R. Biden Jr 8,403 8.3
Tom Steyer 3,522 3.5
Tulsi Gabbard 3,076 3.0
Andrew Yang 2,924 2.9


And then there were . . . three?


So we're left with a bunch of white people, mostly white men, running for president as a Democrat. So much for progress. I am so fucking over this country. Liklihood that I'll be dead before Trump is forcibly removed from office: 50-50. FFS I hope he dies before I do. If I had actual ALS instead of it's less fatal variant, PLS, I'd have died when Obama was president and would have never had to live through this shit show.


We could see a Trump like delegate scenario with Sanders. He has a high floor and a low ceiling. The people that like him, love him. Everybody else is looking for anybody else. The moderates out vote the progressives 60/40 but if Sanders goes into the convention with a plurality of the delegates, you have to let the left wing crazies have their shot. A moderate majority in Congress would keep things from getting too silly.


A disgusting perversion of justice. Apparently the GOP only cares about due process through the appellate court system when they want a judge to unterpret why it is illegal for the white noise not to comply with Congressional subpoenas. I have seen enough of this joke. They do not have consent of the governed, only the megaphone.



“left wing crazies”? Excuse me?

If you wonder why everyone stayed home in November 2020 instead of voting for Hillary, you just answered your own question. Insulting the people you need to vote for you is a losing strategy.


@11 Ha. Tell that to the Bernie Bros...

I didn't say that I wouldn't vote for Sanders. Consider the alternative.


You don't know who Michael Bennet is!?! Black Santa!! Dude was a force on the seahawks defensive line for years!

Saw where Warren issued a statement acknowledging that both Bern & mayor Pete would be vastly preferable alternatives to Trump. Didn't mention JB. No idea what it means or how it'd play out, but I feel like a contested convention is increasingly seeming like the most likely scenario at this point. Oof.


My grandpa was a gad durned Lt. Col in the USAF, you don't smear a robust career of unfathomable service and sacrifice from those who have out everything on the line to be heckled and smeared in the mud to shield those who risk the least from any reckoning. That level of trauma scars one's DNA and is inherited by progeny, we must never forget the unfathomable human cost of the wars we ignore for another day to lay out by the pool with mezcal and micheladas in a hammock.


Between Buttigieg and Klobuchar (+ Biden) it's obvious the moderates have the lead.

But go ahead, nominate Eugene McCarthy Redux, because there's no way Nixon will win!


Bernie is and has always has been a monolith. Any basis of comparison is anachronistic.


Nominate Bernie Sanders and you elect Donald Trump.


@8: Way to go xina, I suppose there are ALS patients who would gladly trade your PLS and endure and endure the "shit show" for a less pain and suffering, greater mobility, and a better prognosis.

In fact, I know one.


@17 Maybe not. Of course the Republicans will spend every million screaming SOCIALIST!!! at the top of their lungs. And that's close enough to the truth to stick. Sanders is the Republican's dream candidate. But, all he has to do is win Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin. That could happen.


@18 I'll give up my PLS to anyone who wants it. Your fake outrage at my statement is laughable You have absolutely no idea what it is like to live with this disease. ALS kills you quickly. PLS kills you much, much slower. It takes everything from you, slowly, excruciatingly, and endlessly. Tell me again how fucking lucky i am.


If Bernie wins this (which I doubt), he better pick a great running mate. He's already had one heart attack. The likelihood of him surviving even a single term in office is low.


@20: Yeah, comparing suffering is always a no-win discussion, in health as well as in politics.


Do you BeLIIiiEEeeeVe in life after Trump?

Bernie 2020. Vote or die.


@2 pat L: I sure didn't.
@4 kristofarian for the WIN!
@8 & @20: I am so sorry to learn about your primary lateral sclerosis condition, xina! Sending big cyber hugs. I am hoping Trumpty Dumpty and its minions will be removed from the White Trash House--preferably by way of an industrial sized garbage bag---within my lifetime, too. Why are so many people in the U.S. so fucking chickenshit to vote an intelligent, capable, and well-qualified WOMAN to be President?


NYT calls it for Bernie:

"Bernie Sanders Wins New Hampshire Primary:

"The victory solidifies his place as a formidable contender to win the Democratic presidential nomination. Pete Buttigieg was set to finish second, and Amy Klobuchar third."

The Return of The Bern
GO Bernie!

And let's have some a' that
Horrific Healthcare Repubs
Delight in Denying
all of US.


“ It takes everything from you, slowly, excruciatingly, and endlessly. ”

Kind of like your attitude.


Return of the Bern (Oh my God!)
Return of the Bern


@19 -- Bernie does Not plan on losing those three
crucial States to the trumpster (again):
From the Capital Times:

"When Trump announced that he would hold a rally in Green Bay on Saturday, April 27, Sanders went to work. Green Bay is located near the Fox Valley, a historic manufacturing region of Wisconsin where many of the industries are now experiencing plant closings and job cuts.

'I will be going to Green Bay, Wisconsin, for a really big Rally on Saturday Evening,' Trump announced on April 23. 'Big crowd expected, much to talk about. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!' [--the Main MAGAt himself]

Sanders immediately responded, 'Trump promised to protect American jobs. He lied, and workers across Green Bay and the Fox Valley have lost their jobs. When we are in the White House, we will end the corporate greed behind the Shopko closures, Kimberly-Clark layoffs and Foxconn scam.'

Two days later, Sanders was back on Twitter, declaring, 'Donald Trump betrayed working people in Wisconsin. Our message to President Trump as he visits Green Bay: you're not going to get away with your lies any longer. We'll defeat you and protect American jobs.'

The senator's trolling of the president drew headlines in Wisconsin newspapers, along with radio and television coverage.

Then the Sanders campaign took things to the next level. On the eve of the president's visit to Green Bay, a banner ad on the top of the front page of the local daily newspaper amplified the Twitter message: 'Donald Trump Lied To Wisconsin Workers. In a Bernie Sanders White House, we will end the corporate greed behind the Shopko closures, Kimberly-Clark layoffs and Foxconn scam.'

On the day of the Trump event, Sanders backers rallied in Green Bay to challenge presidential claims that have never stood up to serious scrutiny.

What Sanders and his supporters are doing is sly. They won't neglect the primaries and caucuses that are essential to winning the nomination. But instead of focusing exclusively on the competition with Joe Biden and the other Democrats, they are messing with Trump with an eye toward exposing the president's lies and reframing the fight for the battleground states.

That's not all that will be required for the Democrats to win back states like Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania — and perhaps Indiana and Ohio — in the fall of 2020. The party's nominee is still going to have to make a convincing case that she or he is prepared to respond to deindustrialization, automation and other challenges faced by factory workers, traditional industries and historic manufacturing communities.

But Sanders is making a smart start by refusing to surrender territory where Democrats once won presidential races — and where a fighting Democratic Party could win again."
--John Nichols, associate editor of The Capital Times


@21 Reverse Polarity: Sanders + Warren or Klobuchar 2020.
@25 kristofarian: I'd rather Feel the Bern again, in 2020 than the global apocalypse of another 4 years of Trumpty Dumpty / Dencey Pencey illegally occupying the White Trash House. Trump / Pence: Mar-a-Lunatic Gatorbait in 2020----a yuuuuuuuuuuge SLICE into the woods, baybee!
@28 krostofarian: Thank you for sharing a well written and informative New York Times article.


With 86% in, NYT:
New Hampshire Primary Results
Candidate Votes Pct.

Sanders 71,081 25.7%

Buttigieg 67,487 24.4

Klobuchar 54,500 19.7

Warren 25,733 9.3

86% reporting (260 of 301 precincts)
1:04 AM ET

@29 -- Well, you're Welcome, auntie Gee!
(It was from the 'Capital Times')

We have us a fucking Fighter on our hands;
'Bout. fucking. Time.

He's gonna NEED to be.....

Toe-to-toe with the trumpster
Bernie's gonna send the
imposter's ass back,
back to his giant
ass Dumpster.

GO, Bernie!


@22 You wrote: yeah, comparing suffering is always a no-win discussion, in health as well as in politics. AND YET YOU ARE THE ONE THAT DID THE INITIAL COMPARISON TRYING TO SHAME ME ABOUT MY COMMENT. So you're pretty much full of shit.

@24 thanks, I hope so, too, and I have no fucking idea. The fact that Donald Trump became president proves that everything I ever believed about this country having evolved in any way was pure fantasy. And now I'm going to be expected to vote for Bernie Sanders, who I do not believe should have run for president. He was super pissed because he believed and still believes he deserves it. It's just more white male privilege and entitlement in a different package.


Love it, Amy! Keep it up! Great work! And, meanwhile, who could doubt that Trump's crime boss strong-arming will help reduce Roger Stone's sentence. One more bit of horrifying evidence Trump is indeed a snake, one with particularly poisonous venom. His natural prey is a constitutional republic, and I'm not sure there is an antidote once the poison flows through the body politic. But there's hope. Wisdom is immunization. Trump must lose--and do not let petty infighting give him any assistance. Trump must lose, or we all lose.


@26 -- forgive me for hogging
all the Space here but
I just had to respond
with this little scene
from Tombstone:

Sheriff Wyatt Earp: what makes a man like [Johnny]
Ringo, doc; what makes him do the things he does?

Doc Holliday: a man like Ringo got a great empty hole,
right thru the middle of him; he can never kill enough
or steal enough or inflict enough pain to ever fill it...

what does he need?


for what?

for being born.


@20 I'm really sorry to read that you're sick. It must be tough to cope with. I hope you can find some peace and happiness in the time you have left, and that you get to see Trump dragged out of the White House by his nasty fake hair. Hang in there! :)


Bernie Sanders is a walking example of white male entitlement, a man with too few accomplishments getting way too much praise for the work of others. He’s not awful. There’s nothing wrong with Bernie. He’s not bad, he’s ordinary. There’s simply nothing special about him. He is a mediocre white man. But unfortunately we treat him like a mediocre white man, which is to say, we put him on a pedestal.


@34, Thank you and me, too. Trump deserves to be hog tied and carried out of the WH by a SWAT team, thrown in a prison cell, never to see the light of day again (a courtroom and then a solitary prison cell, with no ability to tweet or talk to anyone else, ever). Actually, he deserves far, far worse.


@31: No. You made the initial comparison, otherwise why would I have commented on your comparison? Then, I acknowledged my transgression into such comparisons. I suggest we call it a draw.


Fascinating clip from TYT on how the mainstream media (MSNBC mostly) is really being quite disingenuous with Bernie. I'm not for Bernie, but I can't disagree.


President-elect Bernard Sanders. Get used to hearing that.


I keep hearing this argument (@8 is a good example) that unless we nominate someone of the appropriate race or gender (sexuality apparently doesn’t count if you’re white and male) then we’re not being “progressive.”

WTF? I thought being “progressive” had to do with your values and ideas. Little did I suspect that the 2008 Republicans were “progressive” when they nominated Sarah Palin, who is a known vagina-having, female identifying human being (or maybe that’s the problem...having a nominee whose gender identity aligns with their biological sex is just waaaay too regressive for some), even though her ideas are basically crap.

Anywho, apparently there’s no difference between Trump, Biden, Buttigieg, and Sanders because they’re all cis white males (again, orientation doesn’t count really because reasons) so why even bother showing up to vote anyways?

Though I suppose you could write in Roseanne.


@30 kristofarian: Oh, YEAH!!
@36 xina: Agreed and seconded (your turn!). Personally, I'd love to see Trumpty Dumpty fed to the alligators (There has got to be at least ONE eagerly waiting down at Mar-a Lunatic). Gimme a film update at 11.
@40: Spoken like a truly fat, balding, dateless incel rotting in his mother's basement. Don't you have 7th grade remedial Math homework to catch up on?


@41 Corydon: Write in Roseanne?!? Hell, NO!!! Roseanne Barr is a Trump apologist!


@42 & @43: It's after 3 AM, Griz has a belly full of red, red wine---and STILL no typos!


@34: And before you jump on me. STFU.


I feel the same way about Senator Sanders that I do about Jesus. I admire both of them very much, but their followers drive me crazy.


@41/43: I suggest Paula Deen as Rosanne's running mate.


@47 -- Bernie, too, may be a little bit crazy,* but he's my kinda Crazy.
Besides, sometimes you need a touch of the ol' krakray to Do Great Things.

Golden Opportunities may (or may Not)
come around ONCE in a Lifetime.

I believe this is our one shot
Let's turn America around.

*we can have nIce things!
--actual Quote


@45, the only person trying to jump on your drunk alone at 3am on a weeknight ass was your huge-hogged ex hubby, despite whose best efforts you wouldn't issue a backstage pass, and eventually divorced him for trying crash the brown door!

I've located some footage of these goings on:


@40 -- Aha, sockpuppy cum psycho analyst, too....
Yur mother must be very very Proud.

This may come as a shock, to you, but
smart men are attracted to smart women.

xina's Hot.


@38 -- THNX, Rainy!
re: MSNBC's anti-Bernie bias:

'Our' wholly corporate owned 'News'
has a Lifetsyle™ to sell to us and
Democratic socialism means
LESS -- for Corporations.

And they (and their Shareholders)
want absolutely NO part of that.


Nobody fucking knew Trump would win. Nobody knows if Sanders can't. Stop looking stupid by pretending your crystal ball is better than anybody else's.


@53: Ann Coulter did.


@51 smart men are indeed attracted to smart women and smart women are attracted to smart men. I appreciate you having my back. I wish comments in general would focus on the article and or /issue at hand instead of devolving into personal attacks. Then I remember where we are ... and that I need to ignore the personal attacks, too. Here's to another day surviving in Trumplandia.


@54 I'm still amazed she called that so early.