The Home Grow Bill Is Dead



So they're essentially letting Washingtonians be criminally charged for growing the plant because they're too chicken shit to stand up to the federal government, all of whom benefit financially from not permitting home grows.


What a stupid, shitty excuse. If that inverse relationship actually exists, it’s something that needs to get fixed. Stay awake and listen to your constituents, you lazy fucks!


Washington Democrats are utterly useless.


Why allow people to do something in their homes when you can force them to pay for it outside of their homes? Again, GREED.


The choice to hold testimony last of all the bills despite being first in the agenda might have been a factor as well. We sat in the hot hearing room watching all the staffers leave as they finished the other bills...


@3 - And so are republicans.

Fuck the legislature, not gonna stop me from growing my own as I see fit, not gonna stop me from smoking home grown or buying black market because legal's too spendy, either.


Like the tribes, WEA, and SEIU, BigWeed now has the money to lobby Olympia and always have a seat at the table, even when the people don't.

Blaming the feds is a copout. The real opposition is right here among us.


What is wrong with the dang Democrats? Washington will legalise gambling but not the right to grow? Ridiculous!