Slog AM: More Bad News for Local Media, Hope Hicks Returns to White House, Golden Retriever Copes



Having Hope Hicks return to the WH is good news in the sense that, from what I've read, she has the ability to calm Donald down.

Every little bit helps.


"calming him down" might delay the inevitable cheeseburger-induced stroke. Not a good thing.


No my name ain't "baby"...
it's JANET


Oh cool, the president’s emotional support model is back in the white house. I guess this means we’re slightly less likely to die by nuclear holocaust or something.


I don't know why county or state governments don't mandate or subsidize free tampon distribution. It's shitty that simply being born a woman necessitates an additional necessary expenditure that us dudes don't have to bother with. Also, a basic pair of prescription eyeglasses every couple years for those of us who've worn them our whole lives.

All you good vision having dudes are probably just swimming in riches through no effort of your own accord. Bastards.


"He's [Bozos's] forking over millions regularly now in his post-marriage life and not even making a dent in his net worth, as anyone who understands math could tell you. He's sold nearly $4.1 billion worth of Amazon shares in the past 11 days."

Perhaps mr. bozos might invest a few pennies, and over-fund his worker's compensation fund, giving hope to some of those damaged by Amazon's demand for repetitive injuries from Amazon's insidiously-robotics-type work.

Or, should that prove too much for thee Richest Man
on this Planet, install suicide nets on his Fullfillment Centers.

Plus PTSD help for Amazon workers -- if it isn't Too Expensive
for thee Richest Man on Earth.

Hey, those Pennies can really add up.


@7: Strange as it seems, that is plausible.


In her brief moments outside her hotel Hicks commented to reporters as to why the sudden return "It was discovered that the Presidents cock won't suck itself."


@11 -- what?
trump's got the ENTIRE Republican partay
sucking his toadstool like there's gonna be NO tomorrows.

But, even with Hope
there's damn little hope.


@11/@12: It's inappropriate to portray fellatio as an insult.


At thirteen -- nah -- they're Complimenting
fake "prez" in the 0nly way they know how.

They suck the Billionaire cock
and then They get those MASSIVE
'Campaign Contributions' that currently
sustain far far FAR "right" American politics.

Oh and NeoLibs? Them too.
And you can suck on that all day long.


"Australia's bushfires are all contained: After intense drought and fire scourged the country, Australia is reveling in a deluge of rain. Sydney's dams are at their highest point in two years. There are still 24 fires burning, but none are out of control thanks to nature's firefighters (raindrops). "

Australia is a continent approximately the size of the contiguous United States. There are still 24 fires burning in the state of New South Wales' borders, but other states and other fires exist. Assuming one city's newspaper reflects the situation across the entire continent (or let's say, the eastern and southern coasts that have had out-of-control fires for months) is like relying on the Orange County Register to keep up on Seattle news.

"As with everything, there's a catch. And this time, it's a big fat flooding risk."

More than a risk: insurers declared a state of catastrophe three weeks ago, after a round of hailstorms caused 70,000 damage claims totalling $638 million, and as of two days ago declared another one for weekend flooding, with preliminary claims for home damage reaching 10,000, for $45 million so far.

Most of the damage hasn't been assessed by residents yet - multiple towns were evacuated during the weekend. Here's some young fellas getting on with things in a town that wasn't:


@13 - blowing Trump would be nothing but insult, at least if anyone knew you did it.